Saturday, January 2, 2016

Glazed Part Twelve

Hi everyone!
Glazed for all!XD
Jaclynn sat crouched at her bed door. The gloves did seem to help, but they couldn't subdue her emotions. Every kind of worry pushed and pulled her at every moment. She laid her head on her knees and cried. She cried for her powers, for her fear, for her frustration. But she cried especially for her 'Cookie.' She didn't want to lose the friend she had just gained, yet she didn't want to hurt her either. How could she balance everything with her powers out of control?
Jaclynn brought her head up. Whenever she spent time with her, she felt so relaxed, even with the threat of her powers. But she couldn't breach her safety so that she could feel better. Emma was her first priority. And that's how it had to be.
Jaclynn spent the rest of the day in her room and the next day, conscious of Emma leaving at the end of the week.
“Then she'll be safer when she leaves,” Jaclynn said to herself.
The week passed and Jaclynn got ready to escort Emma to the courtyard. She walked out to the hall solemnly and to her room where she was waiting.
“Emma,” Jaclynn said in front of her door, her fingers curled into fists to stop any magic that might leak out, “time to go.” Emma staggered out of the room with bags piled in her arms.
“I thought you had servants who did this, Dee!” Emma wheezed.
“Uh, they were let go. Here, let me help you,” Jaclynn grabbed a couple of bags from the top and looped them around her arms.
“Thanks,” Emma breathed and managed to get the remaining bags under control. They walked slowly and silently to the court yard, Emma just a step behind Jaclynn, until Emma said, “Dee, why aren't you calling me Cookie anymore? Why didn't you spend any time with me this summer?” Emma paused, “Did I do something wrong?”
(Something happened when I was trying to color in my face and a weird dirty spot showed on on my cheek!:()
Jaclynn stopped, her eyes wide. Suddenly, her hands turned cold and she sensed glaze creeping from the glove seams. Panicking, Jaclynn began to run from Emma with the bags in her hands to the court yard.
“Dee!” Emma shouted and ran after her. Jaclynn continued to race to the courtyard then dropped the bags to the ground. Glaze goo stuck to the bottom of a bag where Jaclynn's gloved hand had touched it. Wiping it off, Jaclynn turned to see Emma struggling to her.
“What was that?” Emma asked, irritation flashing in her eyes.
“Sorry,” Jaclynn murmured, “We are still friends, Cookie,” Jaclynn said with a sad smile, “We'll always be friends. No matter what. This summer was just especially busy, but I'm hoping next year...everything will be...under control.”
A look of relief swept over Emma's face and her body lost some tension.
“I am so glad! I was worried with how you've been acting. I thought that maybe I had made you mad!” Emma sighed.
“Good,” Emma grabbed the bags Jaclynn had dropped and added them to the pile already in her arms. The carriage was already inside the gates and Emma went immediately to it and threw her bags into it. She waved to Jaclynn, grinning ear to ear, the horses neighed, turned around, and dashed back to the road. Jaclynn shuffled to her parents and gazed up into their worried faces.
“What's wrong?” She asked. They looked down at her.
“She's coming again next year.”
I hope you liked this part! I wonder if the next part is when things start getting really interesting...;) I think it is. LOL!;D


  1. YAY! Glazed has returned! XD
    Ooh, this part was so good! I can't wait to see what happens!

    1. LOL! Yep! I need to start cranking out the drawings to keep up with posting it!;) Thanks! I can't wait for everyone to read it!:D

  2. This is..................... AWESOME!