Friday, January 29, 2016

Glazed Part Seventeen

Hi everyone!:D
I have the next part of Glazed here for you!:) I hope you enjoy it!
Music blared from a lively orchestra at the edge of the room and dancing couples swung and skipped to it. Everyone laughed and smiled at the joyous occasion. The dance finished and one of the servants announced the two princesses together. Emma was to stay with Jaclynn for the night, to show the alliances between the two kingdoms.
“Queen Jaclynn of Diddle Pop Land. Princess Emma of Cookie Doodle Land.”
The crowd bowed to the two royals and Emma positioned herself next to Jaclynn.
Emma looked at her 'Dee' and opened her mouth to say something. She wanted to talk to her, ask her her questions, tell her how she felt, after all, this was what she had been waiting for, yet every word escaped her.
She shut her mouth and looked out to the ball room, feeling defeated.
Emma's head snapped to Jaclynn.
“Hi?” She questioned. She hadn't spoken to Jaclynn in at least two years, and now she was saying hi? How do you respond to that?
“Um, hi...” Emma whispered, stunned.
“You look very nice,” She continued. Emma smiled and she felt like a sudden weight was inching its way off her shoulders.
“Thank you! You look so pretty! I like your hairstyle, Dee,” Emma replied.
“Thanks, Cookie,” Jaclynn grinned. Emma felt ecstatic and her smile made her cheeks ache, they were still calling each other by their nicknames! They looked out at the boisterous people and Jaclynn took a breath, “So this is what a party is like?”
Emma nodded her head, “Yes! It's so fun seeing the different dessert people-”
Emma noticed Jaclynn's nose taking deep, long breathes.
“- and smelling them too!” Emma and Jaclynn giggled at the joke. Jaclynn opened her mouth to say something else when a short older man swaggered to the girls. He bowed to them and smiled cockily.
“Greetings, Your Highnesses, I am the Duke of Ice Creamtown, as your second closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting that I offer you your first dance as Queen, Your Majesty!” Emma glanced at Jaclynn's face and noticed her face turn a shade paler.
“I-I don't dance,” She muttered and flicked her gaze to Emma, “-but Princess Emma does!”
“Oh!” Emma cried out in surprise. “No, really, I don't think-”
“Lucky yooou!” The Duke hooked his arm around hers and pulled her through the crowd of people, not listening to her attempts to tell him no. They began to dance and Emma tried not to look at him too closely. He had snow white hair with yellow highlights and wore a white suit with golden accents. From his appearance, it wasn't hard to guess that he was Vanilla Ice Cream. The Duke hopped up and down next to Emma and one of his cream colored boots slammed onto her toe.
“Ow!” Emma clenched her teeth. Good thing he was so small and didn't weigh much.
“Speaking of, so nice to have the gates open! Do you know why they were shut in the first place?” The Duke drew nearer on tiptoes, “Hmmmmmmm?”
Emma leaned away from him, “Um. No.”
The Duke seemed disappointed momentarily and then smiled again.
“Oh, well,” he said abruptly and looked at the ballroom with a scrutinizing glare, as if he could learn the answer if he focused enough. The dance ended a few minutes later and Emma staggered back to her friend, her toes throbbing from the duke's constant stomping.
“Well! He was...” Jaclynn trailed off, thinking, “enthusiastic.”
Emma and Jaclynn laughed until Jaclynn said, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I'm fine! I'm better than fine really. This is so nice. I'm talking to you...” Emma smiled hopefully, “I want it to be like this all of the time.”
Jaclynn nodded her head and smiled back, “Me too,” Jaclynn's smile slowly vanished and she looked away, “But it can't.”
“Why not? This-”
“It just can't!” Jaclynn snapped. Emma's eyes widened and she took a breath.
“Excuse me,” Emma whispered and she stepped away, leaving Jaclynn looking sadly at her.
OOOoooOOhhhhhHHHHhhh....XD LOL!
The next part will probably be up soon, I might have to draw a picture, or I might have one in a previous sketchbook.;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Make Your Story More Interesting.:)

Hi everyone!
Lately, I have been feeling more writer-y, then artist-y (although I have been drawing still, but for stories....Glazed not included...;P) so I have another writing post for you!:) It's about how to make your story, or book, more interesting.
These are just some ideas I have, and I am just throwing them out there for others to think about.:)
I think that this one is a very good way to make your story more interesting. Let's say your character is battling a dragon. That is very interesting in itself, but if you also add the fact that if they don't defeat the dragon, then their parents will die (because the dragon is keeping them hostage.;)). Automatically, the stakes are higher and another problem arises. Let me give you another example for general plot conflict.
You have your despicable villain trying to ruin the world, but if you add onto that that your main character has to deal with his/her best friend who has recently dumped him/her and they have to go on their quest with them, then that makes another immediate conflict.
I just think that this is a very good way to add interest into your story.:)
This one is kind of harder to do. Something I don't think I have mastered yet, but am trying to.;) Making your characters three-dimensional. Making them pop from the pages, or from the screen. When you do that, your story becomes more interesting and real, but it is a really hard thing to do. I think that when you add a past to your character and truly know them, the way they talk and walk, what annoys them, what they do to show their anger, their quirks, flaws, and all of those things, you start to understand them and make them come alive though. It's hard, and I know this probably didn't help much, but I knew it had to be added to the list, because it is very important in making your story interesting.:)

Hehe! Add a plot twist! I think everyone loves a good plot twist. Where something was expected to be one way, when it turns out to be completely the other way.:) By adding a plot twist, even if you already knew what it was from the moment you started typing your story, your readers go all like- WHAT??? It kind of wakes them up.;)

Let your characters fail, or do something wrong. When your characters do something wrong, the consequences all differ, to the whole plan failing or just to someone being disappointed or upset. When your characters fail, the story becomes more realistic and more interesting, especially if the stakes are high.:)

Give your characters secrets. I know I have a hard time coming up with secrets to give my characters, but when you make up secrets, your story becomes more interesting and the readers are drawn into the story, waiting for the big reveal.:) Something that goes hand-in-hand with this is also making your characters lie. In one of the stories I am working on right now, my character lies about something extremely important for the advantage of a whole race of people. But the lie is hugely important to whom she lied to, so I can't wait to write the moment when everything explodes. Especially once my character grows to completely trust the character who lied to her...
*delighted evil face*
I hope these tips helped you, and if you have any tips of your own that you think make a story more interesting, then I'd love it if you would share them on your blog (if you do, share the link, please!:D), or in the comments below!:)
Now, to get to writing (since this whole post was created in the time I was telling myself to write with...O.O)!
PS- I bet all of you think I never write, since I always say how bad I am with my procrastinating.XD

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Writing Journal, and Why You Should Have One!:D

Hi everyone!
I am here to talk to you about something that I think every writer should have...the writing journal! I know that I have seen some other bloggers talk about this once in a while, but I thought I would share with you the perks of having a writing journal, and also what you can put into it.:D
This is my writing journal! You might want to go out to a store and buy a special notebook especially for this specific subject, and maybe get some nice pens and colored markers while you are out, too, just for that extra something.:D 
The writing journal is amazing for so many reasons, but I just love having a private book for your writerly needs, where you can put everything in and not feel weird. It's your writing place that only you get to read.:)
Okay, onto what you can use your journal for-
You can use it for cataloging all of the names you like, so you will never run out of names for your characters!:) 
Boys, too!;) 
I also have a list of substitute words for the word "said" in mine, because I know I can be sitting at the computer trying to think of a good word for how someone said something for forever.;) 
You can write down all of your story ideas and current works in progresses. I like to put down on paper all of my ideas so that when I am lacking inspiration or direction with my story, I can come back to it and figure out what should happen next.:)
It also really helps when you are first getting a story idea and you can write everything that is popping up in your head as quickly as it's coming to you.:)
That is also why I want to say this to the people that are thinking, well I just use the Notes app on my phone-
Phones are not as good as a journal!
Here's why:
Phones can't keep up with all of your onslaughts of creative ideas that you get for a story. With all of the typing errors, auto-correct completely changing the words you write, and etc., it's just not as good as when you are actually writing it yourself.
Phones don't give you the same creative feeling you get when you have a journal solely for keeping your ideas.
Books are just better for brainstorming, in my opnion.;D 
This is sort of apart of the story ideas topic, but more for your characters.;)
You can write down all of your character's personality, character flaws, looks, body language, secrets, fears, anything and everything you need to know about your character.:) And not only for actual characters you are now writing, but you can put in ideas for future characters. Like if you see a person at the mall and you really like their coloring, or nose, or hair texture and want that for a character, you can write it down so you can remember!:) 
And my last idea, writing down writing prompts that you come up with! Like this one I thought of when it happened to me! I was reading a library book when a piece of paper came out and I grabbed it and read it, I mean, how could you not? LOL! It was a printed out email from some person asking about this special summer class.;) Although what the paper said wasn't exactly inspiring, it was really interesting and I immediately got the idea of what else the paper could have said.:) So I wrote this down for a future short story, story, or book.:D
I hope you liked this post and if you make a writing journal, I would love to see how you like it.:)
 I made a Star Wars tutorial a little bit ago, but I am not sure how good it is. I haven't ever been the best at teaching or instructing people to draw because I am kind of all over the place and not at all orderly, but, that being said, I feel better knowing everyone knows that now.;) I am sure that I will get better the more I do tutorials and figure out how to make it easier for others.:D

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glazed Part Sixteen

Hi everyon!
I have the next part of Glazed up, sorry it's not longer, but I think the next one is really long. Hopefully, they will balance each other out.:)
The room was filled with silent people and the priest and soon-to-be queen stood at the end of it. Jaclynn faced the priest, her heart hammering inside her chest. The priest held the crown in his hands and Jaclynn bent from her waist down for him to place it on her head. Little donuts dangled from the twists and spires of the tiara. Next, the priest offered her the donut and the scepter and Jaclynn's face turned pale. She reached out for the objects when the priest cleared his throat.
“Your Donutness, the gloves.”
Jaclynn glanced at the gloves and she clenched her teeth.
Of course! She slipped them off and shakily took the donut and scepter.

The priest began a chant in the native Donut language and Jaclynn faced the benches of people, including Emma. Jaclynn's eyes darted to the donut and scepter and a creeping glaze inched around the items slowly. Jaclynn set her eyes to the back of the room and prayed that the chant would be over soon. And for what felt like years, but was only a few seconds, the chant ended and the priest finished.
“Queen Jaclynn of Diddle Pop Land.”
Jaclynn twisted back to the priest and tossed the semi-glazed items onto the cushion and shoved her gloves back onto her hands.
“Queen Jaclynn of Diddle Pop Land,” the room chorused and they filtered out to the ball room.
I hope you liked this part.:)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Glazed Part Fifteen

Hi everyone!:)
Thank you everyone who commented on my What Would YOU Like To See? post, all of your opinions and suggestions were awesome and I am figuring out ideas for what to do drawing tutorials on.:D Would anyone like a How to Draw Star Wars Characters series? And if so, would you want it to be cartoonized (like how I draw most all of my normal drawings) or realistic?:)
Anyway, I have the next part of Glazed up!:D This is where you get to meet Prince Cedric/Prince Hans...;)
The gates were opened and people began to walk inside the courtyard and mill about. Emma's heart filled with joy at the sight of all of the people. It was about time that the gates were opened, and she noticed the sparkling hinges with a happy laugh. Emma pushed against the flow of the crowd and flung herself onto a little wall to see the stream of people coming in. She continued skipping through the road and down a flight of stairs. Seeing all of these people was making Emma energized. She raced down a set of stairs and twirled at the edge of the dock. She bounced farther down the road and twirled again with her eyes shut, feeling a giddy laugh bubble up inside of her, when something slammed into her side, sending her tumbling into a docked boat.
“HEY! Watch where you're going!” Emma shouted. A huge horse face moved closer to her and she batted her arms in annoyance.
“I'm so sorry, are you hurt?” A handsome man with red hair jumped off of the horse and stepped carefully into the boat. He reached out a hand and Emma looked up at him in shock.
Who is he? Emma thought, her mind spinning.
“Uh, no, I'm okay... thanks,” Emma smiled at him and took his hand, wondering why she had said thanks to someone who had thrown her into a boat.
“Oh, thank goodness... I am Prince Cedric of the Pastry Isles,” he introduced himself with a little bow.
“Princess Emma, of Cookie Doodle Land,” Emma greeted.
“Princess?” The prince's face turned to confusion, then shock as he bent to the floor of the boat in a dramatic bow, “Your Highness!”
Emma's face turned pink as even the horse bowed. Emma drew a quick breath as she realized that the horse was the one keeping the boat from toppling out to the fjord. The horse lifted its foot as he bowed his head, and the boat tipped to the water and Emma flailed her arms as she lost her balance. Cedric toppled too and landed on top of her. The horse stomped its foot on the boat and it lurched, sending the duo sprawling to the other end of the boat.
“Oh, um, sorry,” Emma murmured and they got up.
“I'd like to formally apologize for hitting a princess with my horse, it was an honest mistake.” Emma scooted to the dock ground.
“I'm fine, really, I'm not anyone special or anything, no one will send guards to arrest you!” Emma chuckled at the thought, “It was only an accident!” Emma stepped out of the boat. “So, lucky you, it's just me!”
“Just you?” He questioned.
The two stood staring at each other with smiles on their faces. Faint bells dinged in the castle and Emma snapped out of her trance.
“Bells. The coronation! Oh, no, I have to leave!” Emma looked back to the castle earnestly, “I need to get there! Bye!” Emma sprinted to the castle and ran towards the coronation.
I hope you liked it!:D
And continuing with the whole tutorial thing, if you don't want a Star Wars character series, then is there anything else that you are having a hard time with that maybe you would like me to make a post about on how I do it?:)

Monday, January 11, 2016

What Would YOU Like To See?:)

Hey everyone!
I've noticed that I have lost three followers over the past month (which I am not complaining about, anyone can unfollow me if they don't like what I am doing and I am fine with that!) and that has got me to wondering...what is it that people aren't liking?
I want to make my blog a super fun and enjoyable place for book lovers, writers, and artists to enjoy. So I am asking you, what would you like to see more of on here?
More stories? Writing help? More drawings? Book reviews? Drawing tutorials?
Please comment below what you would like to see, or see more of (or even see less of!).:D I am open to new ideas that y'all might have!:) Don't feel scared to tell me how you feel!:)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Glazed Part Fourteen

Hi everyone!
Woot! Woot! The next part is up!:D
(And guess what? TWO drawings today instead of one!:D)
The week slid by as slowly as a snail. Having nothing to do, Emma stayed in her room mostly and occasionally knocked on Jaclynn's door, which always went unanswered. She began talking to portraits since she was too old for dolls. She spilled her excitement and nervousness about the coronation to random pictures that she found around the massive castle, knowing she looked crazy but grateful that no one could actually see her. She explored the grounds and hoped to find a secret passage way, to no avail. Finally, the week had passed. It was the night before the coronation and Emma felt that her insides might explode with anticipation. Emma went to bed that night filled with so much anxious energy she could barely fall asleep. But around midnight, she drifted into a sleep filled with donuts and cookies hugging.
Light filled Emma's room and a firm knock sounded on her door. Dazed, Emma's eyelids opened halfway and she burrowed her face into her pillow.
Another knock.
“What?” Emma asked, her voice contorted and muffled by the pillow that smelled like warm glaze.
“Princess Emma!” Miriam, the maid, shouted.
Taking a huge breath, Emma pulled her head out of the pillow and shouted back, “WHAT?!”
The maids never woke her up, something must be different. Still in a sleep stupor, Emma sat up on the bed.
“Sorry to wake you, Princess-” the servant started. Emma gazed at the sun and noticed it was probably around eleven.
“No! I've been up for hours,” Emma stated as she briskly shoved her covers off and cleared her head.
There was something she was supposed to do today...
“What is it?” Emma asked, her legs dangling from the bed.
“I'm here to remind you about the coronation,” the servant replied.
“The coronation!” Emma gasped and leaped to her feet. She rustled through her dresses and picked out her fanciest one. It was perfect for the occasion, with varying shades of brown to display her Cookie-ness. She changed dresses, brushed her hair, and curled it with her fingers and a sticky substance of glaze that could keep curls from falling out. Then she added the finishing touches. She placed her chocolate chips into her hair, fidgeting with them until she declared them perfect, then clipped back a curl with a cookie clip. She wrapped her Cookie pendant around her neck and stared into the mirror. She saw her beyond excited expression and took a breath. Today was the day.
She raced out of her room and down the colorful halls, she kicked up sprinkles that covered the blue floor and spun around a passing maid who was carrying a tray.
“It's coronation day!!!” Emma squealed and continued on her gleeful rampage throughout the castle. She would finally be seeing her best friend.
Jaclynn stood shakily in her room, dreading the day ahead. This day was of massive importance. The gates would be opened. Desserts of all kingdoms would be flooding through those gates and she would have to repress her powers in front of everyone. Her hands shook as she practiced taking the donut ball and the pink scepter from the priest. She held the two props up and icing began to tingle from her fingers. It soon enveloped the two objects and she hurriedly threw them back onto the table.
“Conceal, don't feel,” Jaclynn whispered to herself, tears beginning to run down her cheeks as she said her father and mother's saying. She missed them almost more than anything and a tremor ran down her spine as she held back tears.
“It's only for today,” Jaclynn reminded herself as she slipped her gloves back on. She opened her doors and addressed the servants waiting for her.
“Tell the guards...” Jaclynn suddenly felt a stab of anxiety that cut deep into her core. She couldn't do this, she wanted to call the whole coronation off, yet she knew she couldn't, “to open the gates.”
I hope you liked it! I can't wait to get the whole story completely finished! I wonder how many parts there will be? Wouldn't it be insane if it was like- Glazed Part Sixty-Nine?XD That might be possible...Great, now I am curious!;D
What dessert would you be if you lived in Dack-A-Woodle-World?:D

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Glazed Part Thirteen

It's up! The next part of Glazed!:D
The years continued to go by in repetition. Emma went to the Donuts every summer and every summer Jaclynn's power grew stronger as well as her fear. Jaclynn spent more time within the confines of her room fretting over her magic, and Emma spent more time talking to her dolls. Why she continued to come every summer, she wasn't exactly sure, but she had the feeling that she needed to. That Jaclynn needed her in some way. Also, to show friendship and trust between the two kingdoms, the Cookies demanded that Emma go to the Donuts every summer, if she liked it or not. Which, to a degree, she did like, but she still felt like she was doing something wrong with Jaclynn. But yet they still felt like friends. Confused by her emotions, Emma continued to go to the Donuts until she was nineteen and Jaclynn twenty-one.
Emma's carriage jostled to the castle's massive, pink gates. They were only ever opened when Emma was coming. The gates creaked open and Emma couldn't avoid staring at the rusted hinges as the carriage pulled them through.
“Hello!” Emma said as she stepped out of the carriage and straightened her dress. A servant, straight as a toothpick, stood waiting for her. Emma was used to this kind of welcome, but 'Dee's' parent's were usually there to meet her, too.
“Hello,” She replied as Emma came up to her.
“Where are the King and Queen?” Emma looked around. The servant glanced down to her black dress and her face softened. Gazing at the black dress, Emma's eyes grew wide.
“What happened?” Emma whispered.
“Their ship was drowned while they were traveling, Your Highness,” The servant replied, her eyes glistening.
“Oh,” was all Emma said. They stayed in respectable silence until the servant gestured for them to go.
“How is Jaclynn taking it?” Emma asked as she looked down at the servant.
“We don't know, Your Highness.”
“What does that mean?” Emma questioned, her brow furrowing.
“She hasn't left her room ever since the King and Queen left on their trip,” the servant explained as she walked to Emma's guest room.
“I am so sorry for your loss. I truly feel terrible. They were somewhat like second parents to me,” Emma sighed and lowered her head solemnly. The servant nodded her head and stopped at a familiar door. Opening the door, Emma slid into the room and dropped her bags.
“Thank you,” she said.
“You're welcome, Princess,” the servant began to leave when she scooted back, “Oh! Highness, there is to be a coronation for Princess Jaclynn, since she is to be queen. It's to be on the last day of the week.”
“Thank you!” Emma dismissed the maid and she scampered away. Emma stepped away from the open door and touched her chin thoughtfully.
A coronation for 'Dee'?
Emma grinned. This would be a perfect time to talk with her friend! She could finally speak to her about their relationship, share her concerns and problems, her hopes for it to become better. They were supposed to be best friends, but she hadn't even seen her the past two years. Emma sighed as she thought of the two friends finally reconnecting and being like how they were meant to be.
Maybe that's it, Emma thought, Maybe this is why I come back every summer. Because I know what we are meant to be. What we could be. I'll never stop trying to fix us, because those glimmers of our friendship are what we can be. And she's worth it.
Emma unpacked her things giddily, feeling that her feelings were set straight.
I hope you liked the next part! It'll hopefully be by the end of the week or earlier!:D

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Writer's Block...Sort Of...

Hey everyone!
I am sure that if you are a writer you have experienced the AMAZING experience that is...Writer's Block...
(If it was unclear, I am being sarcastic about it being amazing.XD)
I have dealt with it a lot and it's terrible each time. But has anyone had the strange case of Writer's Nerves?
It's this strange feeling of nervousness when you open up the page to your story and you see the page empty. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get this strange anxiety when I start writing.
Is that weird?
It's hard to explain why I feel that way, I don't really even know.
But it's what I'm dealing with this evening. LOL!
Maybe if I just start writing it'll go away like usual.;P
I think this happens to me with most every artistic thing I do, like drawing or painting. I just see an empty page, canvas, piece of paper and I get nervous, because what if it's not everything I hoped it will be?
Or maybe it's that there are so many possibilities that an empty space can hold.
To help myself, and you if you're struggling with Writer's Block, I am going to post some inspirational quotes and other things I have found off Pinterest that concerns writing.:D
Yep. Sigh. 
I know... 
This is so true, it's hilarious!XD 
That's possible... 
Okay, yeah, you're right...
Okay, that last one got me. I'm gonna get to writing! I hope this helped anyone feeling uninspired!:D

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Haul

Hi everyone!
Here's my Christmas haul-
My sister gave me this awesome Sherlock shirt.:) Don't worry if you don't get it, it's a quote from Sherlock.XD
I got a Scandinavian Folk Pattern coloring book, a Draw Real People! drawing book, a Figure it Out: The Beginner's Guide to Drawing People book, and a mannequin.:) 
A Star Wars sketchbook (I love this!) and a 300 Drawing Prompts book.:) 
A Sherlock and John Watson POP!:D 
They are so cute, like look at Sherlock's wavy, curly hair! It's perfect.
And his adorable outfit and violin.:) 
And John Watson's outfit!:D 
And I got this epic Kylo Ren/Star Wars: The Force Awakens shirt! I love it so much and can't wait to wear it.:)
So, those are the main things I got that aren't doll related.:) I will be posting doll things I got for Christmas on my doll blog soon.
Well, I guess that's all I have for now.:)

Glazed Page Update

Hey everyone!
I am here with a quick post saying that Glazed now has a page where all of the parts are together so you can read them all together.:)
I am hoping to have a haul post up today about some things I got for Christmas.:)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Glazed Part Twelve

Hi everyone!
Glazed for all!XD
Jaclynn sat crouched at her bed door. The gloves did seem to help, but they couldn't subdue her emotions. Every kind of worry pushed and pulled her at every moment. She laid her head on her knees and cried. She cried for her powers, for her fear, for her frustration. But she cried especially for her 'Cookie.' She didn't want to lose the friend she had just gained, yet she didn't want to hurt her either. How could she balance everything with her powers out of control?
Jaclynn brought her head up. Whenever she spent time with her, she felt so relaxed, even with the threat of her powers. But she couldn't breach her safety so that she could feel better. Emma was her first priority. And that's how it had to be.
Jaclynn spent the rest of the day in her room and the next day, conscious of Emma leaving at the end of the week.
“Then she'll be safer when she leaves,” Jaclynn said to herself.
The week passed and Jaclynn got ready to escort Emma to the courtyard. She walked out to the hall solemnly and to her room where she was waiting.
“Emma,” Jaclynn said in front of her door, her fingers curled into fists to stop any magic that might leak out, “time to go.” Emma staggered out of the room with bags piled in her arms.
“I thought you had servants who did this, Dee!” Emma wheezed.
“Uh, they were let go. Here, let me help you,” Jaclynn grabbed a couple of bags from the top and looped them around her arms.
“Thanks,” Emma breathed and managed to get the remaining bags under control. They walked slowly and silently to the court yard, Emma just a step behind Jaclynn, until Emma said, “Dee, why aren't you calling me Cookie anymore? Why didn't you spend any time with me this summer?” Emma paused, “Did I do something wrong?”
(Something happened when I was trying to color in my face and a weird dirty spot showed on on my cheek!:()
Jaclynn stopped, her eyes wide. Suddenly, her hands turned cold and she sensed glaze creeping from the glove seams. Panicking, Jaclynn began to run from Emma with the bags in her hands to the court yard.
“Dee!” Emma shouted and ran after her. Jaclynn continued to race to the courtyard then dropped the bags to the ground. Glaze goo stuck to the bottom of a bag where Jaclynn's gloved hand had touched it. Wiping it off, Jaclynn turned to see Emma struggling to her.
“What was that?” Emma asked, irritation flashing in her eyes.
“Sorry,” Jaclynn murmured, “We are still friends, Cookie,” Jaclynn said with a sad smile, “We'll always be friends. No matter what. This summer was just especially busy, but I'm hoping next year...everything will be...under control.”
A look of relief swept over Emma's face and her body lost some tension.
“I am so glad! I was worried with how you've been acting. I thought that maybe I had made you mad!” Emma sighed.
“Good,” Emma grabbed the bags Jaclynn had dropped and added them to the pile already in her arms. The carriage was already inside the gates and Emma went immediately to it and threw her bags into it. She waved to Jaclynn, grinning ear to ear, the horses neighed, turned around, and dashed back to the road. Jaclynn shuffled to her parents and gazed up into their worried faces.
“What's wrong?” She asked. They looked down at her.
“She's coming again next year.”
I hope you liked this part! I wonder if the next part is when things start getting really interesting...;) I think it is. LOL!;D

Friday, January 1, 2016

Kylo Ren Disney Infinity Figure - A Photoshoot

Happy New Year's everyone!
Last year (did you get my joke?;D), I bought the Disney Infinity Figure for Kylo Ren. I don't have the game for the Infinity Figures, but I love the figures and get them anyway to display.:) Since I love Kylo Ren so much, I had to get the Infinity Figure...
And photograph him in an attempts to capture his epic villain-ness.;)

Update on Glazed- I finished the drawing yesterday and everything is ready, I just need to get the right computer where the story is stored to post it.:)

Now on to Kylo Ren!

His outfit is amazing! Is it weird I want one?;) 

I  love this one, he looks like he is hunting.:D 

When I took this picture, I really didn't know how it was turning out, since I was facing the sun. It turned out blah so I made it black and white, and I think it helped.:) 

I love this picture!! I love how Kylo Ren's lightsaber catches the sun and is sparkling.:) 
So...I may be slightly...obsessed with Kylo Ren...
*checks Amazon order to see when my Kylo Ren POP! is expected to get here*
*clears throat*
Or maybe a little bit more than slightly...XD
Thank you all for dealing with my Kylo Ren illness... LOL! I think this is probably it for at least a week.;)
Do you have any Disney Infinity Figures?