Thursday, October 19, 2017

Star Wars Genderbent Drawing Challenge!

Okay, if you don't know-- I am a huge YouTube addict.
So, I have a few drawing YouTube channels I follow and they always do fun challenges, and I have been feeling more and more like I want to do my own drawing challenges on my blog!
If you don't know what that is, it's when you take a character and swap their gender and imagine what they would be like! I decided to do this with The Force Awakens characters. :D
 The first character I did this with was Rey! This was my first time ever trying to do this, so not my favorite- but not bad either. :) It's actually pretty hard to figure out how to keep similar features of a girl and turn them into a guy.... I think it's easier changing a guy character into a girl character. ;D

Like Kylo Ren! This is my favorite character to bend and I really like how it turned out! I think it still captures the original features of Kylo Ren. :) I know a lot of people think genderbent things are weird, and it's a little weird even to me, but ultimately I think it's fun and cool! XD

And the final character I bent for this challenge was FINN! I think this one turned out really cool! I like what I did with her hair, it seems Finn like to me. :)

I hope you liked this post! I did it pretty quickly, but it was still really fun to try out! STRETCH THOSE ARTIST MUSCLES.
*artist muscles cry out in pain cuz I never give them a break*
*shushes artist muscles*
If you wanna see more challenges, maybe even some writing ones- TELL ME! If you have any ideas for challenges- ALSO TELL ME! XD
Which character was your favorite to see genderbent?

Thursday, October 5, 2017


(Yes, FRENSHIP. If you didn't know that's how we spell it go look at the page on my blog. ;D)
Hi everyone!!
I thought it was about time to do a drawing post since I haven't really done an official one since I came back posting more. ;)
 So what would be a better group of drawings than the ones that are FREN related! The "FRENS" are Jaclynn and my friends in Kansas- you probably know some of them from other posts and the page I made describing who they are and stuff. ;) IF YOU HAVEN'T GO READ IT AND THIS WILL BE LESS CONFUSING. Maybe. XD
AGH! I decided to start this post of with a bang and show you guys one of my all time favorite FREN drawings- if not one of my favorite drawings--- period. ;D
It's me, Dee, and Hershey dressed super fancy for a masquerade!!!!
*wills it to be real*

Another FREN drawing I really like! Some of the FRENS don't look as great as I wish, but others are like PERRRFFF!!! XD
(From left to right- Twix, Hershey, me, Gummi, Dee, Fudge, and Churro)

Now this drawing took me a few nights accomplish!! All the complex shading and figuring out how to fit TEN PEOPLE in one drawing! That's always difficult to manage. O.O
(From left to right- top to bottom. First row- me, Dee, Cobbler, Hershey, Twix, Gummi, Fudge
Second row- Nilla, Taffy, Churro.) 

Baking with FRENSS!!! I love how this one turned out, everyone looks really good imo, and OUR APRONS!!! A cookie apron for me (Cookie), a donut one for Dee (donut), then a chocolate bar look to Hershey's!! XD AGH LOVE. <3
(Left to right- Fudge, Taffy, me, Dee, Hershey)

EEK! I love this drawing too! It's of Hershey, Dee, and me in my room just hanging out and hermitting together. ;) It looks a ton like my actual bedroom and I love. XD


Okay, you guys know I like POP!s-- SO I DREW US THREE AS THEM!!! 
I actually drew Churro, Fudge, and Taffy as POP!s too, but in a different drawing. ;)

I posted this drawing of me as a Sith on Instagram and it's my second most popular post! After finishing it, I realized I had to do more FRENS in this style!

Hershey as a JEDI! 

(I had to go buy purple copic markers for her lightsaber XD)
This drawing was so fun to do! Me, Dee, and Hershey as elements! I assume you can figure out who is who. ;) 

This drawing was pretty fast and easy, but I think it's so cute! It's us carving pumpkins- unless you're like Jaclynn and paints her pumpkin. ;D

The final drawing! I'm not sure how to describe this, but it's obvious it's very fall-y. :D

I hope you enjoyed looking at a ton of the FRENSHIP drawings I've done! I've made so many, it's insane. O.O I'm usually drawing just Hershey, Dee, and I at the moment- it's fun to do more best FREN drawings. ;D go try to prep for NaNo and stop procrastinating. Hm.
Stop procrastinating.
That's a funny joke.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

My NaNo Prep So Far...

It is officially the last month before NaNoWriMo.
If that doesn't freak you out, I don't know what will. NaNo is amazing, but INSANE!!
I've basically procrastinated my prep for it all this time, after struggling through two failed book ideas, I finally found an idea I liked. And that would work.
I think.
But just because I have this idea doesn't mean I have a complete plot- there are so many more things I'm nowhere near figuring out! So that means---October is the prepping month.
I have to kick my non-motivated butt into action!!
This is my idea journal or whatever you wanna call it! This is basically all I've touched concerning prep. All of my ideas and brainstorming go in here!
I have a page that has the start of what I think my novel will be on it- but I need to fill up way more pages.
*sobs into the floor*
I have the best understanding of my main character...which...happened....because...
*nervous laughing*
Because innocently, Jaclynn and I decided- HEY! Let's write our characters together as a writing exercise to get to know them more!
So of course we did that.
She had a girl character (since then her NaNo novel has changed, but that was originally her character).
And I have a guy character.
Can you see where this is heading? XD
We started out writing really awkwardly because I had no inspiration, but soon enough we were writing like crazy...the writing exercise went over the span of a couple weeks...And...the inevitability of us TOTALLY SHIPPING OUR CHARACTERS TOGETHER HAPPENED.
I've drawn some fan art...
This was just the start of all the fan art to come afterward. I think in total I made...eight drawings of these two love birds...XD XD
(edited by Jaclynn)
But besides us making a huge ship for our two separate characters, I learned a lot about my character Zack! I think it'll be easier to hear his voice now when I write him in the first draft. If he would just shut up about how he's made for Evelyn, maybe I could focus. XD LOL!
(picture does not belong to me. I found it on Pinterest. XD)
This is a real life, not drawing of what I imagine Zack to look like! If he was one hundred percent accurate, he would look just a little different, but this is pretty good. ;)
This was a drawing I posted on Instagram of another one of my characters! She is the actual love interest of Zack's, even though once again- Zack is yelling about Evelyn. 

Basically my NaNo prep has involved too much drawing and not enough deciding what my PLOT IS EVEN ABOUT.
(That's how you know I love drawing more than writing. XD)

So, tell me! How is your guys' prep going? Have you ever drawn your characters before? :) I love to do it, I feel like I get to personally figure out more about them from it. ;)
Thank you for reading my post! :D
P.S. Tell me if you want to learn more about Zevelyn...I have multiple screenshots of our texts and how their story all went down. Plus an abundance of drawings. XD