Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Find Your Style - For Drawing and Writing

Something that is super cool is how advice I come up with for writing or drawing separately will work for the other one as well. Like, this post was meant for drawing specifically, but the more I thought about it, the more I was like- this will work for writing as well...
SO! Onto the post and the advice and the stuff you want to hear!
Unless you like hearing my random thoughts...

Okay, so if you're like me, you will most likely look at other people's art and be like- AAGGH!!! They have the most amazing style ever. I love how they draw their eyes or how this author writes descriptions and dialogue, or whatever it is.
I definitely struggle with wanting every style of drawing ever made to be my style.
But then...
WOW! Look at this cartoon-y style that some awesome artist did (whom I do not know.XD)! I WANNA DRAW LIKE THAT TOO! LOOK AT ITTTT!! 

And when it comes to authors and writers, it's the same way! You love how they've crafted the story and the characters, and all that jazz, but what can you do about getting it to be your style as well?

A few years ago, I started to really get back into drawing a lot more, and I began to draw Disney characters. I loved Elsa and Anna and Frozen in general, so I started drawing them because I loved the characters. Soon I was drawing a ton of Disney characters to sell at a local craft fair (bad idea, kids. Turns out COPYRIGHTS ARE A THING, SO YEAH.)
I really grew a style from drawing all of these Disney characters, and it's still prevalent in my style nowadays, even though it has certainly evolved. And that's a good thing!
So, my advice short and simple is to, erm, I guess...copy...?

Although it sounds bad, it is my advice, but don't COPY copy, just take the things you love from your favorite artists and implement it into your own art! When you are inspired by a person's style, and you let it influence how you draw/write/create, you grow and evolve your style into something that is even more you. Although it's someone else's style, it's something YOU love personally, so it sort of is your style as well. And when you're an artist in any sense of the word, you will make things your own and won't lose your uniqueness. :)

So, that's my advice, take it if you will, but it's something that definitely helps me! I sort of stalk things then try to do it on my own and I create something special to myself. It's really fun to do, even if you don't ever draw in that style again. :)

I guess I'll wrap up my post now...Never been very good with that...So...Bye! :D
Oh, you're sooOOooOoOo right, Spell Check. OF COURSE "dialogue" isn't a real word. The entire world has been getting it wrong all this time.
P.S. I feel like when I go back to read my advice posts, I can't understand a word I'm saying. Hopefully you all can. XD

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Last Day of NaNo, Did I Make It to 50k????

I'm not even going to draw it out in anyway to add suspense. That sounds like something that a person would do if they cared, BUT I DON'T BECAUSE I FINISHED!!!
During October, I kept on thinking- Oh, I can totally do 50k! and- There is no way.
I'm so happy! It's great, I have no idea how I even wrote so much. Like, it took me a year to write around 80k, so what in the world? How did it take me only a month to write 50k! AGHHH!!!
I am so happy.

Did you win NaNo?
P.S. Now to go keep on writing because I am no way near to finishing my book. That will probably be my goal for next year, to actually FINISH it.XD

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NaNo Week #2 - Could I Write Any Less? + Hijacked by Jaclynn

Hi everyone!
Week two of NaNo is over, and WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH!!! AGGGHHH!!!
Check out how my second week went!:)
Day Eight!
Not a ton of words on Monday, but I started late.;) This was the day that I made my last post, so I don't really have much to report.
Day Nine!
Y'all, I have no idea what the heck happened. I think I basically just decided I didn't wanna, and so I didn't.XD But unfortunately, this was not the only day of the week I did not write...O.O It was Election Day, I was anxious, and I'm pretty sure it was way too late to write, plus I didn't want to write...XD
But despite me not writing a word, I found out what Jaclynn and I were doing for the rest of our lives-

So, if we drop off from all of existence, check the sewers.
Day Ten!
I had to skip out on work this day because I was sick. But it was epic when I found out that this one kid missed me. (I work at my church's childcare.;D) Considering writing, it was an okay day! I got over my daily word count, which is always a plus! But this whole week I've been feeling like- Oh, hey, I'm really ahead. I don't need to write.
Jaclynn and I talked about how we held pens, and I swore I would draw Jaclynn whatever she wanted me to if she wrote 700 words, which she didn't.XD SO I'M OFF THE HOOK!XD
Day Eleven!
I reached 40% and 20k words! It was epic!XD But I didn't get to write when I wanted to that day, and was in torture a lot because I wanted to write, but could only write on my phone!XD I hate writing on my phone, but ended up doing it. I texted Jaclynn a ton about NaNo and helped her figure out some more conflict for her story as well! We also attempted to text solely in emojis as conversation, which worked...sorta...
I'm pretty positive this month I have texted Jaclynn saying- WRITE!!! -approximately one million-jillion times.XD
Day Twelve!
Haaaa... I don't know why I didn't wri-
I mean, like, that day wasn't that busy-
*clears throat*
I did get to spend some time with my oldest sister and decide I want to do something new with my hair, something like--

And yes, something that is only a bit longer cut than that. I am very nervous to even consider cutting my hair short, BUT I NEED SOMETHING NEW. AND PINK. AND YEAH.
(I am such a hermit Cookie.... O_O )
(I was just hijacked by Dee.)
(No. No she wasn't. AT ALL. O_O )
(I've never typed that face ever before, Dee)
(She's sleeping over right now. She's literally typing over me.)
(I'm not sleeping right now, you liar.)
(That's totally what I meant. We are sitting on my bed whilst I make this post. She's just staring at the screen. Weirdo.)
(You never say the word "whilst" so why can't you make this FACE: O_O )
Okay. Now it's time for DEE TO STOP.XD XD
Day Thirteen!

(She's trying to find out what she did this day by scrolling through our texts, so I might as well type, ammirite? XD
I literally only watched YouTube today... Hm... I think I need to rethink my life choices.
(*evil glare* YES, YOU DO. WRITE.)
(*extremely long offended gasp that goes on for a millennium* HOW DARE YOU?!)
(You didn't even gasp.)
(My mouth was hanging open for a while. It's called a silent gasp, Cookie... -_- )
I actually DID do something today! I did a facial mask with my sister, Kendra, and watched a movie. But that's not writing...:0
Day Fourteen!
*glares at Dee*
(Well, whoopdy doo! -_- ) XD
Maybe it was the fact that I had cranberry bliss bars to help me through. And hot cocoa. And many other sweets.
And here's a picture of me texting Jaclynn whilst (SEE WHILST) not writing.XD

(she was texting me cause I was sad. Nice Cookie Doodle Pop of Dack-A-Woodle-World.... :) XD )
Yes. Yes, I was.

(*groooaaaannnn* ME NO WANNA)
Oh, I  forgot Monday. I wrote 615 words and reached my half way point! YAYYYYY!!!XD So, yeah.
with the help of an unwanted Donut.
(*waves* :D )
Have you reached halfway through your book yet?:)

Monday, November 7, 2016

NaNo Week #1 - Colds and Wishing It Was Cold

Hi everyone!
NaNo has officially been going on for a whole week. I can't believe it!! November is going to go by so dang fast! Like, seriously, it's already a week in. *shudders*
But you don't want to hear about my constant gawking of how fast time flies, you wanna know how I'm doing with NaNo!
I think...
If you're reading this then you must be...

Day One!
Other then the fact that I had such a hard time falling asleep on the night of Halloween, which means being really tired, DAY ONE WENT WELL! Tuesday's one of the busier days of the week, but I managed to write lots in between activities. Especially the biggest activity---
THE LODESTAR LAUNCH PARTY!!XD It was so awesome, but my sister, my mom, and I had to wait in line to get Shannon Messenger to sign our book for two whole hours. STILL, IT WAS FUN! And I got the book, so...XD LOL!

Plus, I got a supply of the best soda ever--
Yes, so good.XD
So, although lots of people started off their days with like 10k or something crazy, I only got my daily word count in!

Day Two!
Getting up early and having to go to work is definitely not going to help get you in the writing zone, AND I didn't get to FaceTime Jaclynn when I was writing, so this may or may not have been my face when she rejected my FaceTime invitation-
Then again, she could FaceTime later, and I said no because I was done writing for the day.XD

Day Three!
Today was the day of two things- READING SO MUCH and pure I DON'T WANNA WRITE.
Later on, I FaceTimed Jaclynn as I drank my soda, but wasn't writing. I had a legit sad face going on while I sat on the bottom steps of my house's staircase, yet once I asked Jaclynn to take a screen shot, I couldn't keep a straight face. This was the closest I got-
Yup. Me on the stairs. But some way or another, I managed to write over my daily word count!
Guys, I'm just saying that it would be a lot easier for me to feel up to writing if it was cold. SERIOUSLY. IT'S GONNA BE IN THE NINETIES TOMORROW.

Day Four!
I'm pretty sure I made it to my inciting incident in my story on Friday, so words just FLEW OUT OF ME! It was awesome and is definitely the best feeling as a writer. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End" (SO SAD BUT VERY INSPIRING) as well!XD Even though I did write a lot, something else happened. I finished Keeper.
You have no idea how scared I was. GUYYYSSS!!! THE CLIFF HANGER!!!O.O

Day Five!6,212
This was the most epic writing day!!! I am pretty positive it's the most I've ever written in one day! I was so close to writing 5k when I was winding down my writing time, so I decided to keep on writing for a while, and then BAM! It was bed time, and I was like 100 words away from 6k. So, I furiously finished the 6k on my phone as I got ready for bed. AND I MADE IT! It was so awesome to do the math and find out that I had written so many words!

Day Six!
HAHAHAHAHA. I only wrote two sentence yesterday.
*clears throat*
I got home from a long rehearsal at 4:00 pm though, so I guess I had an okay excuse, yet I still didn't write. I was just so drained from writing so many words the day before! I'm still recovering.XD And things are getting a bit complicated with my character's emotions, meaning I am having a harder time figuring out what they are going to do next. Haaa...I need to figure it out.XD
I'm not gonna lie, I spent the vast majority of the rest of my day doing this.
I have, like, no self-control.
I could also use the excuse that I AM SICK AND HAVE A COLD. Which usually I wouldn't be that upset about, but I JUST HAD ONE LITERALLY THREE WEEKS AGO!!!
I need to get better...:(

BUT ANYHOO...I don't have a word count for today, because I haven't started writing, but I hope to get lots of words in and get over my rough patch of story.;)
All in all, I have reached the grand total of  15,034 words! I am at the 30% goal!!! YAYYY!!XD

So, my fellow NaNoers, how is NaNo going for you? What's your grand total of a word count?:)

Monday, October 31, 2016


Hi everyone!:D
*explodes into fire*
But as much as I would love to just fill up a whole post with fangirling, that's not what this post is about- unless, maybe it is?;)

Recently, I've been drawing lots of Disney characters, and I wanna show them to you!:D
I drew Rapunzel, which was so fun, despite how long she took me! But she was totally worth it!:D The shading is mutually super fun and super boring.XD
Yesterday, I drew Moana! Although her expression isn't perfect, I really like this drawing!:D Her pose was really fun! And once again, shading was long and hard, but cool to do.;) FYI- the picture I did this based off of was set around sunset, that's why there are orange tints all over her.;) 

This was just a quick sketch of Honey Lemon, the character said to be most like me by Jaclynn and myself.XD I don't know if we mean looks or personality... LOL!
NICK WILDE!XD AWWWW!! He's so cute... I just love Nick, I wanna squeeze him!!!XD LOL! 
And the final drawing in this roundup is a baby Dory! I did this one really quickly to appease Jaclynn, since she wanted me to do her. Surprisingly, she was kind of difficult.
I need to master basic shapes...
I hope you enjoyed seeing these drawings, I had lots of fun doing them! It's been so long since I've drawn lots of Disney characters!:)
What's your favorite Disney character/movie?

What are your last minute NaNo plans?:) Are you excited?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cherry Pop and Read - October Edition

Hi everyone!
*composes self to do this post*
So...I know I didn't do this last month, OOPS!XD

If y'all are "in the know", then you know that the Ahsoka book came out this month! I've been reading it, OF COURSE!XD
Guys. Just look at this amazing cover. I loveeee it. It's a pretty good book, and I'm almost done with it, I plan to make a book review on it once I finish it.:D
I have also found this magical drink that is black cherry cream soda. LIKE IT IS AMAZING!!! O0O It tastes sooo good. *drools*
It's definitely my new favorite drink right now. I need this to be stocked up in my fridge for NaNo...;)***
So what are you reading as of late? What about drinking?:)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Recreating... #3

Hiya, loyal followers and people that don't follow my blog, but stalk loyally...
I've got a new recreations for you!!
*applause* *confetti* *uhhhh...more...celebration...?*
I love doing these, it's so cool to see what I can do better now (and what has remained the same)! Let's get straight on into this recreation!
This is the character that I have wished to recreate. Now, looking at her, you might think that "Oh, from the expression on her face, she looks a little mischievous, but mostly pretty and nice."
Well, when I drew this a year or two ago, I hadn't meant for all...I was drawing her to be a villain! But you can't see that, which is the reasoning behind me redrawing her.
I mean, look at her epic black magic and red tipped wings and tell me she doesn't have potential to be a pretty awesome villain?;)
I didn't have the chance to take a picture as I was drawing the new version because it was nighttime, and I didn't want the pictures to be all dark and yellow and-- *throws up*
So, without further ado, here is the brand new, recreated version of this villain---
Just looking at this drawing, I see so many things I've changed with! First off, look at how her expression is a lot clearer with her evil intent (although she's still beautiful and doesn't look maniacal...;)), but the main thing I see that's different with my technique and style is the realism I have now!
In my original drawing, my woman is a bobble head! And the way her body is angled is awkward...XD It's just so cool to look back and see what's changed... *sigh* I know I've said that before! LOL!
There were some things that I changed concerning the drawing, such as I got rid of the blue in her hair and outfit (I'm still not totally sure if that was a good thing or not), I tweaked her pose a bit, and I also changed her outfit somewhat. I think I like it a lot more than the original.;)
But what's your opinions? Do you like the original or the recreated version better?:)
P.S. Since the book I'm working on for NaNo has winged characters in it, this woman totally inspired a new story in that same world I made for NaNo....XD But I am much too far along in planning and NaNo is much too close for me to change anything... LOL!XD

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Eight

"Y'all, I've learned nothing from a week without YouTube," she said, as she watches Rhett and Link eat deep fried lemons.
*clears throat*
I don't think we need to talk about that.
In Diddle Pop Land, Prince Cedric handed out cloaks for the people who were trapped in the kingdom.
“Please, have a cloak,” Cedric said and gave one to a woman.
“Thank you, Your Highness,” She said, draping it around herself.
Sprinkles flew down from the ominous brown clouds, and the weather was abnormally cold, especially for summer. Cedric gave a cloak to another person, then the Duke of Ice Creamtown stalked up to him.
“Prince Cedric!”
Cedric turned to face the angry duke.
 “Are we expected to just sit around and freeze to death, while we let a princess with no experience in tracking down people go out and search for this rogue queen?”
Cedric sighed. “Princess Emma has given her orders-”
“That, too!” the duke shouted. “Has the thought ever occurred to you that she might be conspiring with the sorceress to destroy us?”
“Don't question her motives. She has put me in charge over this sprinkle saturated kingdom, and I will not hesitate to protect this kingdom from treason,” Cedric argued.
The duke gasped. “Treason?” he stammered. “I-I meant nothing by it. I just... never mind.” The duke lowered his head, clearly annoyed with that implication. Cedric frowned, but any further discussion was cut off by a horse whinny and the sound of people gasping. He turned to look behind him, and a horse burst into the castle courtyard, coming from the forest.
“Princess Emma's horse!” someone hollered. The spooked horse screeched, rearing. Cedric put out his arms in attempts to calm the horse. It settled down, eyes still blazing with fright, and Cedric grabbed its reins.
“Where did you come from?” he asked the horse quietly as he stroked its muzzle with a gloved hand. He gazed out to the forest.
Emma was in trouble.
“Take the horse to the stables,” Cedric ordered a servant. The servant took it away, and Cedric faced the crowd.
“Princess Emma is in trouble. Who will come with me to find her? Who will be courageous enough to brave this weather? I need volunteers,” Cedric declared. Some men shouted that they would join him and stepped forward.
“I volunteer two men!” The duke shouted suddenly. Cedric gazed at him, searching the duke's expression. The duke gestured to the two guards who followed him everywhere. Finally, Cedric nodded. He looked away from the duke and back to the preparations. He couldn't hear the duke's quietly order his guards, “If you spot the Queen-” The duke placed a hand around his throat mindlessly. “You know what you must do.”
Cliffhanger of sorts??? LOL! I'm planning on posting this a lot more often now, but I had totally forgot about it...XD
P.S. I'm a bit hyper....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Best Ways to Procrastinate Writing

Hi everyone!
If you're a writer, you know that you procrastinate writing more than you actually write.
At least...I do...XD
So, to help you procrastinators, here are some of my top favorite ways to procrastinate writing----
Guys, I happen to have a crazy YouTube addiction. It's so bad that my sister and I have taken a full week off from YouTube videos. It's torture, but tomorrow is the last day!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH YOUTUBE ON SATURDAY!!! XD
If y'all want some new channels to subscribe to, here are some of my faves-
They're all very clean and I haven't heard any of them swear before. Blimey Cow, Jordan Taylor, and Adler are Christian, Studio C prides themselves on their clean comedy, too. Rhett and Link haven't sworn, but they'll occasionally have VERY mildly suggestive things in passing.;)

2. Make a post about writing!
I do this quite a lot. It's so much easier to make a post saying how hard writing is than actually WRITING, AMMIRITE?;)

3. Pinterest 'til your brain falls out!
I may or may not do this all of the time...BUT IT TECHNICALLY COUNTS AS RESEARCH, RIGHT???

4. Do something masked as "productive"!
You know how it goes- you sit down at your computer and stare at the blinking cursor. Suddenly, everything that you have ever wanted to do before pops into your brain.
HEY! It's been a while since you've played the piano, why not do that for an hour?
HEY! You're falling behind in your German course, go do that!
HEY! Remember how five years ago you had that one fun app on your mom's iPad? GO DOWNLOAD THAT AND PLAY IT UNTIL IT'S TEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT! (not productive, but something I've thought of before, I'm sure.XD)
You get the gist.XD
5. Plot!
This has to be the most deceiving way to procrastinate, because you can say that it is technically "writing". I do this so much, saying that it's fine...but I'm really just procrastinating.XD

6. Hermit.
What's better than hiding away from your writing? NOTHING!! There's nothing better than moaning and crying in your bed whilst wrapped in a blanket hiding from all civilization. Trust me.


Can you relate to any of these? What are the ways that you procrastinate?;) I have to say that YouTube is definitely my main way.XD
Update on Glazed: I drew the picture a couple days ago, and it should be up hopefully on Saturday.:D

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Two New POP!s!

Hi everyone!
Recently, I got two brand new POP!s! Star Wars, of course.;D
Can you guess WHOOO??XD

I got Ahsoka Tano and Director Orsen Krennic!:D I know you guys know just how much I *sarcasm* HATE Ahsoka, and it must come as a surprise to you that I bought her, but she's *sarcasm* alright.
And I wasn't planning on buying anything Rogue One yet, since I haven't seen the movie, and I don't know who I like or not, but when I went to Hot Topic and saw Krennic, I may or may not have caved.
*nervous laughter*
BUT HE'S SO ADORABLE AND I AM LIKE POSITIVE I'M GONNA LIKE HIM IN THE MOVIE. Because look at his cape, hair, face, outfit, evilness, YESH.XD GO DARK SIDE!
(We all know the good guys are gonna win in RO because of A New Hope, but the real question is how many people will die? *evil laughing*)
I took a photoshoot of my newest POP!s, I hope you enjoy!:D

(I put a filter on this one, I thought it looked cool.:D)

All in all, I would give them both a 10 out of 10, if you wanna buy them.;)
Do you have any POP!s you wanna buy? Have you gotten any Rogue One merch yet?;)