The Lingo, The SSOD, and Other Things

With the friendship that has been made with me and Jaclynn, a whole new language has emerged.
This is where you can come to learn what that language means, as well as what the SSOD is and some other random stuff.

LLOL: Literal Laugh Out Loud
SOL: Smiling Out Loud (Doesn't make sense, but means you are smiling)
TNTLOL: Trying Not To Laugh Out Loud
NUHL: No acronym, but basically means you laughed through your nose, like a puff of air without being a snort.

There are some more than this, but these should be the only ones you need to know. :)

THE SSOD (Secret Society of Desserts)
The SSOD is a society of desserts that Jaclynn (AKA Dee) and I have created for our friends where you get a dessert nickname (ex: Oreo, Kit Kat, Cookie) and take on the persona of that dessert as if it is you. Here are the current members of the SSOD.

Dee (Short for Donut): Jaclynn
Cookie: Me
Hershey: American Girl Doll Artist
Taffy: Hershey's sister AKA Catlover02
Churro: Hershey's oldest brother
Fudge: Hershey's younger brother
Nilla: Hershey's younger sister
Cobbler: Hershey's brother
Twix: Hershey's youngest brother
Gummi: Hershey's youngest sister

Unfortunately, you cannot become apart of the SSOD unless you are chosen to be a part of it.

Star Wars is a huge thing to me, so of course with my friends I pretend it's real.
I am on the Dark Side and Fudge is my apprentice.
Dee is on the Light Side and she was my old master while I was on the Light Side UNTIL SHE BETRAYED ME, and her NEW Padawan is Hershey.

Hershey and all of her brothers and sisters are commonly referred to as the Frens.

I may update this as I see fit, but I felt the need to explain some things for future reference.


  1. I'm so happy to be a part of the SSOD! And to have become Jaclynn's padawan. Which is why you will soon be destroyed. O_O :)
    *pulls out halo*
    *looks innocent*

    1. *glares*
      *glares some more*
      *doesn't stop glaring*

  2. *blinks* Holy coffee, batman! They become the dessert?
    What would a Twizzler act like?!

  3. That is such a cool society... I love the idea! And YES STAR WARS. As of right now, I am Charis's apprentice, since we are both Sith. THE DARK SIDE WILL DOMINATE.