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Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 3 - Part 2 (the final part.;))

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Myka woke up to the sounds of screams.
“Beatrice!” Myka shouted then realized where she was.
“Athari!” Myka hopped out of bed and raced downstairs. “Athari!!” Myka shrieked, becoming more worried.
The Slyght.
“ATHARI!” Myka ran out the door and gasped, raising her hands to cover her mouth.
A massive flying snake flew over the town, its tail smashing buildings down with just a flick. Its teeth were stained red with blood and its scales shimmered a mix of brown, green, and blue.
“Athari!” Myka cried, trying to spot her through the rush of people. The Slyght snatched a person from the ground and sent him flying and screaming.
“You are supposed to kill him!” Gracie appeared next to her with a sword and armor.
“I have no idea how!”
“This was your purpose! Don't tell me that it killed dad for nothing!”
“Wait, you're my sister?”
“Now is not the time! Take this,” Gracie shoved armor over her head but Myka pulled away.
“How do you expect me to get rid of this?” Myka yelled, waving at the Slyght. “I have no experience, no strength. I-”
“MOM!” Gracie raced away and Myka looked at where she was heading. Athari stumbled over to them, blood smeared on her face and dress.
“What happened?” Myka asked as she hurried to help.
“It got Hannah and all of the other cows and livestock!”
“It's okay, Myka is going to kill it!”
“I don't know how!”
“Take this and go for its weakness! It has to have one!” Gracie shoved the sword and the armor back at her and Myka was about to push it away when she felt hot breath puffing at her back.
“Run, Myka!” Athari screamed, but it was too late. The Slyght grabbed Myka in between its jaws and flew off.
“You have no experience. You aren't what I had expected. You are just a tiny weakling.”
Spit coated Myka as the Slyght's forked tongue moved back and forth, pronouncing words all with his mouth shut. Myka grabbed the sword still in her hand and slashed at the Slyght's tongue. The mouth opened in pain and Myka tumbled out, bloody and spit covered.
She was in a canyon pressed up against the wall of it.
Stupid human girl!” The Slyght lunged at her but she dodged to the left and fled down the canyon, the Slyght following by wriggling on its stomach. Myka tumbled through the underbrush until she reached a clear trail and she began to sprint down it. The canyon walls grew narrow until the canyon stopped at a dead end.
“You can not win. Give up now and die!” The Slyght squeezed into the narrow area and Myka noticed his mistake. His body bunched up at the sides and she saw how he was stuck. But his head was still too close for comfort and she realized that she was stuck just as much as he was. The Slyght wriggled in just a bit more and Myka pressed her self as far away as she could. She searched the wall for anything to help her, then she noticed some cracks, making perfect foot holds. She lunged up them awkwardly and dug her sword into a crack. She needed the upper hand. Myka got as far up as she could and twisted her body around so she faced the Slyght.
She wanted to say something heroic, but words escaped her and she grasped the sword and fell onto its back. From this angle, she could tell where its weakness was. It was really obvious now. Tucked beneath the Slyght's horns on its head, was a beating pulse. Myka stepped up to it and, bracing herself, plunged the sword into it.
“You did it, Myka, you did it!” Athari said once Myka woke up.
“How did I get here?” Myka asked, blinking and struggling to sit up, but she was so tired.
“We found you and took you here, but you were beyond exhausted, you haven't woken up since right now.”
“The Slyght is dead?” Myka questioned and Athari nodded her head.
“You did it, we are all safe because of you,” Athari brushed her hand up against Myka's cheek. “I love you. I'm so glad you're back.”
Before Myka drifted back to sleep, she held her mom's hand and whispered, “Me, too.”
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