Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Bright Light - #4 Story for AAWC

Hi everyone!:)
I am here with my fourth entry for Misty's writing challenge! I included our team mascot, the Pegasus and the word 'bright'!:)
The sound of everything ending. The end drew closer with chaotic screams, the sound of fire crackling closer to the town, the flood waters washing through the town, taking anything and everything it wanted. I couldn't believe my eyes. How could everything have ended so quickly? I knew that She was behind it, I knew She wanted me to suffer, to take the guilt of everything She had done. I knew that's what She wanted, and I was beginning to feel it. The guilt quenched my soul and any fire in my blood was put out as the icy water ran underneath me. I was in shock at the devastation around me, the amount of hatred burning inside Her that She must have used to do such a horrible thing as to destroy Her town. The town that had made Her.
My town. Her town.
A tiny light at the edge of the town caught my attention. It was small and dim, but when I stared at it in confusion it swelled until it was a bright beacon grabbing at me. My town was ruined, I knew that. I had to help, but the light was drawing me away from the destruction and before I knew what was happening, I was walking toward it, across rushing floods, through the burning fire that swallowed the other side of the town. I came to the light unburned. It was a bright ball of a spot light and as I reached out to touch it, it began to move. I gasped. I had to follow it. I had to touch it. All of my senses were taken over as I left the ruins of my town, as the screams faded and were replaced by the light.
The light.
I traveled through the plains that surrounded the town, my eyes transfixed upon the beacon. I crossed through a tall field of grass where the town Pegasi grazed. They didn't seem to care that I passed by, but I didn't even notice them. I started to run as the light sped away faster and faster. I was sprinting by the time I began to realize where I was and felt the hold on my mind weaken. I stopped running, my boots scratching to a halt on the gray stone ground. I looked all around myself at the canyon I was in. I had never seen it before. I noticed a cave planted inside the canyon walls and that's when I saw that the light I had followed was shining from inside there. I climbed to the cave, curiosity leading me farther into the cave and farther until I heard whispering. It echoed around the cave and I heard the rustling of fabric on the stone ground. The tapping of footsteps. I suddenly knew what had happened. The light was one of Her tricks to get me here. It was an illusion, a mind trick. I turned around to face Her. She pulled herself out from behind a clump of columns growing from the ground, connecting to the ceiling of the cave.
I pressed myself to the cave wall as I took Her in again. She was so changed. Her once warm brown eyes were dark and cold and unrecognizable. The bright, hopeful girl I had known disappeared and replaced with a revengeful monster of a woman.
“Felicia,” She said, her tone a whispering echo.
I opened my mouth to reply, wanting so much to have changed the past. I strained my rusty vocal chords as I forced my mouth to acknowledge her. To say the word I most didn't want to, to fight the urge to run like I had for the past two years. But I couldn't anymore, I had to face her. There wasn't any other option. I opened my mouth again.
I hope you liked the story, it's not one of my favorites, but not awesome writing is better than no writing!:D

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How To Draw Noses!

Hi everyone!:)
Anonymous A asked me a little while back how I draw noses, so I thought I would make a tutorial about it!:) It might be a bit confusing, but I hope it helps someone!:)
One kind of nose I start with drawing little curved lines, the nostrils.
Next I outline the nostrils with two little bumps/curves.
Then I run my pencil across all of the lines I did, connecting them to make a nose like this!
You could stop there, unless you wanted to add extra stuff, like making the nostrils visible again and adding bumps to the top part of the nose.
Another kind of nose I do starts with a shape sort of like an "L".
You add another "L", on the other side, then connect them with a little straight line and you're finished!:)
Another kind you can start at the bridge of the nose with long curves curving into one another. Then at the bottom, you make a sort of "V". You could stop here if this is good enough for you, but you can continue-
By adding some more lines connecting to the "V" and such.;)
For a 3/4 nose, you make a "V" on its side.
Then you attach a little curve to the "V" (the nostril), then another curve to the nostril, then you can go over it all again making it look all uniform.;)
Another nose can start with a simple circle.
By making little curved nostrils to the bottom, then three curves above them, add shading, you got a cute little button nose!:D
This one is pretty simple 3/4 nose. You start with the bendy curve, then add a dot (the nostril) and the curve of the skin part of the nostril.;)
This is more of a guy's nose and a profile view. You make it by drawing a slightly curved line for the bridge of the nose, then another slightly curved line underneath that that connects to the nostril and "skin part of the nostril".;)
This one is pretty much the same, but with a different bridge of the nose, it's way more curved inward.:)
This is another guy nose, with a straight line outward, then a straight line back to the nostril (creating a pointed nose) and then the usual nostril and curvy nostril part, but in this one they are connected.
This is a profile hooked nose. It's pretty much the same as all of the others, but the bridge of the nose hooks out suddenly then you do the normal stuff.;) By showing the unseen nostril on the other side, this could also be a 3/4 nose.:)
And if all else fails, just make a super simple curve for a cute nose!;)
I hope this helped anyone who is struggling with noses! When I made this tutorial, I realized how few noses I use....I need to do some more people watching. Or more like nose watching!;D

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tea and Drawings - April Edition + Weekly Writing Prompt #5

Hi everyone!:)
Lately, I have been very drawing crazed, so I have been drawing, drawing, and drawing. But when you draw a lot, you start to run out of ideas, which is what I was dealing with. Then Jaclynn told me to finish some of my unfinished drawings...which wasn't such a bad idea.
So that's what I did and that's what I am doing!:)
Since I've been drawing recently, it only seemed fair to feature drawing as my subject for "Tea and Whatever Else I Do While Drinking Tea". 
What I am Drinking:
I am drinking a seasonal tea from Trader Joe's called Pumpkin Spice Rooibos. I was looking for something to drink, when I saw this in the back of my cabinet. I was so happy because I really love this tea flavor, but I thought I had drank all of it already, but there was a sealed box and now I am drinking it.XD 
Now for the drawing part of this post, I am dividing the drawings into three categories, New, Finished but Were Unfinished Earlier, and Unfinished That I Plan to Finish Soon.;)
The first category is New!
Finnick in his Elephant suit from Zootopia! Isn't he adorable!
*dies from too much cuteness* 
Senator Chuchi from Clone Wars! I love this drawing, it was so fun to do, but when I compare it to the original picture, I see all of the parts where it doesn't match up to the original, but I like it on its own! LOL!;)
Now for the next category, Finished but Were Unfinished Earlier!;)
This drawing of me and Jaclynn at Disneyland waiting in line for Space Mountain!:D 
Hehe. This girl was originally supposed to be finished for Saint Patrick's Day for me to post... I'm a little late...XD 
The last one is a drawing of me and Jaclynn as Master and Padawan.:) I am so happy I finished this drawing, I love it!:D
Last category- Unfinished That I Plan to Finish Soon!
A drawing of Nick and Judy from Zootopia hugging. It's sort of a mess.XD 
And a more recent drawing I did but didn't finish! It's just a random girl that I imagine would be a pirate or from a pirate world!;)
That wraps up the Tea and Drawings post, now for this week's writing prompt!:) 
If this inspired you, I would love to know!:) Or if you write something based off of it, I'd love to see what you wrote!:D

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Writing Prompt #4, Drawings, and News!!

Hi everyone!:)
Here is the late weekly writing prompt-
If this inspired you, I would love to know!:) Or if you write something based off of it, I'd love to see what you wrote!:D
And now for other news, The Girl Upstairs, Clara, Jaclynn, Bella, and I have made a collab blog! It's about writing and elves, and I highly recommend you check it out! It's called The Elven Realm of Writing- here's the link! We haven't started posting yet, but we have an introductory post up and posts are coming soon!:)
And now here are some drawings I've done recently that I wanted to share with everyone!:D
This is my latest drawing, it's of Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars. I love how it turned out and I am so proud of it!:D 
This drawing was originally supposed to be of a girl, but then the face I was making reminded me too much of a guy to miss the opportunity! And then not only did it turn into a guy, it turned into FITZ!!!XD 
The next drawing is of Heimlich, the caterpillar (or in this picture, butterfly) in A Bug's Life. I don't like him, but Jaclynn does, so she forced me to draw him or else she wouldn't make me a Kylo Ren doll costume. Isn't she terrible?XD 
My last drawing was a sketch of a random lady with lots and lots of feathers! She wasn't finished, but she's close enough, so this will probably be as far as she gets.;)
I hope you liked seeing my drawings! Which one was your favorite?:)

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Broken Princess - #3 Story for AAWC

Hi everyone!:)
This week, the prompt for our stories is "Broken", I incorporated it, and I also used my team mascot as a character!:)
Amber careened to the stables, knowing it was her only way of escape, even if it didn't last. She ripped one of the stable doors open and encouraged the stallion to escape with her. He galloped out and Amber's panic subsided as she took him in.
“My, my,” she whispered, smiling. She let her gaze run over the stallion's gray-white wings, his broad chest, his indigo colored eyes that reminded her of a stormy sea. He was a Pegasus and he was hers.
She pulled herself onto the stallion's back before he pushed off into the sky. Amber's insides lightened as they climbed into the smoke smothered sky. While they made it farther above the smoke, she thought of what to tell her precious Pegasus, her mind racing with everything that had happened within such a small amount of time. But once they reached the clear sky, she didn't think anymore, the tears threatening in her eyes the whole way up forgotten. It was so beautiful, she couldn't even imagine the turmoil happening in her kingdom. She breathed in, letting the peace wash over her until she was numb. She almost felt like falling asleep, but she knew she had to face her torn kingdom. Just that morning a foreign king had waltzed in with an enormous army, wiping away her kind, small kingdom full of peaceful men and women. It made her sick when she had watched her father submit to the siege, although there was no other choice but to give in to the surprise attack. They hadn't even known that there was a threat until they heard the gun shots and screaming. Amber felt the tears creep up her throat and into her eyes again as she thought about her beautiful kingdom, broken and alone.
“Take me through the smoke, so I can look at my kingdom one last time,” she whispered into the Pegasus' ear and he nickered worriedly.
“I have to go back, even if that means-” her voice broke and he stared back at her, his blue eyes boring into her soul. “I'm a princess. I have a duty to stay for my people.”
But you could just run away. I could take you away. The Pegasus said through his eyes.
“No,” Amber said, choking on the word as her throat closed. “I have to stay.”
The Pegasus' head turned to face the kingdom below them. He angled himself to go into the thick smoke and they traveled through it, as Amber had directed him to. The terrified subjects cowered below them in the dark while soldiers stomped by. They didn't see the broken princess flying over them, her tears falling to the blackened ground.
That was pretty sad.:( Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the story, feedback is always welcome!:)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Four

Hi everyone!
GLAZED! YAY!!!:D KRISTOFF!!! SVEN!!!XD And you get to know their names in this part!
*more yaying* ;D
Emma changed quickly into her new dress and discarded her old, sticky one. She placed the cap on her head and fastened the cape around her shoulders with a cookie clasp. She grabbed the bags of supplies she had bought from the cashier and she walked out to the frigid forest. She heard faint music playing from a barn that was right beside the shack. Emma walked to it and she heard the man humming a tune softly along with the accompaniment of a lute. She rested her head up against the door of the barn and heard the song end. She pushed through the door and smiled.
“Nice song,” Emma said. The man and his reindeer, which was covered in a crumbled topping, jumped at the sound of someone.
“Oh,” The man relaxed, “It's just you. What do you want?”
Emma took a breath. “I want you to take me to the North Mountain.”
The man stared at her suspiciously. “Yeah.. no. I don't do that sort of thing.” He settled back down on the floor as if the conversation was over.
Emma frowned and gripped the sack in her hand, “Here. I bought you your supplies for your payment.” Emma tossed it to him. He opened the sack and stared at its contents. He didn't say anything for the longest time, so Emma added, “Please.” He still didn't reply.
“Come on. I know how to stop this weather,” Emma gestured to the open door and the sprinkles and glaze that fell from the sky. The man sighed.
“Ugh, fine. We'll leave in the morning.”
“No,” Emma replied, “We need to leave now. Right now.” Before he could say anything else, she walked out as he glared at her.

She paused once she slid behind the door and waited to see if he would follow.
The man appeared with his reindeer and Emma smiled. They went to his sleigh and he began to load it.
“I'm Emma,” she said with a smile as he finished tying the harness onto his reindeer.
Without looking up, he said, “I'm Wes. And this-” he patted the reindeer, “-is Crumbles.”
The reindeer snorted as if he was agreeing to the fact.
“Nice to meet you both,” Emma replied. Wes glanced at her while he tightened the straps. He huffed and shook his head with a tiny smile.
“Well, okay, then,” Emma whispered to herself and pulled herself into the sleigh.
*delighted giggling*
Hm, yeah. I don't know why I'm laughing.XD I hope you liked this part and I hope you like Wes and Crumbles!:D I have one drawing for the next part already done, but since I already have one done, I thought I would make another one so that there will be two!:D I can't wait!:)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Valkyrie - A Book Review

Hi everyone!:)
I had been meaning to make a book review on this book for a while, so I am finally doing it!:D Yay!:)
Valkyrie by Kate O'Hearn
The summary reads--
Valkyrie: Norse Goddess.
Reaper of souls.
Defender of the weak.
Not someone you want to mess with....
Freya is dreading her upcoming birthday, when she'll officially take up her duties as a Valkyrie escorting the valiant dead to Valhalla. Once there, the soldiers will spend their time feasting and fighting.... It all seems pointless to her. She wants nothing to do with humans or their wars!
However, when Freya is sent on her first mission, she reaps the soul of a fallen soldier who has unfinished that sends her to the mortal world. There Freya is forced to spend time around humans, and she discovers that she might have been wrong about them. She even begins to wonder what it might be like to have real friends.
But the gods have their own schemes, and before she knows it, Freya must choose between the world of Odin, Thor, and Loki, and the human friends she has come to care about. Will Freya discover what it means to be a real hero, or will she simply accept her destiny?
Kate O'Hearn is one of my favorite authors since she wrote the Pegasus series (GAH.), so I knew I had to get this book when I saw it in Barnes and Noble, even though I was a little weirded about Valkyries...I mean, reapers of souls? That might be really weird, but it wasn't in the slightest! I was so happy, O'Hearn did that very wisely!:)
This book is pretty much clean, but O'Hearn does (I think) sometimes have swear words, maybe like two in this book, but it was pretty much only the "H" word or "D" word.;) I can't remember.
There are 344 pages, which means it's a pretty good size, but I finished it in a day or two! It was so good! I loved how she focused on a part of Norse mythology that I haven't ever heard of before (And since Loki was in it, I was pretty much in love!XD), and it was so fun to learn more about it!:)
Although the plot is sort of generic, she made it fresh and interesting with higher stakes and intrigue.:) I loved it.
The characters were really realistic and I loved the relationships created.
The main characters are Freya and Archie, a human boy.:) I loved Archie, he was really fun and I loved how he interacted with Freya!:) I don't really have anything negative to say about this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone that loves mythology and/or mythical creatures and a book you don't want to put down!:D
I know I've already said it before, but I loved it.XD
5 out of 5 stars for me!:D
Read it. Love it. Yeah.
Have you gotten any new books lately?:) If so, which ones?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quote of the Day Challenge - Day One

Hi everyone!
I've been nominated for this tag so many times, I've lost count, but now I am finally doing it! YAY!:D
The rules are simple, on three days (they don't need to be consecutive) you post just one of your favorite quotes. It could be a movie quote, quote quote, song lyrics, whatever.:) Any saying you like.;) And then you nominate three people at the end of the post.
Now, I am going to have a really hard time only choosing three, but here is the first one.:)
"I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?"
"Yes. Anything."
-Kylo Ren and Han Solo
So. Um. Yeah. This quote is kind of the one I couldn't shake, because it's so sad and I just....can't even.... Han Solo....And Kylo Ren. GAH.
I know this tag says only one a day, but I've been nominated a gazillion times so, does that mean I get to do more than one a day?
Okay, well, I don't care if it does or not, here's another quote I wanted to put up since it is also Kylo Ren.XD
"Forgive me, I feel it again. The pull to the light. Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again. The power of the darkness. And I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me... (spoiler alert, don't highlight unless you wanna know something. LOL!) Grandfather, And I will finish what you started."
-Kylo Ren
I just love that because it shows Kylo Ren's conflict. Well. I'm done now.XD
So...I don't know who hasn't already been tagged yet, so if you've already been tagged, sorry.;)
Addy from Addy's Art World
Bella from Many Marigolds
Sorry if you've already been nominated!;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Family Secrets - #2 Story for AAWC

Hi everyone!:)
GO TEAM PEGASUS!XD Here's my story.:) Misty, I included the team mascot, the Pegasus.:)
Julia tried not to stare, but her grandmother was so not how she had pictured her. Her grandmother had pure white hair and wore a black bathrobe that went down to the floor. Her face was taut and serious, and her eyes were filled with knowledge far beyond what Julia could imagine. Her hawk-like nose pierced outwards and the way her eyes squinted as she stared at someone made everyone uncomfortable.
“So, you're my grandmother?” Julia asked.
“Obviously. Foolish questions such as that are not welcomed in my home. You don't see any other old women here.”
“Sorry,” she whispered, running her fingers down the handle of her suitcase and staring at the Pegasus pin pinned onto her denim jacket. Julia's eyes wandered across the house, taking in the minuscule details of it, down to the way the seams on the couch were frayed.
Her grandmother began to give her the run down on rules and her schedule. Really, her grandmother wasn't a mean person, but she was abrupt, giving off the feeling of crossness.
“I don't want you in this room. It's mine,” her grandmother said, pointing a long, wrinkled finger at a door with a chipped frame.
“Sure,” Julia agreed, feeling a tug of curiosity, but fanning it away after looking at the rest of the house again. Everything was so normal, except for the shock that her grandmother wasn't a cookie baking old lady with bad joints and a walker. That room was probably off-limits just so her grandmother had some privacy.
“Gotta have some privacy,” she added and her grandmother gave her a curious glare, as if saying in a sarcastic way- Sure...
“Now that you are starting at the 'prestigious' private school down the street, your life will be revolving around school. I expect A's. B's are the lowest I allow. Your parents want you to have a good education I will not be letting you slack off,” her grandmother stated and Julia grimaced.
The only reason her parents were making her go to a private school, which was conveniently near her grandmother who lived the next few cities over, was because she was failing drastically at her old school. “B” wasn't a letter she had seen since elementary school.
Once the mini tour was completed, Julia prepared her bed, pulled out her phone, and called Natalie, her best friend. Her grandmother had retired early, but surprisingly, didn't go into the off-limits room. So it wasn't her bedroom. Hm.
As soon as Natalie heard her voice, she burst with questions until Julia brought up the mysterious room.
“I thought it was her bedroom, but when she went to bed, she went into a completely different room!”
“That is so weird,” Natalie's voice said. “You have to check it out! I'm so curious now!”
“I don't think I should. I don't want to get her upset,” she replied.
“Gosh, Julia, you have to know!” After more convincing, Julia finally relented.
“Okay, fine. But I'll only peek inside really quickly, I won't even go in.”
“Yay!” Natalie squealed. “Text me what's inside!”
They hung up and Julia immediately felt the doubt creep in, but, having promised to tell Natalie what was inside, she sneaked out of her room and into the living room. She passed the kitchen and came to the door. She studied the split wood, splinters flaking away. It was so exciting.
Julia put her ear to the door, making sure that her grandmother wasn't in there somehow, then with a quick glance to the door across the house where her grandmother was, opened the door.
Although she had said she wouldn't go in, she slipped inside so in case her grandmother came out unexpectedly, she wouldn't be seen staring inside.
Snapping the door shut, she flipped the light switch on and an orange hued light filled the space. First of all, it was as if she had entered another living room, the room was so large. But it wasn't impressive. It was just another boring room filled with used furniture and boxes.
Julia was about to go back to her room before she got caught, when something stopped her. A dusty, leather bound book lay in the corner of the room, untouched for years. She didn't know why, but she was drawn to it. Before she knew it, she was lifting the large book onto a couch and opening it.
The Scrapbook of the Hayes Family.
She flipped the pages, seeing black and white photographs of people she had never heard of before. It was chalked full of family photos, it seemed to be a scrapbook of the family tree, stretching back to the early 1900's. Julia went to the very back of the scrapbook to more recent members until she began to recognize faces. Her father's brothers and sister. Her father's aunt, father, mother (the grandmother she was staying with), her cousins, everyone she had ever heard about. Then she flipped the page, excited to see her mother, father and herself. And an unfamiliar face in a photograph next to her own.
Sean Hayes, born December 3, 2000.
Julia's eyes widened, her brow furrowed, and her mouth went dry.
December 3, 2000. Her birthday? It couldn't be possible.
If this was true, then that meant she had...a twin brother....and he was still alive.
BWAHAHAHA! Cliff hanger that will never be answered!
*evil laugh*
I really liked making this story, it was so much fun!:)
Let's go Team Pegasus!!!!:)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Three

Hi everyone!:)
Yay for Glazed! I finally got around to doing the drawing for this part and it took forever.;) I hope you like it!
Emma had walked for hours in the cold sprinkles when she spotted smoke coming from a clearing in the trees. Emma gasped and stopped her shivering.
“Fire!” Emma cried and she stepped toward the clearing, then slid down a sprinkle covered hill surprisingly elegantly for someone so gangly. She hurried to the shack that came into view as she made her way to it.
Emma stood in front of the hut and she cocked her head to the side. Hopefully they were open. She opened the door and a blast of warm air washed over her. She shivered and stepped to the register.
“Hello, do you have any winter dresses and boots?” Emma asked, pointing to the window. Icy cold sprinkles tumbled to the already sprinkle covered ground.
“It's over there,” the man at the register, who seemed to be a churro, said and he gestured his hand to the far corner. Emma shuffled to the back of the little store.
“Uh, I was just wondering, has anyone else come by here? More specifically the new Donut queen?” Emma questioned as she looked through the scarce choices of apparel. She saw a dark brown dress with a tan cape and cap and grabbed it, along with a pair of boots that looked like they would end up being too big.
“No, sorry. The only one crazy enough to be out right now in this weather is you,” Emma frowned and placed her outfit on the table. The door behind her creaked open then slammed shut.
“You and him,” the man added. Emma twisted around to see a man in a thick, brown and tan sweater and pants dusting sprinkles off from his clothes. The pattern on his sprinkle-stained shirt was swirled together and Emma guessed he was a coffee cake. He was tall and muscular but other than that, Emma couldn't tell much about his appearance. A cap covered his head and a piece of brown cloth covered his nose and mouth.
He walked over to the two and he glared at Emma.
“Move,” he said through his mask. Emma grimaced.
“Excuse me?” she remarked, but she scooted to the side. The man rolled his brown eyes and pointed at the shelf that was lodged in the desk.
“I needed something in here,” he explained. Emma crossed her arms and muttered something under her breath.
“A real wacky storm don't'cha think? What could be causing it? Where could it be coming from?” the man at the desk asked, obviously more enthusiastic to talk to a man. The man put a throng of carrots on the desk and grabbed supplies from the winter department as he processed the question.
“The North Mountain,” he replied as he walked back to the desk. Emma contemplated his answer. Where was that? Was that where she should look for Jaclynn?
The cashier counted all of the prices of the items from the sprinkle covered man and he said, “That is forty.”
The man scrunched his face together. “What? No, make it ten!” he demanded.
The cashier snorted and looked at the things the man had gotten. “I'm sorry, but that's just not going to work. We have a supply and demand problem going on because of these being from the winter supply...”
“You want to talk about supply and demand issues, I sell ice for a living!” the man exclaimed.
“Oh gosh! That's-” Emma cut in, listening to the conversation. She looked at the man who gave her a bitter glare, “-that's too bad..”
The cashier shrugged, “Still forty.”
“I only have ten, come on. Help me out,” he pleaded. The cashier stared at the supplies and he shoved the carrots to him.
“Ten will pay for that only. There,” The cashier said.
“Hey, could you tell me just one thing. What was happening on the North Mountain? Would you say it was-” Emma fluttered her fingers, “-magical?”
The man rolled his eyes and pulled down his face mask.
“Yes, now would you stop cutting in, I need to deal with this crook!” he replied. The cashier's eyes widened and he stood up from his chair.
“What....did you call me?” he asked in a dangerously slow and quiet tone. The man said nothing, but looked helplessly at the cashier's size.
“If I am such a crook, then get out of my shop and don't buy anything!” the cashier shouted. He grabbed the man and burst through the door and chucked him outside.
“DON'T COME BACK!” he finished and strode back into the shop.
“Sorry,” he grumbled and set aside the carrots and supplies.
“You just want these two things?” he asked and gestured to the dress and boots.
“Um...” Emma's eyes darted from the supplies to the window where she could spot the man getting up and brushing himself off. She knew that the man knew more than she did about navigating and that he could get her to the North Mountain. She bit her lip and stared at the supplies. She knew what she had to do.
YAYY!!! KRISTOFF!!!XD But his name isn't Kristoff, FYI.;) The next part I think we introduce him....And Sven...Who is also not named Sven.XD

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Writing Prompt - #3

Hi everyone!:)
I have another prompt for y'all!:) I hope you like-
If this inspired you, I would love to know!:) Or if you write something based off of it, I'd love to see what you wrote!:D

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hi everyone!
I've had this idea for a while now and today I finally did it!:)
I liked some of my old drawings I did when I was younger, but of course they aren't as good as I could make them now, so I thought I would recreate my old drawings, putting as much skill as I have now into them!:)
Does anyone remember her? She was my first ever villain!:) She was fun to draw and stretched my creative muscles, but you can clearly see some discrepancies, such as her off-center chin and her chest.;)
I got to work on recreating her, and it was so much fun!:)
I used the old drawing as a "guide" to her face and outfit and such, but I had to change some things, such as her nose because the original's nose was just a curved line.;)
Her shading was so much fun!
Slowly but surely, my character became creepier and creepier....
Until finally, she was done!! I really had fun recreating her, because I got to not only fix problems, but I got to see which aspects of my drawing I have improved and what have stayed the same.:)
I hope you liked this post, would you like to see more recreations?:)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Rogue One Highlights

Hi everyone!
If you read my latest post, then you know that this morning the trailer for Rogue One came out! I immediately woke up and checked for it and couldn't wait to watch it! Once I did, I didn't fully saturate everything, but I knew that it looked amazing. Later on in the day I re-watched it a few more times to take screenshots and to listen to it again. New things popped out everywhere. I am going to share some of the highlights of the trailer for me.
If anyone hasn't already seen the trailer for Rogue One, here is the link- Rogue One Trailer.
The main character, Jyn Erso, seems to be awesome and totally not what I had been expecting.
"On your own from the age of fifteen."
Her character sounds really cool, rebellious, reckless, and unpredictable. And I LOVE her outfit from what I've seen of it. Perfect. Insanely so.

I don't know who he is, but from the looks of the trailer he is going to be apart of the team that helps steal the plans for the Death Star...AND CAN I JUST SAY POSSIBLE LOVE INTEREST? No one could make that face and not be a love interest...I hope.XD And he also reminds me of a certain Resistance Fighter...Poe Dameron?;)

DEATH STAR!! GAH! I love it, it seems that it is still in construction, but just about to be finished, since the disk is being put into place and everything else seems to be completed.

And this guy? Who is he?? It looks like he is working for the Empire and that he might be the villain...

(look at that cape, can you say epic?) (and where is he going when everything is on fire???)

...but then who is this mysterious hooded figure? The possibilities are endless, and I have a feeling whoever it is I am going to love. 'Cuz LOOK AT THAT CAPE AND WATCH THE VIDEO AND HOW HE BOWS, I love it.XD

AT-AT's! I loved this part of the trailer, it's so epic! And I LOVE the intensity of the siren in the background, I get the chills.

"What will you do when they catch you? What will you do when they break you? If you continue to fight, what will you become?"
The belt and the chest plate seem to be very similar...
I am really curious as to why she's wearing the Empire symbol...could that possibly mean that she turns sometime during the movie? I am so excited, I can't hold it in...
I can already tell that it's going to be another The Force Awakens moment where I will be trying to figure out who my favorite character is, but they'll all be so stinking amazing I won't be able to choose a favorite. Because Jyn looks great, sounds great (HER VOICE IS THE BEST), and her character seems like she's going to be the epitome of cool and epic. Then that other guy that reminds me of Poe looks SO COOL, too, and, of course, whoever the villain is going to be I'll probably like unless they're disgusting.XD
I hope you liked reading this post, are you excited for Rogue One now that the trailer has come out?:)