Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - The Final Challenge

Hi everyone!
I got to see The Force Awakens again tonight and just OH MY GOSH!! I-I just can't wait two years for the next episode!
But, anyway, I got some fun Kylo Ren things today!:D I can't wait to show you all soon.:)
But that will be for later! Right now, I have the final challenge for CWWC!
I used all of the prompts-

(I changed the words in this one, I hope that's okay.)
Vera gazed down at the cityscape laying below her. Doves from the church she sat perched on flew around her and one even landed near her. It stared inquisitively at her with its head cocked and ruffled its feathers.
“What?” Vera questioned, staring down at it. It cooed and trilled and she deciphered it's squabbles with ease.
“I have two words for you: Supernatural Detective,” she answered and the dove's head cocked to the other side.
“That's right. I speak Dove,” Vera snickered, “Don't act so surprised. It's the 'supernatural' part,” Vera unfolded a newspaper clipping from her pocket and read the mystery she had to solve.
“He was last seen at Indu Gardens...” Vera muttered and stuffed the paper back into her pocket. That was where she must start. She jumped off of the ledge and began to float on the breeze. She didn't know how she did it, but she had accepted her supernatural capabilities long ago and now used them to her advantage. Vera soared to the Indu Gardens and landed inside them, her black boots making a clicking sound as she touched down. Only a few people meandered about the massive garden filled with thousands of flowers. Vera sighed. Thousands. It was going to take her a long time to find any clues about the missing man. She studied the note once more and dove into action. She scanned the rows of flowers, checking for anything unusual.
Someone sighed.
“Look who's digging through the dirt to solve my mystery.”
Vera shot a look behind her shoulder and saw the most annoying girl who worked at the detective company she used to work at.
“Natalie, what do you want?” Vera snapped, twisting to face her.
“I just wanted you to know that you need to buzz out of this case. I'm working on it, and I don't care if you were the best detective at HUR. This is my case and I tend to solve it. I have oodles of more information than you get from reading the news and sites. Unlike other detectives at HUR, I actually care that I solve the mystery myself. Not with the help of a scary girl,” Natalie said, flipping her chestnut brown hair over her shoulder. Vera nodded her head.
“I'm not trying to solve a case,” Vera lied. “I got a new job working at the gardens. Who's missing?”
“Like you don't know,” Natalie grimaced. “Just stay away. That's all. I tend to get the credit I deserve.”
Vera nodded again.
“I understand.”
“Good,” Natalie replied and strutted away.
“Gee. I hate that girl,” Vera muttered to herself.
Sure, Vera wasn't apart of HUR anymore, but why did that mean she couldn't help people by solving cases?
Vera shook her head then tore the newspaper scrap out of her pocket. A phone number of the boy's mother was printed on it. With one more fleeting glance over the immense garden, Vera snapped open her phone and dialed the mom's number.
“Hi, this is Vera Harrington and I'd like to ask you some questions about your missing son.”
“Have you found him?” the voice on the other side was earnest.
“No, ma'am, but I want to. If you don't mind, what do you think happened to your son?” Vera asked.
The mom sighed.
“I...” she paused and Vera waited. “I shouldn't tell you anything. The police and the detectives I've hired from HUR will find him.”
“No, ma'am, please,” Vera cried, but the receiver clicked off and Vera groaned. She redialed the number but was sent to voice mail.
“Please call me back. I just want to help you find your son,” Vera said into the speaker then ended her message. She looked back at the garden and cracked her knuckles.
“Time to speed this up,” Vera glanced around her for anyone watching then squeezed her eyes shut. Her eyes popped open again and everything became an X-ray. She gazed around her, hoping to find something that would trigger an unusual sign in her vision, when a black square rested below the ground.
“A secret passageway?” Vera whispered to herself and blinked her eyes a couple times, setting them back to their normal vision. For a second, she marveled at her strange abilities, then stepped toward where she saw the black box. It was a completely ordinary flower patch.
Vera scanned the flower patch, searching for some way to get to the secret passageway below it. Touching and fingering the box that contained the flowers, she pulled and pushed trying to open it.
It wouldn't budge.
“Ugh,” Vera muttered. She sat down on the edge of the box and looked at the beautiful, fragrant flowers blooming in the sunshine. One stood out among the others, standing tall with bright red petals that curled and twisted into the center.
Vera felt drawn to it and she reached out her hand to pull it out. As soon as she plucked it out, the flowers began to shake and the edge she sat on grew upwards and she flew to the ground.
“The secret passageway!” Vera cried and stepped into it. She stumbled down a couple steps then remembered her night vision. Squeezing her eyes shut again, she opened them, the dark faded and she saw the details with clarity.
She continued into the chamber and realized that it must be a tunnel. She scooted deeper in and the walls began to widen until there was just black around her. Not even her night vision could penetrate through such pure dark. A hand slipped over her mouth and someone grabbed her arm, jerking it behind her back.
"How did you find me? Who are you? Answer my questions!" A man's voice shouted in her ear. Vera poked her tongue out of her mouth and wiggled it on the man's hand, reminding him that he had his hand over her mouth. He immediately recoiled his hand with a cry of disgust.
"I am a detective."
"How did you find me?" he asked.
"That's what I do," Vera explained.
"My mother told you, didn't she?"
"What? No, she was actually very unhelpful! She hung up on me," Vera replied. "Anyway, how would she know where you are?"
The missing man sighed and released her arm.
"She thinks I'm paranoid, and she knows this is my hiding place," he said.
"Hiding from what?" Vera questioned, an eyebrow raising high.
"A monster."
I didn't get to finish it all the way, but I thought that made a good ending.;)
And now, we wait to see who will win CWWC...
Keepers....Narnians....Dragons...or Half-Bloods.....


  1. Awesome story, Emma! I loved the ending, even though it was a cliffhanger. ;)
    GO KEEEPERSSSSSS!!!! I hope we win! Even if we don't, it's been so much fun. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Clara!:D I really hope we win, too!:)

  2. NO! *sobs* Why did you have to use THREE. Whole. PROMPTS!?!?!

  3. That was really good! :) You deserve to win CWWC. :)


    1. Aw, thank you so much, CutePolarBear! That means a lot, and I hope we win!:D

  4. Oooh!I hope your team won this challenge. Where do you get the prompts, and when does NaNoWriMo start? Are you allowed to finish your story? And how do you join a writing team? Pardon my incessant questions. ;3