Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's That Time Again... My Top Faves

Hey everyone! It's that time again...I've gone through a whole sketchbook again! I think that whenever I finish a sketchbook, I while post my personal favorite drawings I have made.:)
So here are my personal faves of my previous sketchbook---
I remember when I made this character...I think I was watching the movie The Barnyard. I wanted to make a villain since I'm always making nice people. I like my villain, she has power over lightning!:) 
This girl was loosely based after my sister.:) 
I remember seeing a house on my way to church that was painted turqouise with these purple flowers next to the house.:) 
This couple was based after The Baker and his Wife from Into the Woods. I stink at guys.:P 
This was my hand chart, not good, but still...you know...;) 
I drew a picture of my dog, Hallee. I really loved it, definitely one of my faves!:) 
This picture was based off of Honey Lemon in her helmet, but then I deserted it. But a little bit ago, I drew hair instead of a helmet.;) 
And this is Anna from Frozen Fever. I drew Elsa too, but instead of looking happy, she looked extremely tired and slightly drunk looking.XD
I hope you liked the drawings!:)
Oh! And guess what? I FINALLY started that writing prompt story!;)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Three Books Down, Thirty-Seven More To Go!

Hey everyone!
 I am going to keep all of you in the loop with my progress of my summer challenge!:)
The first book I finished was Calico Captive, then I finished The Missing: Found (That was so good I couldn't put it down! So many plot twists! Great if you like time travel!), and today I just finished Jake and Lilly (A really easy read, also a great book if you don't mind some crude words).
I have been gong to Barnes and Noble a lot in the past few days, and in all I've been blessed to be able to get the following: The Copernicus Legacy - The Serpents Curse and The Missing: Found, Jake and Lilly, The Unwanteds, and a Medieval Puzzle book!
I can tell that this summer is going to be fun already!;)
Have you bought any new books recently?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

40 Books - Summer Challenge

Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever, I have a story idea planned for one of those writing prompts in the previous post, but I just haven't gotten around to writing it. I will do that soon!:) But that is not the point of this post, the point is----
During the whole summer, my goal is to read 40 books. I know, a lot, I'm not even sure I can do it myself, but I want to try!:D The first book I'm reading is Calico Captive. It's a really good book so far, but at times I find it a little difficult to keep reading.;)
Today, I am going to the book store to buy, what else?, books! I'll probably make a post of what I bought.:)
Anyway, that's it for now. I have some drawings to show all of you too, so expect that coming soon!:)
Do you have any goals this summer?:)

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Pleasant Stroll Down Pinterest Lane...

Hey everyone! As I said in a previous post, I haven't been writing a lot in the past couple weeks...I needed to fix that--
Via Pinterest
Ehhhhhhhh....I wanna be a serious writer, but wow is it hard!;P
So anyhoo....How I get back into the swing and mojo for writing is by going through my Inspiration board on Pinterest! I pin a ton of writing prompts and they really help get me back on track! I want to write a short story soon so I am going to give you all the choice of writing prompt to pick for me between these two-
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

So which one would you like me to write?:)
I'll post the story in three days!;D

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heather, Kyra, and Madi

Hey, everyone! I drew up these three girls yesterday, and I plan to post about them often.:) They will show up and I'll have stories for the pictures I draw and I am just really excited!:) Here they are-
This is Heather.:) 
She has short coppery hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.:)
She is quiet, sensible, loves fashion, loves to read, she likes to have a routine, she is not good at being spontaneous, doesn't like to go to parties, and she hates having her hair in her face.
This is Kyra.
She has long blonde hair, side bangs, and brown eyes.:) 
She is a bubbly girl who is always making jokes, she loves sports, soccer, going outdoors, hiking, talking in silly voices, singing crazily, and talking in general. She doesn't like cold weather or reading.:)
This is Madi.:)
She has long curly brown hair, a blue streak in her hair, green eyes, and freckles.:) 
She is a sweet, energetic girl who loves to sing, she loves vintage clothing, shopping, looking at Pinterest, researching history, and doing her hair. She doesn't like coffee, chocolate, trying new things, and people who boast about their talents.
So they will show up a lot.:) I hope you like them! Bye for now!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Doodles

Hey everyone! This is what I doodled while at church-
I imagine these characters as sister princesses, and they are having a disagreement.;)
I've been watching Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty, Tarzan etc., today and it gave me a ton of inspiration drawing-wise! So you can expect some more drawings soon.:) I haven't been writing lately, so there probably won't be any writing posts soon...but who knows?:)
What fun hobbies do you like?:)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random Drawings

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, I was hanging out with a friend and we drew some pictures.:)These were mine-

The first is a girl with blue ombre hair and a red cape and the second is a purple unicorn in some enchanted garden, I guess.:)
Do you prefer drawing people or animals?:)

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Shadow Woman

Hey everyone! I drew the Shadow Woman, as I am calling her. Here she is-
I was super annoyed at the bottom portion of her body, so please, ignore it.XD
It took my three tries to be satisfied with her face.;P 
To clarify, the Shadow Woman's eye color is white. Like that really pale blue that looks white.;)
In the story, her lips aren't red, but I just really like coloring red lips.;)

Shadows - A Mini Story

Hallo! Bonjour! Hello! And all that good stuff!;) Yesterday, I made a paragraph of a story inspired by this writing prompt-
Photo credit goes to Pinterest.:)
So, yep! That's the prompt! I was searching through my "Inspiration" board on Pinterest for some short story to write and post on here, when I came across this one! I really liked it so here's the story I wrote for it--

Couples leapt into the air and danced lively around the ballroom, while stray women waited anxiously to be asked to dance. Women in massive, elaborate ball gowns sauntered across the edge of the ballroom, waving delicate fans in front of their noses. Chatting with others, men in ornate suits stood with champagne glasses in their hands. An energetic orchestra pumped out tunes at the other side of the room and people smiled at the upbeat music. The crowd of women wearing detailed dresses and the men sporting pristine suits spoke and cheered and danced happily, each of them wearing a genuine smile of joy. But a stiff figure in the back of the room stood out among the cheerful couples. I looked closer at the dark clad figure who looked so wrong amidst the robust crowd. The figure was a woman, dressed in a simple, sleek, black gown, her ebony curls falling gently behind her shoulders. Her lips were drawn into a perfect line and her skin was as white as a ghost. I walked towards the mysterious woman carefully. She was a shadow against the colorful women and men. I stepped up to the woman, there was something magnificently dark that enticed me to her.
I held out my hand to her and watched as her impossibly white eyes looked up at me with a mixture of shock and curiosity.
"Would you care to dance?" I asked. She flicked a glance at my hand and back to me. She slipped her slender hand into mine and nodded. I took her other hand and guided her into the dance. The music faded into a dull thrum and the light dimmed, her snow white eyes holding my gaze, making it impossible to look away.
Time paused as we danced. We were merely a shadow in the crowd.
So how did you like that?:) I am going to draw a picture of the shadow woman and post it here, maybe tomorrow maybe later in the week...who knows?:)