Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tea and a Plethora of Activities, but Mostly Reading - December Edition

Hi everyone!
I want to post around three different things today, but that would be a little overwhelming, so I decided since today is the last day of December for me to do my "Tea and Whatever" post, I should probably do this.;)
Okay, here we go!
Since Christmas has come around, I have gotten a ton of books! Listed below are ones I have bought or have been gifted.:)
The Unwanteds - Island of Fire
The Land of Stories - The Enchantress Returns
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Bravest Princess
Luck Uglies - Fork-Tongued Charmers (which is not pictured.;))
But, you ask me, what about Storybound, the one on the top?
Well, I actually started re-reading that one before I got any new books for Christmas, so I have to finish that one first.:) 
Although I am mainly reading today, I am also going to be finishing up my drawing for the next part of Glazed!:) So, that will be up tomorrow or the next day.:)
Beautiful books.
*tears up*
AND I am not only reading and drawing, I am going to be watching a few episodes of Clone Wars, a new TV show series that has interested both me and my sister.:)
So, today is going to be a very full day.;) 
I forgot to put a picture of the kind of tea I am drinking, but it's one of my classic favorites, the candy cane peppermint tea (I think that's what it's called!;D) from Trader Joes!:)
The tea isn't what is exciting me though, it's the amazing mug it's in!OoO
I got it yesterday and I am in love! It's what any Star Wars loving, tea drinker could ever want.
I feel like every time I want to drink from it, I have to prepare myself.XD 
And there's a lid that comes off, it's amazing because without it, he wouldn't have his complete helmet/mask!
I am just so happy with this mug, it's so big I could swim in it.XD Or maybe a tsum tsum could swim in it.;)
Well, I gotta get back to my reading (or possibly drawing)!:D
And no, Pinterest! You shan't get in the way of my reading....for long!;) LOL!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - The Final Challenge

Hi everyone!
I got to see The Force Awakens again tonight and just OH MY GOSH!! I-I just can't wait two years for the next episode!
But, anyway, I got some fun Kylo Ren things today!:D I can't wait to show you all soon.:)
But that will be for later! Right now, I have the final challenge for CWWC!
I used all of the prompts-

(I changed the words in this one, I hope that's okay.)
Vera gazed down at the cityscape laying below her. Doves from the church she sat perched on flew around her and one even landed near her. It stared inquisitively at her with its head cocked and ruffled its feathers.
“What?” Vera questioned, staring down at it. It cooed and trilled and she deciphered it's squabbles with ease.
“I have two words for you: Supernatural Detective,” she answered and the dove's head cocked to the other side.
“That's right. I speak Dove,” Vera snickered, “Don't act so surprised. It's the 'supernatural' part,” Vera unfolded a newspaper clipping from her pocket and read the mystery she had to solve.
“He was last seen at Indu Gardens...” Vera muttered and stuffed the paper back into her pocket. That was where she must start. She jumped off of the ledge and began to float on the breeze. She didn't know how she did it, but she had accepted her supernatural capabilities long ago and now used them to her advantage. Vera soared to the Indu Gardens and landed inside them, her black boots making a clicking sound as she touched down. Only a few people meandered about the massive garden filled with thousands of flowers. Vera sighed. Thousands. It was going to take her a long time to find any clues about the missing man. She studied the note once more and dove into action. She scanned the rows of flowers, checking for anything unusual.
Someone sighed.
“Look who's digging through the dirt to solve my mystery.”
Vera shot a look behind her shoulder and saw the most annoying girl who worked at the detective company she used to work at.
“Natalie, what do you want?” Vera snapped, twisting to face her.
“I just wanted you to know that you need to buzz out of this case. I'm working on it, and I don't care if you were the best detective at HUR. This is my case and I tend to solve it. I have oodles of more information than you get from reading the news and sites. Unlike other detectives at HUR, I actually care that I solve the mystery myself. Not with the help of a scary girl,” Natalie said, flipping her chestnut brown hair over her shoulder. Vera nodded her head.
“I'm not trying to solve a case,” Vera lied. “I got a new job working at the gardens. Who's missing?”
“Like you don't know,” Natalie grimaced. “Just stay away. That's all. I tend to get the credit I deserve.”
Vera nodded again.
“I understand.”
“Good,” Natalie replied and strutted away.
“Gee. I hate that girl,” Vera muttered to herself.
Sure, Vera wasn't apart of HUR anymore, but why did that mean she couldn't help people by solving cases?
Vera shook her head then tore the newspaper scrap out of her pocket. A phone number of the boy's mother was printed on it. With one more fleeting glance over the immense garden, Vera snapped open her phone and dialed the mom's number.
“Hi, this is Vera Harrington and I'd like to ask you some questions about your missing son.”
“Have you found him?” the voice on the other side was earnest.
“No, ma'am, but I want to. If you don't mind, what do you think happened to your son?” Vera asked.
The mom sighed.
“I...” she paused and Vera waited. “I shouldn't tell you anything. The police and the detectives I've hired from HUR will find him.”
“No, ma'am, please,” Vera cried, but the receiver clicked off and Vera groaned. She redialed the number but was sent to voice mail.
“Please call me back. I just want to help you find your son,” Vera said into the speaker then ended her message. She looked back at the garden and cracked her knuckles.
“Time to speed this up,” Vera glanced around her for anyone watching then squeezed her eyes shut. Her eyes popped open again and everything became an X-ray. She gazed around her, hoping to find something that would trigger an unusual sign in her vision, when a black square rested below the ground.
“A secret passageway?” Vera whispered to herself and blinked her eyes a couple times, setting them back to their normal vision. For a second, she marveled at her strange abilities, then stepped toward where she saw the black box. It was a completely ordinary flower patch.
Vera scanned the flower patch, searching for some way to get to the secret passageway below it. Touching and fingering the box that contained the flowers, she pulled and pushed trying to open it.
It wouldn't budge.
“Ugh,” Vera muttered. She sat down on the edge of the box and looked at the beautiful, fragrant flowers blooming in the sunshine. One stood out among the others, standing tall with bright red petals that curled and twisted into the center.
Vera felt drawn to it and she reached out her hand to pull it out. As soon as she plucked it out, the flowers began to shake and the edge she sat on grew upwards and she flew to the ground.
“The secret passageway!” Vera cried and stepped into it. She stumbled down a couple steps then remembered her night vision. Squeezing her eyes shut again, she opened them, the dark faded and she saw the details with clarity.
She continued into the chamber and realized that it must be a tunnel. She scooted deeper in and the walls began to widen until there was just black around her. Not even her night vision could penetrate through such pure dark. A hand slipped over her mouth and someone grabbed her arm, jerking it behind her back.
"How did you find me? Who are you? Answer my questions!" A man's voice shouted in her ear. Vera poked her tongue out of her mouth and wiggled it on the man's hand, reminding him that he had his hand over her mouth. He immediately recoiled his hand with a cry of disgust.
"I am a detective."
"How did you find me?" he asked.
"That's what I do," Vera explained.
"My mother told you, didn't she?"
"What? No, she was actually very unhelpful! She hung up on me," Vera replied. "Anyway, how would she know where you are?"
The missing man sighed and released her arm.
"She thinks I'm paranoid, and she knows this is my hiding place," he said.
"Hiding from what?" Vera questioned, an eyebrow raising high.
"A monster."
I didn't get to finish it all the way, but I thought that made a good ending.;)
And now, we wait to see who will win CWWC...
Keepers....Narnians....Dragons...or Half-Bloods.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 6

Hi everyone!:D
Here's my entry for the next CWWC challenge. First, here are the prompts I used-

Now my story!:D
Aden felt nerves build up inside him as he was driven to the Room of Choice. He had turned fifteen, the age when you became eligible to embark on a quest to help someone, something, or some world.
"Here you go," his mom whispered, but didn't follow him out of the car. Aden knocked on the car window and she rolled it down.
"Are you coming in?" Aden questioned. His mom shook her head and Aden frowned.
"Why not?" he asked, trying to hide his nerves. She looked up at him and smiled sadly.
"You are supposed to do it alone," she explained. "Good luck."
Aden nodded and patted her shoulder and, mustering as much courage as he could, walked into the building that housed the Room of Choice.
"Welcome to the Room of Choice, Aden," a man's booming voice called. Aden didn't know where the man was, but he had learned that they usually used a phantom voice to tell the quester what they had to do.
"You will see six portals on the wall," the man warned and as he said it, one after another, portals blinked onto the wall in front of him.
"You must choose one to go into, find their problem, fix it, and come back a man of honor. If you fail, you will be shamed. It is a tradition."
Aden took a deep breath and stared at the different portals.
The first was a world with red ground, a scarlet sky, and spiky tomato colored trees. Lava poured from a trembling volcano and Aden looked to the next one. This was an orange island, with a tangerine colored sky and blazing sun. Aden thought about going into that world to help with what he could when he noticed the sharp point of a shark fin swimming round the small island. He moved to the one beside it. Golden rays danced across a yellow lake and far off, yellow trees graced the sides of it. An evil looking woman hovered above the middle of the lake, her blonde hair floating ominously as the yellow water spun around her madly. Aden couldn't help but wonder if each would be as terrible as these. He looked at the next portal, which had the theme of green in it. A beach with mint green sand and green-blue water lay ahead of him, with a huge pale green moon with two rings around it hovered in the green sky. Clouds of green smoke floated above a building that had a massive, glass dome around it. Aden paused as he took in the scene, there was no horrifying monster prowling on the sand, nor a super villain threatening that world. Whatever the problem was, it wasn't stopped by defeating an immediate evil source. He glanced at the other portals, but they didn't have any appeal to him.
Aden pointed at the green world and shouted, "I choose this one!"
The portal lit up and Aden was sucked away.
Aden stood up from the sand and looked around him. It looked exactly like the portal had. He walked to the building inside the dome and studied it. Why was there this dome?
Aden knocked on the glass and a woman in a sanitary mask came out of the building.
"What?" the woman's hair and eyes were dark green and her skin was white with a slight greenish tint, almost like she was seasick.
"What's this?" Aden asked, gesturing to the building.
"It's an orphanage," the woman said through the glass dome.
"Why the spherical protection?" Aden questioned.
"What do you want?"
"I want to help you," he replied. The woman crossed her arms and frowned.
"How could YOU help?" she asked, her tone icy.
"I first need to know what your problem is," he stated. "I only have a day."
"You don't even know-" the woman trailed off and her face twisted into disgust. "I am afraid you can't help us, good day."
She turned around and disappeared inside the building.
Aden sighed and tried to think of some way to get in, then he blinked in surprise. The dome was made out of glass, he could easily break it and get in, but to what price? He couldn't destroy their property. Aden glanced up to the windows in the building and noticed two small girls with the same sick masks covering their mouths and noses. They looked at one another then turned away from the window. He continued to stare up at the window until they returned after a few moments, carrying papers. They slapped the paper onto the glass and he made out the words "CURE US" written on them.
"So they have a disease?" Aden said to himself. How could he fight that? He had to admit, the evil sorceress was looking more appealing. He brought his hands up in a helpless gesture and mouthed the words 'how' to them. Again, they disappeared. Aden expected them to reappear with another piece of paper, but they didn't come back. He stayed for a couple more minutes, then the kids came rushing out the front door.
"You need to swim to the bottom of the ocean and get the Cube of Healing!" the girl shouted breathlessly.
"Cube of Healing?" Aden questioned. "What is your disease?"
"We don't know, it's just an illness that is slowly killing kids. I am so scared, but I have hope now that a hero has arrived!" she cried, her mint colored eyes sparkling.
"What's this dome for?" Aden asked, tapping the glass separating them.
The girls paused and looked at each other.
"We hadn't known that we were sick. We slowly came to realize that this dome was put up here to protect the people from us, not the other way around. We finally found out that we were sick, once the first child died. You have to save us," the girl murmured.
"Hey, what's your name?" Aden inquired.
"And I am Rose," the other girl piped up for the first time.
Aden smiled at them.
"I'll save you. Don't worry."
Aden stood knee high in the ocean.
Where was the Cube supposed to even be? How large was this ocean?
Aden suck in a huge breath and, once he moved deeper into the ocean, dove in.
He opened his eyes in the murky water and he tried to see anything through it. Aden swam deeper then retreated back to the surface for air. Treading water, he searched his surroundings. How would he find the Cube of Healing and save the kids? He dove back into the water, repeatedly going up for air, for what seemed like hours. Finally exasperated, Aden surfaced. There was no way to find it and even if he did, he couldn't get to the bottom without needing air. He sighed and looked around him again, he needed to get back to shore. A faint glimmer of white sparkled in the corner of his eye when he began to swim back to shore. He twisted his body to look behind him, when the glimmering burst into pure white light. Aden squinted his eyes and covered his face, but he had to go back up again. Aden bobbed to the surface for a deep breath, then plummeted back into the ocean, pushing his way to the sandy bottom.
His lungs ached for breath and he breathed out, bubbles floating to the surface. He reached out his hands for the Cube of Healing and pushed upwards once he had secured the white glowing boxlike lava lamp.
He broke through the water and kicked his way to the shore. He pulled himself farther onto the beach, the cube pulsing in his hands. He had to get it to the children. Aden mustered his strength and staggered to the glass sphere, his wet hair dripping onto the sand. While he banged on the glass, the woman came out, her eyes blazing.
"What are you doing back here?" she cried.
"I found what you're looking for," Aden replied and placed the cube where she could see. She gasped, and she pulled her mask off, letting it fall to the ground. She reached out her hands, but the dome stopped her. Digging something out of her dress, the woman unearthed a knife. She managed to cut a circle through the glass so he could hand it to her. The woman took the cube with shaking hands and whispered something about the Cube of Healing.
"Thank you, thank you. You are a hero!" She gasped gratefully and Aden grinned. He had saved those children!
The world twisted and changed around him until he was back in the Room of Choice.
"You did it! Congratulations, you are now a hero," the phantom voice shouted and Aden beamed. And with his triumphant smile still on his lips, Aden walked out of the room a hero.
I am not the biggest fan of this story, I kind of had to finish it in a rush!;P It didn't really have a conflict, other than the quest itself, which makes it sort of boring to me, but I hope you liked it!;)

Kylo Ren Drawing - Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Hi everyone!
Who has seen the new Star Wars movie?
I've seen it and I have barely thought of anything other than what happened. It's one of my favorite movies. After I watched it, I was just stunned and slumped down in my theater seat.
Ugh. Sorry.
My favorite character (and least favorite -.-) is Kylo Ren because he looks so awesome, and I love his character, and HIS OUTFIT AND MASK ARE SO EPIC and there are also some super funny things he does!
I just had to draw a picture of him-
I really love how it turned out!:)
Here is the picture I used as a model- 
Yeah, my favorite character is the worst, most evil character in the movie. I think there is just something about villains that make them really interesting, and in some cases, more interesting than the good guys.
But I draw a line when it comes to Hans, he's just a jerk.-_- LOL!
I hope you liked my drawing!:D

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dudes - Some Drawings

Hi everyone!
These are the drawings I've promised! I hope you enjoy them.:)
This was the first guy I drew in the slew. Hehe. That rhymes.;) LOL! 
Then there's him, who I really like!:D 
Also, him.;) Sometimes when I show people my pictures, they'll point out that a lot of my people look angry, but the truth is- drawing happy faces can only be entertaining for so long. And playing around with different expressions is fun and I imagine that it helps with becoming a better artist in general.:) 
I tried my hand at an Asian, and I think he turned out well, considering I haven't really done that ethnicity before.:)
Which guy was your favorite?:)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 5

I wrote this up tonight and I really like it. I'm thinking of continuing it, possibly. You know, once I finish the gazillion other stories I am in the midst of... how many are there now? Uh...
Yeah, around four and that's not including ones I've completely ditched. If you want to count those, maybe add five or six more to that.XD
So, anyway, here's the prompts I used-

(Oh, and hey, Keepers- keep up the good work!:D Try using as many prompts as you can and posting on time! WHOO HOO! GO KEEPERS FOR THE WIN!;D)
Quinn dashed behind a building, clutching her satchel close to her chest. She glanced up at the sky and saw the sun lowering steadily, a terrifying sight for a lost soul in the city of Kergin. She had to find a place to stay overnight or else the bounty hunters would find her. The streets weren't safe after dawn, especially for a wanted criminal like her. She bolted onto the busy street, her head down, her grip on her bag death-like. She had to find somewhere to stay, but where? She didn't know anyone in Kergin and any abandoned buildings would be sealed tight. Dreading what she would have to do, Quinn gazed at the buildings around her. Which one would be the best target to break into? She kept her eyes peeled for an entrance, a clue, anything, but the crowds dwindled off and she noticed figures darting through the shadows, ice blue eyes searching for a wanted face, a face like hers. Quinn sped up her pace and she began to smell the sour perfume of the ocean and taste salt in her lungs. She pushed her tangled black hair over her face while she hastened to the ocean, praying that the beach would offer a haven to her. Her eyes caught sight of a stealthy movement in the shadows of the sunset. Quinn dared not to look straight at the shadow, but she knew who it was. It was a bounty hunter, the one who was constantly on her trail, her glowing eyes boring into Quinn's soul. She had to hurry, the sun was sinking steadily behind the far away mountains. The ocean spray licked Quinn's face and she started to run to the beach, she had little time. She spotted a boat and a fisher pushing off into the ocean and Quinn sprinted to them, reaching for the dagger tucked under the folds of her cloak.
“Sir!” She shouted at the man. The grizzled fisher looked over his shoulder and Quinn pushed into the ocean, her pants and boots soaking in the frigid water.
“Hoping to catch some late night fish?” Quinn questioned and threw herself closer to the boat and grabbed hold of the rim.
“Get back!” He yelled and a sudden thought crossed Quinn's mind. A fisher would never go out fishing this time of day, this man was a wanted man, a criminal, making his escape. The man drew out a long pointed knife from his belt and pointed it at her.
“Unhand my boat!” He bellowed, brandishing his knife. Quinn unearthed her dagger and swiped away the man's own knife. It fell into the waves and she advanced on him, drawing herself into the boat and pushing him to the side. The boat tipped and Quinn slipped her knife away and hefted him off the boat. The man went willingly, with little fight, the sign of a man with only one weapon, and that was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. She grabbed an oar and gazed at the ocean, where was she to go? Deeper into the waters where she could possibly never return? She shook her head. A small speck in the distance caught her eye and she made out the tiny details of a hut on the water. She rowed towards it, all the while her eyes staring at the bounty hunter who had followed her. The sky was now painted red and purple with streaks of blue and she knew her time was waning. If she didn't make it to the hut, or if it was impossible to get into, the bounty hunter was sure to get her. The sun was nothing but a disappearing dot in the horizon. Madly, Quinn rowed the boat until she made it to the hut. A ladder led up to the little house and she scrambled up it. The sun completely disappeared and the sky turned dark blue with it. Quinn's heart was about ready to burst with adrenaline and fear when she reached the door. She couldn't help but look back and see her bounty hunter in the water, wading nearer. The night was upon them, if the hut wasn't open or able to be broken into, Quinn would be over. There was nowhere to run, and a dagger could only do so much. Quinn faced the door and, with sweaty hands, twisted the knob. The lock held.
“No, please, no!” Quinn whispered. She hurried to the window and breathlessly smashed it in. She jumped into it and drew the curtains. She was safe, the bounty hunters weren't allowed to go indoors to capture their criminal, it was against the law. Quinn ran to the door and peeked through the peep hole. The bounty hunter was climbing slowly onto the ladder and her head appeared over the edge. The bounty hunter wore silver edged armor, but mostly her suit was black, with a hood that covered her hair and most of her face, except for her penetratingly blue eyes. The bounty hunter, whom Quinn had named Danika, gazed at the door, straight into Quinn's eyes and Quinn gasped and pulled away from the hole. Danika couldn't get her in here. Quinn turned around in the hut and came face-to-face with a boy about her age. She gasped as her heart skipped a beat.
“Who are you?” He shouted and drew a knife to her throat. Quinn backed away from him and held her breath. She reached for her own dagger, but didn't draw it, the teenager was too close and aimed precisely at her throat. She gulped as she stared at the boy's fierce eyes.
This was not good.
I really shouldn't continue it, but I really want to, but I have started way too many stories recently! I gotta finish at least one or two before I start another.;P

Monday, December 14, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 4

Hey everyone!
I'm really surprised at how quickly I got this up. I'm not completely sold on this story, mostly the last part where things are explained, but you got to write badly to learn how not to write, right?;)
So, here's challenge 4!:D
Oh, wait. I need to show you the prompts I used!;D I always forget that!;)

I loved these prompts!;)
Okay, now for the actual story!:D
I had always wondered what my dad had been making in the factory he worked at. Was it something normal, like plastic bins or whatever they make in factories, or was there something more sinister being created?
“So, what do you make?” I asked my dad at the dinner table for the hundredth time.
“Indeed,” he replied, his go-to word for when he wasn't listening.
“No, seriously?” I pressed further and I leaned over the table a bit more. The curiosity had been killing me ever since I had heard a conversation over the phone with his boss.
I had been meaning to call my best friend, Hollyn, when I picked up the phone and overheard a conversation on the land line.
“No one can know what we're doing. Everything will be ruined-”
I had automatically clicked the phone off, my heart beating as I felt guilt squeezing my heart. But why should I feel guilt for overhearing something I never meant to overhear?
“Indeed,” he repeated. I knew that pressuring him further would make him leave, so I finished my food and raced to the home phone, since my dad never let me have my own phone, although I was almost fourteen. I dialed Hollyn's phone number and hurried into my room, shut the door, and sat on my bed, criss-cross apple sauce style.
The phone clicked on and Hollyn's voice came onto the receiver.
“Has he given any clues yet? Did you do it the way I told you, the whole pressuring and not letting him leave?” Hollyn asked. I yanked out the cream fuzz on my balding pillow, then sighed as I stared at it. This had become, as Hollyn called it, my angst pillow, where I let out all of my angst and frustration on it by pulling out the fuzz. I tossed it to the side and stared at my beige wall.
“Well, no, but Holly, I'm just not you. You could totally make him spill, but I'm just not good at interrogating him. See, it's hard, too, because I know he wasn't listening because he used the word 'indeed' like, five times,” I explained and realized my fingers had found the abused pillow again.
“I just need to know what's going on. And oh, Hollyn, I have a feeling it's not good,” I touched my forehead with my free hand. The speaker was silent for a couple minutes.
“And he won't ever spill, will he?” Hollyn replied.
“No,” I sighed and laid my head on a pillow.
“Essie, are you willing to do something pretty illegal to get to the bottom of this?” Hollyn asked and I clenched my teeth together, and brought my knees to my chest as I curled up on my side. I shut my eyes tightly and felt how the worry and curiosity were battling inside me, begging for an answer.
“We won't be hurting anybody will we?” I whispered into the phone, surprised at how I was actually considering doing something illegal.
“No! I wouldn't ever ask you to do something like that. I-I don't think we should talk about this over the phone for certain reasons. I'll meet you two blocks down from your house, okay? The usual meeting spot,” she said and I nodded, then realized she couldn't see me.
“Yeah. I'll get my shoes on and be there in a few minutes,” I stated and we said goodbye. I jumped off of my bed and threw my straight brown hair into a braid, slipped on my fingerless gloves, hoping they would give me that rebel feel, and pushed my feet into fuzzy black boots. I threw on a black jacket and a black hat and ran out the door, not even saying goodbye to my dad.
I walked swiftly to our meeting spot, my head down and feeling like I was already guilty of a horrendous crime. Hollyn was already there, her loose white t-shirt wiggling in the night air. I wondered how she looked so cool and rebel like without even trying. I sat down next to her on the steps of the abandoned house and, not daring to look at her, asked her about her ideas.
“You're probably going to chicken out, but I want to break into your dad's factory tonight,” she paused and my eyes bugged out at the thought. “I really love my town and I don't want it to be in danger. If your dad is doing something bad, I want-no, need- to know.”
I took a deep breath and nodded, staring down at the concrete steps.
“You don't have to go though. If you don't want to, I'll go by myself,” there wasn't any bitterness or hate in her voice as she said it and I knew she wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't go, but I couldn't let her do something so dangerous alone.
“I don't think we should,” I said, trying my first tactic of discouraging her.
“I'm going,” Hollyn stated and she stared at me, her ice blue eyes searching my face.
“You don't have to go, Essie. I'll go and find out by myself. I won't judge you or try to force you to do something you're not comfortable with. You can go home and not feel any guilt,” she declared, her voice serious. I met her eyes and shook my head. I looked at her, at her fire hydrant red hair and her dark brows, pulled in seriously and her sharp face, trying to gain strength from her own confidence.
“I go where you go.”
“H-how-how do w-we get in-n?” My voice catching on every other word. I was beyond nervous, but it was the incredible cold of the night that was making my voice hitch. I gawked at Hollyn's bare arms and wondered how she didn't feel the cold. I had given her my beanie to cover her hair which would draw attention to intruders and a couple wisps fell out from the hat, making her look incredibly cool. I couldn't help feeling a sting of jealousy.
“We are going to have to climb the gate,” Hollyn nodded to the soaring gate and I gulped.
“W-what if someone catches us? Will we be sent to jail?” I asked, afraid of her answer. She glanced at my with a bit of irritation glinting in her eye.
“I don't know. If you don't want to risk anything, you can still go home,” she stared my straight in my eyes. “But when we cross that gate, you can't get back.”
“I am coming!” I demanded and stepped up to the gate, trying to tell her I wasn't afraid, although I was trembling inside, and not only because of the cold. I buttoned the top button on my jacket as I stared at the red and white sign tied to the gate.
Private Property, No Trespassing.
Hollyn stationed her feet into the gate and began climbing. I followed her lead and climbed the gate slowly and carefully. She leaped from the top to the ground and landed on her feet and one hand. I sat on the top of the gate and tried to mimic her exactly. I pushed one of my hands out and I hit the ground.
“Ow!” I yelped as I stared at my hand, sharp rocks cut into my palm and I wondered how Hollyn did it. She began running to the factory silently and swiftly and I followed her. She pressed herself to the factory's wall and glanced around the corner, exactly like a movie.
“Is it clear?” I asked quietly. She nodded and flew to a crate and crouched down, barely peeking above it. I ducked behind the crate but didn't see anyone.
“Let's go!” I whispered sharply and led the way to the factory door. She swaggered towards it, her sharp face twisted into a scowl at me that I could tell she was trying to suppress.
“What?” I questioned but the just shook her head and waved her hand, dismissing the subject. She scrutinized the lock and frowned.
“You have a bobby pin?” she questioned and I shook my head. Hollyn sighed and dug through her pockets, then gasped, a smile lighting her face. She unearthed the item from her pocket and smirked. A multi-tool pocket knife lay in her hand. Hollyn pushed out a screwdriver-like tool and stuck it up the lock. She wiggled it around and twisted it, her tongue sticking out. The lock clicked and she tossed it away while smiling a proud smile. I grinned and I glanced at the unlocked door. Just one push and the secrets of the factory would be poured out unto them. I braced myself for the horror of what lay behind the door. Hollyn pressed her fingers onto the door and pushed.
The void of black was terrifying and I couldn't bring myself to follow Hollyn inside. She disappeared inside the dark and then I heard her scream. I leaped into action and into the dark factory to feel someone grab my arm and clutch a hand over my mouth. I struggled in the vise-like grip of the person, then the lights turned on.
“Dad?” I asked, but my voice was muffled as I saw my dad in the midst of a dozen other people.
“Let her go,” he said to the person holding me and he quickly let go.
“What are you doing here?” my dad asked and I stared at him.
“What's going on here?” I questioned, looking at the people around. “Where is all of whatever you are making?”
“I can't believe you followed me and broke in! You could have been arrested!” he shouted.
“What is this?” I continued to ask.
“You need to go home. Forget all this,” he ordered, but one of the other people around stood up.
“No. Wait,” the man cut in. “You haven't thought of the pros to letting them know.”
My dad turned around to face the man and he frowned. “What would those be?”
“Children are innocent. The government would not suspect them!” the man cried and a couple other people nodded.
“What is going on?” Hollyn shouted.
“Yeah, Dad, explain,” I urged. The man nodded and my dad twisted to face me.
“I see Matthew's point, but I don't like the idea of sending you into danger.”
“I swear, if you don't explain what this is, I'm going to-” Hollyn's threat was stopped as my dad cut in.
“I will explain. You two are only kids, you don't know about the terrible leadership that this town has.”
“I've heard enough,” Hollyn said, her arms crossed. My dad nodded.
“They have become worse and worse with their leadership and the time has come for the citizens to act. We need to stop them from doing something drastic, something that will destroy our city.”
“What's that?” I asked, my nerves beginning to build up from how serious my dad was speaking.
“They are wanting to start a war.”
“No way. Cities can't start wars, can they? We are too small in number, anybody could destroy us!” Hollyn exclaimed, snorting.
“Their pride will be the ruining of us all. Matthew is suggesting that you must be the one to infiltrate the government and help us stop them.”
“You're kidding right?” I asked, laughing nervously when he shook his head. “We're just kids. We aren't supposed to be heroes.”
“But you could be,” my dad replied. “We need to work out a plan but this could work,” my dad looked at the fellow conspiracy members.
“There is no way-”
“I'm in,” Hollyn cut in after a long silence from her. I gaped at her.
“What? Why?” I cried. She stared at me with her simple stare.
“This is life changing, Essie. I am not going to miss out on this. I love my town. I want to protect it. You don't have to do it, too, but I'm going to help. If not us, who will?” She asked. I felt a shiver run up my spine to my toes as I stepped closer to her and grabbed her hand. Shifting my gaze from my dad to my best friend, I took a deep breath.
“I go where you go.”
I hope you liked it, even if parts of it were poorly written.;) I was meaning to post pictures I've drawn of some guys today, but I guess that'll be for tomorrow!;D

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 3 - Part 2 (the final part.;))

Guten Tag!:)
I have the next part for the challenge ready! Check it out!:)
Myka woke up to the sounds of screams.
“Beatrice!” Myka shouted then realized where she was.
“Athari!” Myka hopped out of bed and raced downstairs. “Athari!!” Myka shrieked, becoming more worried.
The Slyght.
“ATHARI!” Myka ran out the door and gasped, raising her hands to cover her mouth.
A massive flying snake flew over the town, its tail smashing buildings down with just a flick. Its teeth were stained red with blood and its scales shimmered a mix of brown, green, and blue.
“Athari!” Myka cried, trying to spot her through the rush of people. The Slyght snatched a person from the ground and sent him flying and screaming.
“You are supposed to kill him!” Gracie appeared next to her with a sword and armor.
“I have no idea how!”
“This was your purpose! Don't tell me that it killed dad for nothing!”
“Wait, you're my sister?”
“Now is not the time! Take this,” Gracie shoved armor over her head but Myka pulled away.
“How do you expect me to get rid of this?” Myka yelled, waving at the Slyght. “I have no experience, no strength. I-”
“MOM!” Gracie raced away and Myka looked at where she was heading. Athari stumbled over to them, blood smeared on her face and dress.
“What happened?” Myka asked as she hurried to help.
“It got Hannah and all of the other cows and livestock!”
“It's okay, Myka is going to kill it!”
“I don't know how!”
“Take this and go for its weakness! It has to have one!” Gracie shoved the sword and the armor back at her and Myka was about to push it away when she felt hot breath puffing at her back.
“Run, Myka!” Athari screamed, but it was too late. The Slyght grabbed Myka in between its jaws and flew off.
“You have no experience. You aren't what I had expected. You are just a tiny weakling.”
Spit coated Myka as the Slyght's forked tongue moved back and forth, pronouncing words all with his mouth shut. Myka grabbed the sword still in her hand and slashed at the Slyght's tongue. The mouth opened in pain and Myka tumbled out, bloody and spit covered.
She was in a canyon pressed up against the wall of it.
Stupid human girl!” The Slyght lunged at her but she dodged to the left and fled down the canyon, the Slyght following by wriggling on its stomach. Myka tumbled through the underbrush until she reached a clear trail and she began to sprint down it. The canyon walls grew narrow until the canyon stopped at a dead end.
“You can not win. Give up now and die!” The Slyght squeezed into the narrow area and Myka noticed his mistake. His body bunched up at the sides and she saw how he was stuck. But his head was still too close for comfort and she realized that she was stuck just as much as he was. The Slyght wriggled in just a bit more and Myka pressed her self as far away as she could. She searched the wall for anything to help her, then she noticed some cracks, making perfect foot holds. She lunged up them awkwardly and dug her sword into a crack. She needed the upper hand. Myka got as far up as she could and twisted her body around so she faced the Slyght.
She wanted to say something heroic, but words escaped her and she grasped the sword and fell onto its back. From this angle, she could tell where its weakness was. It was really obvious now. Tucked beneath the Slyght's horns on its head, was a beating pulse. Myka stepped up to it and, bracing herself, plunged the sword into it.
“You did it, Myka, you did it!” Athari said once Myka woke up.
“How did I get here?” Myka asked, blinking and struggling to sit up, but she was so tired.
“We found you and took you here, but you were beyond exhausted, you haven't woken up since right now.”
“The Slyght is dead?” Myka questioned and Athari nodded her head.
“You did it, we are all safe because of you,” Athari brushed her hand up against Myka's cheek. “I love you. I'm so glad you're back.”
Before Myka drifted back to sleep, she held her mom's hand and whispered, “Me, too.”
I hope you liked it!:D Now, to get back to writing my other story I am working on!;)
*clears throat*
You know, after I look at blogs for an hour or two.XD

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Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 3 - Part 1

Hey everyone!
I have two parts for this challenge. It turned out really long!XD So, here's the first part, the next part will be up tomorrow.:)
These are the prompts I'm using-

Loren, I am also using the third one, but for some weird reason it won't let me upload it!:(

“Where are we going again?” Myka asked, glancing over to her care agent, Beatrice, in the driver's seat.

“Sandy Peaks,” She replied, her eyes glued on the desert road.

“And you said that the person who wants to adopt me is here?” Myka questioned, glancing around at the barren land. “I don't even see anything around.”

“Please be quiet, I am trying to focus,” Beatrice ordered and Myka slouched in her seat. Her gaze darted about the scenery, but there was nothing but dust, sand, rocks, and more sand. In the distance, Myka spotted a road sign swiftly coming closer. Too bored to do anything else, she read it.

You've actually been here before. We just made sure you forgot.

“What?” Myka cried and stared at the passing sign.

“No shouting, Myka!” Beatrice demanded, speaking quite loudly herself. Myka gawked at the sign that was now much closer.

You are now in Sandy Peaks! Watch out for rattle snakes!

“N-no way,” Myka whispered, her brown eyes wide. “Have I ever been here before?”

“No,” Beatrice replied, her lips pursed and eye lids drooping, making her look tired and done with Myka's questions.

“Okay,” Myka muttered, but she couldn't shake that sign. Maybe it was a prank. Myka contemplated the idea. It was probably an electric sign that changed the picture.

“It must be,” Myka snickered as she thought about how she had believed a silly prank.

They drove down the bumpy path for another hour until Myka spotted a dirt colored town at the top of a hill. Nerves built up in Myka as they drove up to a massive, towering gate that surrounded the town.

“Why do they need such a huge gate around the town?” Myka asked Beatrice as she rolled down the window to speak with the man at the gate.

“I am here with the 'package' for Yvette. I need to deliver her,” Beatrice explained to him and he nodded his head with a beaming smile and opened the gates for us.

“What's he so happy about?” Myka asked and Beatrice rolled her eyes. “Is this where I am going to be living?” Myka questioned. Beatrice stopped the car. Dread, fear, and excitement mingled inside of Myka making her want to jump out of the car and making her want to hide under the dashboard.

Beatrice clicked her seat belt off and opened the car door. Myka rushed out of the car in a great burst of speed, feeling that if she didn't do it quickly, she might not do it at all.

There was no one there.

Myka didn't know if she was more relieved or worried.

“Where is everyone?” Myka inquired. Beatrice dialed her phone but then grimaced.

“What?” Myka asked. “What's wrong?”

“No service,” She grumbled a reply.

“S-sorry I'm late!” A woman in a head wrap and long gray dress raced up to them. “John had some trouble with Hannah-”

“Who's Hannah?” Myka asked.

“Well, she's our cow!” The woman replied with a smile and pulled down her head wrap.

“You have a cow?”

“More than one! And chickens and pigs and one very stuck up rattlesnake!” She continued.

“You have a rattlesnake as a pet?”

“They are good protectors.”
“Of what?” Myka continued to drill her with questions, but the woman only smiled at this one.

“I am Athari,” She said and shook Beatrice's hand. “Myka, how about you go get your things. I am going to deal with the papers and you'll find it very boring!” Myka nodded and retreated back to the car and grabbed her bags, but not before she heard the hushed whisper of Athari.

“Thank you so much for bringing her back to us.”

Back? Myka couldn't help but think back on the electric sign. She grabbed her bags and thrust them towards the two woman.

“Everything's settled! Come meet the rest of the family!” Athari guided her to a large dome shaped house at the edge of the city and pushed her inside, grinning the whole way.

So, this is it? This is home?” Myka questioned Athari as she glanced around the ordinary house. It had a kitchen and a set of stairs that marched up to a second floor. A sitting room full of gray brown furniture was to the right and it had a couple of offices and such rooms sprinkled about the house. And it was completely ordinary. Honestly, she had been expecting more.

“John!” Myka yelled and an older man came hobbling from the back door.
“Is this her?” He asked.

“Yes!” Athari cried, grinning broadly. John's dry lips twisted into a smile.

“You're going to save our town, are you?” He questioned.

“What?” Myka asked, her eyes widening.

“Oh, hush, Jo!” Athari grabbed Myka's bags and gestured for her to follow her up the stairs.

Myka walked up after her, wondering if she had heard John right.

Save their town? Why was it even in need of saving?

“Gracie is up here. Gracie!” Athari shouted as they reached the top.

“What?” A voice asked.

“Come meet Myka!” Athari ordered and a sulking girl stomped over to her. She was just a year or so younger than Myka herself.

“So you are what everyone's talking about? I don't see it. Have you ever even seen a normal sized snake?” Gracie asked, her eyes accusing.

“Um, no,” Myka replied, wondering what that had to do with anything. “But I heard you guys have a rattlesnake.”

“Yeah, stay away from him, he is venomous. He may get rid of the mice and other pests but he would sink his teeth into you in a minute,” Gracie remarked.

“Enough of that. Gracie, go check on the animals,” Athari said and Gracie nodded and went down the stairs.

“So what was she talking about with snakes?” Myka questioned as she followed Athari into a bedroom.

Athari sighed.

“I don't want to alarm you, or overwhelm you, but you're going to find out sometime. Sit down, Myka,” Athari sat down on the bed and Myka mimicked her.

“You- you were born with great purpose. You were born to defeat the Slyght. The Slyght is a monstrous, huge snake-like creature that comes every summer and destroys and kills whatever it can lay hands upon. Livestock. Structures-” Athari's jaw clenched, “-Humans.

“And now...tomorrow is the beginning of summer, and the prophecy says you are going to kill it, if it doesn't kill you first.”

Myka gazed at Athari, her mouth shut, her eyes as round as saucers.

“You're kidding right. I don't even know all of you! I'm just an orphan-”

“An orphan who has been restored to her true family. Myka, you are my daughter.”

She stared at Athari.

“You-you're my...mother?” Myka clenched her jaw as she scrutinized Athari's face. The same cheekbones, the same lips, but her eyes were a pale blue, completely opposite from Myka's deep brown.

Explain,” Myka said, “everything.

“I was married and we were having a child. My husband, your father, had always been a target of the Slyght, as was I. We could tell that the prophecy was going to be about our child. So we followed the prophecy's rules. When you were born, we had to send you away. We had to make sure the Slyght didn't kill you before you were ready. Then we-I called you back. And now you are going to kill the Slyght and bring back peace to Sandy Peaks,” Athari finished.

“You have to be kidding. How do I not know about this place? The sign! It was right. What happened?”

“We made sure that you were sent away as quickly as you could be. You were gone within the month you first came here. I'm sorry.”

“What happened to my father? Is John my father?” Myka held back a gag but was relieved when Athari laughed.

“No, no! John is your father's father, your grandfather, my father-in-law,” Athari explained.

“What about what happened to my father?” Myka pressed. Athari's smile crumbled and she looked to the ground.

“He was killed by the Slyght.”

“What?” Myka questioned, her expression blank. “So, I'll never know him, my true father.”

“I'm so sorry, Myka,” Athari sighed, a tear slipping out of the corner of her eye.

“Athari, I need to rest and process, I'm going to bed.”

Athari nodded, tears still in her eyes, and clicked the door shut. And although it was midday, Myka cried herself to sleep.
I hope you liked it!:D I also have a post of more of my guy drawings I did so, I think that will probably be up on Monday.:)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Glazed Part Eleven

Hey everyone!
This is a pretty short part, sorry, I hadn't noticed when I was writing it.:(
The months crept by, and Emma's hope for friendship seemed to fade from her grasp. Whatever secret Jaclynn was keeping, she was keeping it silent. She didn't seem to be the carefree girl that she had became friends with the year before. She seemed scared now. Scared of what, Emma didn't know. But she didn't want to admit that they weren't friends anymore. On rare occasions, Jaclynn would come out from her room and join dinner or breakfast and the two girls would talk like nothing had ever happened. Those were the moments Emma lived for. But they were rare and always too short. Jaclynn had the new, weird habit of not wanting to be touched and she always stayed far away from her. But the months were gone and fall drew closer as did the day that Emma was to leave.
“I just have such a good time with her when I can see her, and it looks like she has a good time, too, but why can't she see me more often, why?” Emma asked her doll as she stroked its silky hair. She had began speaking to her dolls not long after the first few weeks of summer.

Loneliness did strange things to people.
“Maybe I can demand to see her more often, but that's not very much like me, now is it?” She continued. The doll stared out into empty space. Sighing deeply, Emma placed the doll to the side and flopped onto the bed. There was only one more week to summer.
As I was copy-pasting the story onto here, I accidentally deleted like HALF of the next part for Glazed. That is when I learned the glory of the undo button. Gosh. I wish I had found that out the first time I deleted a whole story.
*shakes head*
That has happened to me TWICE NOW. Where I delete my story and have to rewrite like five pages of it. It's the worst.
Have you ever deleted a story on accident?
Has anyone noticed that the doll Emma/I am holding looks uncannily like Anna?;)

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hi everyone!:)
I drew a picture of a mermaid today! Also, I drew a picture for the next Glazed part, so that'll probably be up tomorrow morning or so.:)
But, here's the picture of my mermaid!:D
I love how when I am drawing, I get to create a story without even trying. I begin to wonder what my people in the drawing or doing, and what will be coming up, and soon enough a story idea unearths itself, and although the drawing may just seem like an ol' mermaid, I have already come up with the beginnings of a story for her.:D
I really need to stop drawing girls and focus all of my time and energy on guys, but I just don't wanna!XD Why couldn't I have been blessed with the natural talent of drawing guys?XD I'm so behind, in comparison to my girls. I wish I could draw them as effortlessly. Ugh.:( So, I should probably start working more on them...Yeah...
Well, I hope you liked the picture of my mermaid! I gotta get drawing some guys!;)
What would you name this mermaid?:)

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Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 2

Hey everyone!
I am doing the next challenge for CWWC!
I am using all three of the prompts-

(I'm surprised! I think every post I've seen has used all three prompts for their story!:D)
So, this story is way longer than my last one, but I really do hope that it draws you in and makes you actually want to read it.
*clears throat*
If not, please read it anyways.XD LOL!
Lilah stared at her mother's unfinished painting. The brush strokes were so light yet placed with purpose. Lilah touched the canvas softly with a finger. The painting her mother had begun was of a coffee cup, but inside the coffee cup was the beginning of a tiny world, with a forest and birds flying. But it was unfinished, with only half a moon hovering over the forest and the forest itself had bald spots where trees should have been. Lilah had always loved coffee, even though her mom said it was bad for a fourteen year old to drink as much coffee as she did, and reading about other worlds and new places, so she felt as if the painting was somehow meant for her. As if her mother was going to paint it specifically for her before she died. But it wasn't finished, and her mom was gone. Lilah's vision turned blurry as tears fogged her eyes. She refused to look away from the painting though, and after a few moments, words began to form out of the trees and the birds she had stared at for so many days. Lilah paused.
Could her mother have tried to send her a message through this unfinished painting?
Lilah took a couple steps away and squinted her eyes, and the message began to unfold letter by letter.
Princess, my dear, hold your head high, if not, your crown will fall off.
Lilah smiled, 'Princess' was always her mom's pet name for her. She continued to read the message.
I love you, but I will be with you even when I am gone. I will be there in the memories, like when we went to the fair and rode on Glitter Bell. Let those memories be a message to you of my forever love that defies the bindings of this life. The love we have shared will not disappear when I leave, remember that I love you and Ben, and I always will. -Mom
Lilah gasped and put her head in her hands. Her mom really had made the painting for her. She knew she was going to die from the cancer. She reread the message over and over, then a new thought occurred to her.
Glitter Bell. Memories being messages. Fair.
She and her mother had always gone to the annual town fair and it had become a tradition that they had both adored. Her mom had always had deeper meanings in her words, it wouldn't be that far off to believe that this message was a clue to another message planted at the fair. Lilah hopped up and reread the message.
“It must be on Glitter Bell!” Lilah whispered, then nodded her head. The next message must be on her somewhere. It was her and her mom's favorite carousel horse, and her mom had even gotten her a Christmas ornament of a carousel horse that looked almost exactly like her.
A spark ignited in her as she read the message in the painting one last time. It was like she was still connected to her mom, to her best friend. She glanced down to her phone to check the time.
4:49 pm.
“Dang it!” Lilah muttered. The fair would be closing at 5:00. She had to hurry if she wanted to get there in enough time. She bolted out of her room and down the stairs. Her older brother, Ben, sat at the small wood dining table with papers strewn about.
“Ben! Drive me to the fair, would you?” Lilah cried as she threw on a coat over her dress. Ben's eyes grew wide.
“I thought you said you weren't going to the fair because it was too painful without mom. It was your thing,” Ben replied, standing up.
“I-I changed my mind. I need to go right now! Get your shoes on and grab a coat!” Lilah ordered as she slipped on her own shoes.
“It's too late. Didn't the fair end at 4:00?” Ben asked, looking at the clock mounted onto the wall above the pantry.
“No! It ends at 5:00, please, Ben. I need to go!” Lilah pleaded as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door.
“Why do you have to go right now? It's late. Let's just go tomorrow. The fair will still be there and I'll be off of work by 1:00,” Ben suggested and pulled away. Lilah shook her head, feeling tears bubble up to the surface. She shook them away, wondering why she was feeling this way.
“No. I need to go right now! I can't wait another night,” Lilah responded. She wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing that her mom had a message waiting for her. She had to feel like her mom was still with her.
“What's so important that we go right now?” Ben asked, staring at Lilah. “Are you okay?”
Lilah glanced at the clock.
“I need to go! Don't drive me then!” Lilah shouted and raced out the door. She knew the way to the fair. She didn't need him to take her. She sprinted down the street, not daring to look back. Her wavy golden hair flew behind her as she zipped past and towards the fair. It was just down another street, then to the right and she would be there. She would have another message. She flew to the fair and stopped at the gates. A man in a striped shirt and slacks was letting the last stragglers out and locking up.
“Wait!” Lilah screeched breathlessly, as she tumbled to him. “I need to get in there!”
“Sorry, you'll have to come back tomorrow,” the man began to close the gates, but Lilah pushed through him and knocked him to the ground.
“Hey!” He shouted and struggled up, but Lilah was already on a memorized path to the carousel, her and her mother's favorite ride. She reached the carousel and hopped onto the platform, scanning it for Glitter Bell.
“There you are,” Lilah muttered as she reached the yellow horse. It had a saddle painted red and blue and Lilah hated to see paint peeling away on the horse's pale mane.
“We are closed! Get back here!” The man shouted as he hobbled closer to her. Lilah tore her gaze from him and focused on the horse. A message had to be here somewhere! She busily ran her fingers on the saddle and looked inside of the horse's mouth, but she didn't see anything.
“It has to be here!” Lilah cried, feeling frustration clench her heart. The man stepped onto the platform and grabbed her shoulder.
“You need to leave,” He commanded, but Lilah was too busy searching for a message.
“She had to have had more to say! I can't lose her completely! There needs to be more!” She gasped for breath and the man pulled her away.
Lilah spun around and saw Ben running up to her and the man.
“What are you doing?” He shouted and Lilah squeezed her eyes shut then glanced back to the still carousel horse. She spotted the pole running through its back and noticed how it was loose and practically coming out.
“Mom has to have left another message!” Lilah cried, yanking away from the man. She leaped to the platform and ripped the carousel horse out of the socket. It came out easily and Lilah tumbled to her back. She had to get away and search the horse more thoroughly.
“Lilah, what are you doing?” Ben yelled as she ran past them with the horse dragging behind her. She banged the gates behind her with a clash and pulled the horse into a nearby alleyway. She hoped that they wouldn't find her quickly. She laid the horse on her lap and gazed into its dim blue eyes. Lilah scanned it's face and took in every detail of its saddle and body. She stabbed her fingers into the hollow part of the pole, praying that there might be a slip of paper tucked inside.
There was nothing.
“No!” Lilah wailed, resting her head on the horse's muzzle. Realization crept into her mind and a tear slipped down her cheek as she remembered the note in the painting. She had jumped to conclusions. Her mom just wanted her to know that she loved her. Nothing more. Lilah couldn't bring her back. Nothing could, not even hidden notes. She would be gone. The message in the painting whispered itself again in her mind.
She had missed the point. The point was of her mom's love. Her mom wanted her to be okay.
But Lilah wasn't.
“Lilah! Are you okay?” Ben appeared and rushed to her. Lilah looked up into her brother's brown eyes.
“No,” She said, her voice hushed as tears slipped out of her eyes and her chin quivered. “But-" She paused, "but, I will be.”
If you made it to the end- THANK YOU! LOL! I hope you liked the story!:)