Monday, February 29, 2016

Sketchbook Favorites!

Hey everyone!
I am really surprised it took me so long to get through this sketchbook!;) Almost four months! Wow!
But around last week, I finished the last page of it, and immediately started one of my other sketchbooks, the epic Star Wars one from THIS POST.
If you don't remember my last Sketchbook Favorites post, then the gist of it is that I go through my latest sketchbook and pick my favorite drawings out of it and share it in a post.:) Some drawings you may have seen before, others have never been shared!:)
I had a hard time choosing my favorites in order, so like I said in the last Sketchbook Favorites, they are all my favorites, but some are just a smidgen bit better to me.;)
I hope you enjoy!
My Kylo Ren drawing.:)
He took me forever to draw (and I have to admit I was getting antsy), but I love how he turned out. When I finished him, a spark of love for shading burst inside me and it's been on ever since.;) 
Another Star Wars drawing, this time a Resistance character, Poe!:)
He was so fun to draw although I was really worried when I started doing his shading that he would end up looking ancient.XD But I'm relieved that he turned out looking normal!:D 
This drawing was one of the first in the sketchbook, and it ignited a whole story that I have started.:) I am not currently writing it since I have another story I am aiming all of my writing time to, but it is waiting to be continued as soon as I finish my current Work In Progress.:D 
A colored in Rey!
It took me a long time to actually get to finishing this drawing, but I am so glad I finally did it!:D She was so fun to shade, even if her eyes look a little dark as if she needs a bit more sleep at night.XD 
This was a sketch of Angelina Jolie in her role as Maleficent. I never finished anything other than the actual pencil drawing, that's why things aren't perfect, yet I really like it though.:) 
This was another sketch that I titled "Early Morning Art". It's another incomplete drawing, but I like it regardless.:D 
This boy has shown up before, and he's showing up again! I guess the reason I like him enough to put him in my sketchbook favorites might be his hair. I have a heck of a time with coming up with new hair styles for guys that look good, so I really liked his hair.:) 
The last drawing for this post!:)
I had so much fun shading this drawing and it was a different setting than I am used to, so I thought it would be a good candidate for this post. I almost didn't add it because it didn't turn out how I had planned, concerning the fact that I had originally intended for her to be sitting in a chair, but things turned out that a chair wasn't going to work for her arm position, so I improvised.;) But I added it nonetheless.:)
I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorites, which ones are your favorite?:)
(I also want to add that I in no way want these posts to sound like I am bragging. I am completely aware that any talent I have with my drawing is God given and not of myself.:))

Friday, February 26, 2016

How to Draw BB-8 - A Tutorial

Hi everyone!
I am here with the tutorial for drawing BB-8! But before I start, I need to know which character you want to learn how to draw next from The Force Awakens!:) I'm doing these tutorials trilogy by trilogy, so right now it's TFA.:)
So, Kylo Ren? Finn? Poe? General Hux? First Order Stormtrooper?
I can't think of who else is in TFA! LOL!
Okay, on to the tutorial!
(I have no idea where my reference picture went, so...oh, well!;D)
I started with a circle, for BB-8's body. It's not a perfect circle, but it works.;)
Next, add a smaller half circle slightly overlapping the circle.:) 
I add a little circle for his lens. 
Then I started doing his details, which consist of varying stripes on the top of his head and bottom. Also, don't forget to draw his smallest lens! 
I finished the rest of his details, adding the squares and lines around his lenses.:) 
Now that I'm done drawing his "face", I make the circle/ovals of his body. 
Then add all of the extra things. I really don't think that these need to be perfectly accurate, since the shapes and compartments are hard to distinguish.:) 

Now that I have finished all of his compartments, I add the lines that connect the circles on his body.:) 
Then the dots on his body and his antennae on his head.
(Make sure it's not bent!;))
Now that he was finished completely with the drawing, I penned him in.
I colored in his metallic-gray parts. 
Then all of his orange! 
Then I used gray to line the lines on his body and head, and I colored in his "eyes". 
Finishing minimal shading on the ground and droid, our BB-8 is finished!:) He didn't turn out perfectly, but he's still cute!:)
I hope you liked the tutorial, and don't forget to comment who you want to see next!:)
P.S. Anika over at Anika's Avenue has a really fun blog about writing and books and some other things.:) I recommend you check it out!:D

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Today is a Very Special Day...!

Guess what today is???
The 21st...?
If you don't know, Jaclynn is my bestest friend and if you want to wish her a very happy birthday, you can find her on these two blogs- Little Miss Fluffet and/or  Little House of American Girl. can say happy birthday in the comments section, since she'll definitely be reading this post.:)
But I'm not going to leave this post here, because all day yesterday I drew, and drew, and drew (and drew), so that I could make this post super special.:)
My Wishes for Dee's Birthday-
A ton of confetti, glitter, and birthday party cheer to make her birthday shine.:)
(As provided by me...XD) 
All of the Krispy Kreme donuts she can eat!
(Don't get sick, Dee) 
A huge Star Wars marathon from Episode I to Episode XII.
(That's a BB-8 plush and a Build-A-Bear Kylo Ren bear.XD) 
A HUGE shopping spree at the mall where she can buy everything and anything she wants FOR FREE!
And lastly, as many hugs as I could possibly give her.:)
So, Happy Birthday, Dee! Thanks for being the best Donut friend ever.:D

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"I Will Finish What You Started"

Hi everyone!
Thank you all for your well wishing on my reading. It is much appreciated, and I have been enjoying it thoroughly.;D
Although I have been reading a lot, I got to take some pictures of my Kylo Ren Die Cast Action Figure yesterday, because it was super overcast and lightly sprinkling.
(Yes, I know I said it was in the nineties but that was two days ago.XD)
I thought that that would be the perfect time to take some pictures, since Kylo Ren is the dark brooding Knight of Ren he is.
So, here are the pictures! I edited a lot of them to add extra darkness, I hope you enjoy them.:D

So I was just start to take pictures, you know, looking for good locations, angles etc., then as I put Kylo Ren on a super high wall, HE STARTED TO FALL AS I TOOK A PICTURE. To say I was terrified that he would fall over to the other side would be an understatement. Fortunately, he landed on his back, and I was there to snatch him up. And, of course, I didn't let go of him after that.XD 

I really like this picture for some reason. The black and white really makes his silver mask pop.;) 

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and appreciated Kylo Ren's evilness.XD I really like the action figure, his helmet is so amazing.OoO LOL! I have this really weird adoration for his helmet that weird or is it normal for an artist to appreciate the weirdest things?XD
(I also may or may not find myself staring at people's faces, thinking about how I could draw certain parts of it, like their chin or nose.;))
Okay, since this post is about The Force Awakens, I just want to let my voice be heard----
*composes self*
But, yeah. I really want that and really hope that Disney makes one! I can just imagine how awesome she would be.:D
Dark Side or Light?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Iced Tea and a Read - February Edition

Hey everyone!
I'm here with my February edition of Tea and (add word here)! I realized I didn't do a January one. Oops.;) LOL!
What I am Reading-
Model Undercover : London
What I am Drinking:
Iced green tea. 
This is the third book in the Model Undercover series. I am in love with it, it is about a detective/model, Axelle, who solves fashion mysteries. I love how the author mixes modeling and solving mysteries, two unlikely subjects that make a perfect match! I have been devouring the book over the past two days and can't wait to see what's going to happen next.:) 
Since the weather where I am is creeping (did I say creeping? More like SKYROCKETING!) hotter and hotter (it's been in the nineties. That should be illegal somehow!!), hot tea is kind of impractical. So, I opted for some iced tea. We get it from Trader Joe's, and I think my mom even adds some peppermint essential oil for extra mint flavor.;) 
I hope you liked reading about what I have been reading and drinking.;) I have a lot of posts ready, so expect more soon!:)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Glazed Part Eighteen

Why, hello there!;)
I've got the next part for Glazed up! Yay!:D
How dare she talk to me like that? I was just offering my opinion! She makes me so frustrated! One minute we're best friends, the next she's biting off my head! A sudden feeling worked its way into her chest and she felt like she was going to cry, but I'm mad! She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't notice a large servant hurry past her, bumping into Emma and making her trip on her dress. She cried out as she fell to the floor when a hand grabbed hers and pulled her up.
“I was just looking for you,” he said with a grin.
“Cedric!” Emma breathed out in relief. The music started up with another song and Cedric bowed.
“May I have this dance, Your Highness?”
Emma blushed and stammered out, “you may!”
Cedric straightened and began to dance with her. They floated across the dance floor for a few minutes, then Cedric guided her away from the ball room. They walked down some hallways and he asked Emma what things she does for her spare time. She dove into the story of her coming here and what she would do when she was bored and Cedric listened to it all. It felt so good to be able to talk to someone, since Jaclynn had shut her out again. Of course she could talk to people when she went home to Cookie Doodle Land, but talking to someone in Jaclynn's castle felt satisfying, like she was doing something she always wanted to do. They continued meandering through the halls, chatting and making connections when they came to a balcony. They walked out to it and sat down on a bench.
“So how many brothers did you say you have?” Emma asked.
“Twelve older brothers! Three of them pretended I was invisible. Literally! For two years!” Cedric chuckled and Emma frowned.
“Gosh, that's terrible!”
He shrugged, “It's what brothers do. And the others weren't much better either.”
“I guess it's the same thing with friends, I think. Jaclynn and I were really close, then she just shut me out and...I don't know why. I feel like that's not right, but I don't really know. She's the only friend I've ever had,” Emma sighed and looked down at the colored glass bench.
“I would never shut you out. You're an amazing person,” Cedric touched her hand and Emma gazed into his brown eyes. He seemed to want to say more, but he stayed quiet.
“Can I say something crazy?” Emma blurted.
“I love crazy!”
“Whenever I am here, I never get to see anyone, talk to anyone, but now I've met you and I just feel like something has changed, that things are going to turn out right!” Emma smiled and hoped she didn't sound weird or cheesy.
“I was thinking the same thing! I've always been trying to find my place with my brothers, but with you I feel like I've already found it!” Cedric beamed. Emma gasped- he felt the same way!
“I can't believe it! We're so alike!” Emma cried.
“Do you want to go for a walk? I want to ask you something,” Cedric replied, slightly nervous, and Emma nodded eagerly. They walked out of the castle, to the royal garden.
“So, you said your crazy thing, now it's turn for my crazy thing,” Cedric bit his lip as he smiled. He fell to one knee and took one of Emma's hands.
“Will you marry me?”
Emma gasped. She didn't know what possessed her, but she believed she was in love with him, “Yes!”
I hope you liked this part!:D I hope to have a Tea and Whatever I am Doing While I Drink Said Tea post and a random drawings post up soon, as well as me starting the How to Draw BB-8 Tutorial to post later.:)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Drawing

Hey everyone!:)
I was reminded today that I have this drawing I did a while ago to show you all!
It's a drawing of the poster for Star Wars Rebels, one of my favorite TV shows!:) It follows the story of Ezra Bridgers and a group of rebels and their fight against the Empire.:) It's set in the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. A young Princess Leia has even been in a newer episode!:D
But anyway, here is the drawing I did-
Top to Bottom, Left to Right-
Darth Vader
Zeb, Ahsoka, Kanan
Chopper, Hera, Ezra
Sabine didn't end up making the drawing, although she is apart of the poster.:)
I really love this drawing and I think Ahsoka looks so cool (she is so fun to draw!)! She is probably one of my favorite characters, especially now that I am watching The Clone Wars, another TV show about Anakin and Ahsoka, his padawan, and a ton of other classic Star Wars characters.:)
I hope you liked the drawing, have you ever watched Star Wars Rebels or The Clone Wars?:)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to Draw Rey - A Tutorial

Hi everyone! I am here with my tutorial!:D
If you are recreating this I have two things to say. Here is the picture I used as a guide if you want it for yourself.:)
And next, very important, DRAW VERY LIGHTLY! I didn't draw this perfectly at the beginning, so at the end I had to erase some things.;) So that being said, draw lightly so that no permanent marks mar your finished drawing.:)
(Drawing lightly is something I have yet to master...XD)

Okay, let's start the tutorial!:D
I started off with a light circle for her head. A circle is always a good start for making your head, but make sure it's light because it won't be staying for the finished product.:) 
Next I added little bumps for her cheek bones. 
Now add downward lines to the bumps that are going inwards slightly for her jaw. 
From the ends of those lines I drew the bottom of her jaw and chin, making sure that her chin is round and realistic. If you need a little help, you can look at the picture and use that as a guide.
I used a ruler to make sure her cheekbones and jaw points are straight. Then, also using the ruler, I put a light line down the center of her face to make sure her face stays centered.:) 
Here's what it looks like.:) 
Next I added her hair, which is basically a big bump on her head with all of these little bumps on her temples. (I know things look sort of cock-eyed, but I think my camera was tilted.XD) 
For her curls just make little waves.:D I also added ears, the top of the ears should be where the circle ends in her hair.:)
Next I added her eyes after I erased the circle of her head. You may want to make your Rey's left eye be slightly farther to the left. 
I added half circles inside her eyes. 
Next I drew the shine to her eyes, mini ovals.:) 
Continuing with her eyes, I drew the bottom of her eyebrows, making the right one slightly tilted and the other one straight with a small, barely noticeable curve at the end for the arch of her eyebrow, because it's natural even if her eyebrow is scrunched straight.:) 
I finished the top of her eyebrows, as you can see.:) 
I drew her pupils.
After that, I drew her eye creases and super light tiny squint-y lines under her eyes.:) 
Connecting to her eyebrows, I drew the bridge of her nose. 
Her nose was really hard for me, but although it may look sort of funny without anything else, it works in the long run.:) You can make her nose by starting with two squashed circles for her nose holes, with only a little bit of space in between. Then you draw the curves of the outside of her nose.:) 
Starting her mouth, you draw a line that tilts downwards at both of the ends. Then a thin top lip, and a long "D" shaped bottom lip.:) 
This is where I had made a mistake. I had made her chin a little too long, so I erased it, but it ended up being slightly too short. Oh, well.;P 
I drew her neck, then her shoulders, adding the bumps of her wrap. I then made her shirt's neckline- a "V" and then that little indent.;) 
She also has her collar bones, which are super simple to draw, and her rounded "V" at the bottom of them. I put a short line on her neck to add a touch of her neck tendons.;) 
Then I drew the tab on her shirt neck line, finished her wrap, arms and chest.:) 
And TA-DA!;) Rey is finished! Oh wait- 
Add her little lines in her hair.;)
And then it's all done! I hope you liked the tutorial, although it might not be the best.:)
I'm almost done with my Glazed drawing, so that should be ready to be posted soon!:D
Who next do you want to see a tutorial for?:) Poe, Finn, Kylo Ren, BB-8, Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader, which character from Star Wars do you want?:D