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Glazed Part Nine

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The year flew by and soon it was summer again. The Cookies had waited in anticipation and the Donuts had waited in dread. Jaclynn still had little control over her power and fear had overwhelmed her heart. The moment Emma had left the castle grounds, the Donuts had explained the new rules for her new life. No longer was she to use her powers, she was to subdue them, to control them, and until she could do that, no powers. She was to wear gloves at all times to contain the out-of-control power. And her parent's favorite, new motto was “Conceal, Don't Feel,”. Her magic was now a curse, no longer a blessing.
And so the year went by and it was summer again in Dack-A-Woodle-World.
“Jaclynn! Come on! Don't dilly-dally we have Emma coming in only a couple moments! They're already at the gates!” Her only servant, Miriam, chided Jaclynn, who procrastinated in her room. Her heart was so worried that she felt she might be sick. Her parents had given her strict rules concerning socializing.
No touching.
Gloves always on.
Be as far away as possible from her without being suspicious.
And so many more smaller rules within those rules.
Jaclynn hesitantly followed her maid out to the courtyard, how she had the year before.
The same cookie carriage stood out front on the courtyard and Emma was there with her family. Emma grinned broadly when she caught sight of Jaclynn and Jaclynn returned it with her own smile. Her stomach clenched as she walked towards the Cookies.
“Dee!” Emma screeched and careened to her, arms outstretched.

 Coming in for a massive hug, Emma flung her arms around Jaclynn and held tightly to her rigid body.
“Aw! Why did you put your hair up in a bun, I love it down. And wow! It makes you look so much older!” Emma said and touched a ringlet that hung out of the immaculate bun. Jaclynn took a step away from Emma and swept the curl behind her ear with a gloved hand.
“Pretty gloves! I love the colors!” Emma grabbed her hand to see the glove better. Jaclynn gasped and ripped her hand away from her grasp. Emma looked at her with wide eyes and frowned.
“Is something wrong, Dee?”
“No, but excuse me. I need to get some air,” Jaclynn rushed back into the castle, her safe place, and stifled back tears. Why was everything so wrong?
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Glazed Part Eight

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Emma placed her last doll into her bag and clasped the latch. She was so excited to see her family again! And she had an idea to share with them too. Emma sat on her bed and waited for someone to come and fetch her. Growing restless, Emma twisted around to the window and stared out. She thought she could see the faint speck of a carriage coming toward the castle, but it was just a smudge of dirt on the glazed window glass. Emma licked her thumb then rubbed it on the glass. The smudge came off but there really was a carriage much closer than that speck would have been.
Emma squealed in excitement and skipped out of her room and down to the court yard where the cookie carriage was coming straight to the gates. She hopped up and down excitedly and waited for the King and Queen of Donuts and 'Dee' to come to the court yard. Thinking of the king and queen, Emma remembered how weirdly they had acted when she woke up. They had asked her the same questions about how she had felt and what she remembered about last night over and over, it had made her laugh. The king and queen did appear from the castle and glided next to her. A servant with Emma's bags followed them.
“Where's Dee?” Emma questioned, glancing around.
They shared a look and, frowning, said that she was busy starting her first day of studying and classes.
Emma frowned and looked up to where Jaclynn's room's window was sealed tight. Through the glazed window panes she could make out Jaclynn's round face and bouncy hair. She wasn't doing her studies, so why wasn't she down here to say goodbye?
The carriage scampered through the gates, pulled by chocolate horses, and stopped in front of the trio. The king, queen, and princess exited from the doors.
Emma screamed with joy and flew to her family and embraced them, taking in their Cookie scent.
“How did you like it here? Did you have fun? Did you make friends with Jaclynn?” her mom asked Emma and Emma nodded vigorously.
“I call her Dee now and we are best friends! I wanted to see if I could come next year and make this a yearly thing,” Emma explained her idea to her family. They nodded and smiled.
“I think that could be arranged!” Her father said and went to go talk to the King and Queen of Donuts. She watched as they spoke. The King and Queen's eyes opened wide and their lips turned up in thin smiles, but their eyes were scared when her dad explained Emma's idea. Their eyes darted to each other and to Jaclynn's window and Emma's brow furrowed. They nodded their heads but it seemed like a forced movement. Soon, Emma's father came back with a smile on his face.
“They said that they would love to have you next year!” He cried and Emma clapped her hands in joy. She scurried to the King and Queen of Donuts and smiled warmly.
“Thank you for everything! 'Til next year, and the next, and the next!” Emma laughed and hopped joyfully to the carriage and followed her family into it. The coachman snapped the reins and the horses twisted back out of the gate and towards the Cookie Kingdom. Emma stuck her head out of the window and waved her hand to the castle.
You can blow it up to see Jaclynn/Dee better.:)

And there was 'Dee' again, looking mournfully out the castle window.
Yay! I think I might take a short break from posting Glazed so I can start drawing my normal pictures again because I'm starting to get a little bored with Cookie and Dee, but I will be back soon, I promise! Probably by Monday I will have a brand new part with drawings and all that! I still will be posting as much as I can, not to worry!:)
Well, I gotta get back to drawing and writing!

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Glazed Part Seven

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Sorry this is coming so late! It took me forever to draw the picture for this part! Bleah!
They rode off on candy cane horses, towards the mysterious food people that her father was taking them to. They flew into the gloomy forest surrounding the fjord and wove through the dark trees. They slowed the candy horses at a stone circle and slid off of their horses. The family approached the stone circle, not noticing a curious small boy following them with his baby reindeer.
“Please, help!” The king shouted yet the stone circle seemed to be completely empty. Then the earth began to shake and they huddled close together. Round spots in the dirt began to rise slowly from the earth until the thin round spots were towering above the royal family. The tall tube-like people formed faces at the top of the tubes and arms and legs soon followed. Jaclynn gasped at the spindly figures and realized what this food was. These peculiar people were of the souffle kingdom!
The souffles whispered in shock and confusion.
The tallest souffle lumbered towards the family and called out, “Your Majesty,” he lowered himself in an awkward bow and his brown beady eyes gazed at Emma to Jaclynn, “born with the powers or cursed?”
“Born, and they're getting stronger,” he informed. The souffle held out his arms and the queen handed Emma to him.
“You should be very glad that the blast hit her head, not her heart. The heart is...Never mind. The head can be persuaded, luckily,” the souffle said as he touched his hand to her head.
“Do what you have to,” the king replied. The souffle nodded and brought his hand away from Emma's head. Sprinkles of magic drifted out of her head and hovered in front of the family.
“I recommend we remove all magic. Even memories of magic, just to be safe. But don't worry. I'll leave the fun, nothing will change besides that.” The magic in the air played memories of the two friends, slightly distorted so that Emma and Jaclynn had no donut magic fun. The souffle lowered the memories back to Emma's head and smiled, “she will be okay.” The pink streak in her hair faded back to blonde.
Jaclynn's eyes widened and she touched the souffle's arm.
“She won't remember I have donut powers?” Jaclynn asked.
“Listen to me, young donut,” The souffle waved his hand in the air and a scene played in the sky of a girl with donut powers, “Your powers will only grow. There is beauty in it,” the souffle paused and the scene shifted and became violent, “But also great danger. Fear will be your enemy,” the scene exploded and Jaclynn backed away to her family.
“We'll protect her!” The queen said.
“She can learn to control it, I'm positive,” the king added, “Until then, we'll lock the gates, we'll reduce the staff. We will limit her contact with people. Including Emma,” he continued, looking down at the two friends. They departed from the souffles hurriedly and rushed the two girls back to their castle. Fear grew rapidly in Jaclynn's heart as she glanced at Emma's still form. Once they returned to the castle, the sleepover was forgotten and the two girls were separated to their rooms. Jaclynn didn't sleep that night. Her powers had almost killed her best friend. She knew that her parents' plan was for the best, but she was still scared. Everything would change, unlike what the souffle had said. Worry planted itself into her mind and she couldn't go to bed. The night stretched on forever until the sun crawled from behind the far away mountains and shone on the rainbow floor. Jaclynn sprung out of bed and ran out to the hallway, desperate to see how her 'Cookie' was doing. Her parents were obviously as worried about Emma as she was and were already in her room asking her questions.
“I'm fine,” Emma said to her parents, who were hovering around her like bees, “the sleepover was fun, nothing happened.”
“Cookie!” Jaclynn shouted and Emma's eyes lit up as she jumped off of her bed. The queen was surprisingly fast and blocked the friends out of each others view.
“Just a second, Emma, we need to talk to Jaclynn for a second,” the queen said and scooted Jaclynn out of the room.
“You finish packing,” the king instructed and Emma nodded hesitantly.
The king and queen shut the door and looked at Jaclynn.
“We can't let your relationship go as it was. I'm sorry. It's for Emma's safety, you want to protect her don't you? If what happened last night happened again and she wasn't alright, then our kingdoms could go to war, the Cookies and the Donuts, they could,” The king said and touched Jaclynn's shoulder.
“Now we have some new rules to establish with you later, once Emma is gone home,” the queen added as she steered her away from Emma's door.
“Everything will be fine. We're hoping Emma won't even come back,” the king said and with that, pushed Jaclynn into her room and shut the door.
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20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Tag

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Glazed will hopefully be up later today, once I draw a picture that correlates with the story!;) But Loren nominated me for this tag and I thought I would do it, it looked really fun!:)
How tall are you?
I don't know my exact measurement, but I'm tall.;)
Do you have a hidden talent?
Uhhh...I don't know about a hidden talent. I am going to have to girling...LOL! Not that I keep that very hidden on here, but I usually keep my fan girlyness to a minimum out in public. I think.XD
What is your biggest blog related pet peeve?
I have a few, but the main one is when people can't spell definitely right and say defiantly. *shudders*
What is your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?
Chewing noises. Oh, it will make me want to hurt someone with the whole chewing with their mouth open or super loud slurpy chewing noises. First of all, it's disgusting, and second of all, DOES THERE NEED TO BE A SECOND OF ALL?XD
What's your favorite song?
Hm, right now...I have the song Little Toy Guns by Carrie Underwood stuck in my head right now, which really stinks because I don't know the song other than one part that just keeps repeating itself and repeating itself....
Favorite Etsy shop that isn't yours?
Clarisse's closet has some amazing things on her etsy shop, so hers.:)
What is your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?
I like to draw, write, read, watch TV or a movie, or look at Pinterest.:)
What is your favorite junk food?
I could go on and on about all the delicious desserts that I would gladly devour, but right now I am going to say...brownies, because I am craving that right now.
Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?
I have a poodle named Hallee!:)
What is your favorite beauty product?
Um, I don't wear any make up, sooooo....yeah.;)
When were you last embarrassed? What happened?
Hm, I don't think I've been embarrassed lately, but of course there is always the whole waving to a person that wasn't waving to you sort of thing or saying the wrong thing because you misunderstood the question. Oh, yeah! That just recently happened to me with a comment I got. LOL! XD
If you could only drink one beverage besides water for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Iced...water?XD LOL! No, uh, probably tea because that has water in it, so I probably wouldn't die of dehydration, right?;)
What is your favorite movie?
Frozen and the third Star Wars movie (Rise of the Sith or Empire or something? *sigh*) was so sad that I loved it.XD
What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?
Uh, this question doesn't correlate with my life so...XD
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I love where I live, but I would like to go to Venice, Italy or Germany for a vacation!:D
Last romantic gesture from crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?
Well, I wouldn't know would I? Him being a fictional character and all...XD
Favorite celebrity?
I am going to go with Benedict Cumberbatch.:)
What blogger do you secretly want to best friends with?
I would love to meet a ton of people in the blogosphere, but if I had to pick who I'd want to be Best Friends with, I'd say Clara from Clara's Craft Corner!;) But don't tell her, it's a secret apparently.XD LOL! JK!
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Glazed Part Five and Six

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The last week of summer shot by until there was only one more day until the Cookies picked up Emma. 'Cookie' and 'Dee' played all day outside until the sun began to set.
“Princess Emma and Jaclynn! It's almost dark! Come in and get ready for bed!” A servant called. The two girls ran to the servant, out of breath.
“We aren't called Emma and Jaclynn anymore! It's Cookie and Dee remember?” Jaclynn said once she caught her breath. Emma nodded in agreement and followed Jaclynn into the castle.
“Oh, this'll be mighty confusing for the Cookies having a Cookie daughter named Cookie!” The servant murmured to herself.
Emma brought her blankets and pillows to Jaclynn's room and let it all fall to the ground with a rustle of fabric.
“I'm so excited that tonight we are going out with a bang and having a sleepover for my last night with you, Dee!” Emma grinned and Jaclynn nodded. Emma left and walked back to her room to gather anything else she may have dropped. A servant packed all of Emma's things back into their bags and Emma felt a sudden ache in her chest. This place was becoming another home to her and she hated to think of leaving. She was excited to see her family again, but she was going to miss 'Dee'. Emma sighed and grabbed a fallen pillow and dragged it back to Jaclynn's room. The sun had set and the room was falling steadily into darkness. A breath of fear swept through Emma as Jaclynn blew out the candle that was for light.
“Oh,” Emma whispered as the room was cast into complete darkness. She heard 'Dee' crawl into bed and Emma felt her way to her bed and lay down, her heart beating wildly. She didn't want to seem like a baby and tell Jaclynn she was afraid of the dark, but she couldn't sleep like this! Her breath came hurriedly as the blackness encased her. Emma whimpered and curled up into a ball as anxiety filled her body, crippling her. She heard blankets rustle and she saw a light coming towards her.
“Cookie? What's wrong?” Jaclynn sat next to Emma's make-shift bed on the floor and frowned. Floating in her hand, she held a glowing donut with her powers. Emma glanced down at her blankets and sighed.
“I'm afraid of the dark,” Emma admitted. Jaclynn smiled understandingly and focused on the glowing donut in her hand. The donut grew and grew as she fed her powers to it until it was the size of a pillow. Jaclynn swiped away her hand. The donut, still glowing, fell to the floor.
“Here's your new pillow!” Jaclynn said and scooted the pillow to the spot that Emma's pillow used to be.
“Thanks, Dee,” Emma replied, her face and hair illuminated by the donut's light. The chocolate chips in her hair looked like black rocks in a bright white river. Emma saw Jaclynn crawl back into her bed and she heard her sigh as she fell asleep.

Emma shut her eyes and snuggled into her new donut pillow. The scent of the donut lulled her to a sweet sleep and she couldn't resist.

“Dee! Dee!” A heavy form moved on Jaclynn's body and she opened her eyes. Emma bounced on top of the bed and Jaclynn yawned.
“What are you doing up?” Jaclynn asked through another yawn.
“I'm not tired! I wanna play!” 'Cookie' hopped up and down until Jaclynn's teeth rattled.
“Go back to bed! We'll play in the morning!” Jaclynn said and shut her eyes.
“Dee. I leave in the morning,” Emma whispered sadly. Jaclynn opened her eyes and sat up.
“What do you want to do?”
The girls tip toed down the halls and carefully opened the ball room doors and let it shut silently. 'Cookie' pulled Jaclynn away from the door and giggled.
“Do it! Do it!” Emma urged and Jaclynn raised her hands into the air quickly and a shower of glaze and sprinkles rained down. Emma raised her own hands and hopped up and down as sprinkles landed in her hair.
“What else can you do?” She asked. Jaclynn bounced into the air and slammed both feet on the ground. Glaze spread onto the ball room floor and covered it entirely.
“More!” Emma laughed and Jaclynn flung her hands around and huge donuts popped up onto the floor.
“Let's make a Donut Man!” Emma cried and stacked a donut onto a bigger donut. Jaclynn bounded over to her and helped her finish the donut man. They added a head and they gazed at their Donut Man. Jaclynn frowned. He was awkward and looked weird. Jaclynn twirled her hands over him and his face grew two blue M&M eyes, sprinkles lined his mouth, and his torso grew two long donut arms.
“He's a proper Donut Man, Dee!” Emma gasped and flung her arms round him, “He needs a name! Let's name him Fred!” Jaclynn and Emma laughed.
"No, let's name him McGlaze!" Jaclynn offered and Emma grinned.
"I love it! It's perfect!"
“More glaze!” Emma giggled and Jaclynn threw her hands to the sky and more glaze and sprinkles shot up in the air.
“More!” Emma repeated and Jaclynn produced more.
“I never wanna leave!” Emma cried.
“Then don't! Stay with me!” Jaclynn replied. Emma stayed silent for a second, then stacked a donut onto another, and another, and another. She climbed up onto her stack and jumped up into the air.
Jaclynn, seeing what Emma wanted her to do, created another stack of donuts with her powers. Emma hopped onto another stack that Jaclynn created, then another. The game continued to go on around the ball room and Emma jumped faster each time.
“Cookie, don't jump so quickly!” Jaclynn shouted as her magic formed another stack. Emma jumped faster and Jaclynn struggled to keep up. Jaclynn took a step back and her foot got caught in a donut hole. Breaking her concentration to look down at her foot, Jaclynn's eyes shot back to Emma, mid-jump. Time slowed down and Jaclynn screamed, “Emma!” but it was too late. Jaclynn thrust a donut stack blindly and her magic hit Emma.
“No!” Jaclynn shouted and, pulling her foot out of the donut, ran to her friend. She grabbed Emma's shoulders and leaned her unconscious body to the side.
A chunk of her golden hair turned a sticky pink and Jaclynn gasped, her little body trembling in fright.
“Cookie,” Jaclynn breathed.“MOM! DAD!!!” Jaclynn screamed at the top of her lungs.
How did this happen?! Jaclynn thought as she shook Emma. She waited a few moments, then her parents came rushing into the ball room and gasped as they saw Princess Emma unconscious. They raced to them and scooped her up.
“I'm sorry!” Jaclynn cried.
“We need to get her to a doctor!” The queen said, who was holding Emma. The king gazed out into space as he thought of a plan.
“I know where we need to take her,” The king whispered.
I hoped you liked the double part! Until tomorrow, ta-ta!:D

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Glazed Part Four

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The days whizzed by and Princess Emma and Princess Jaclynn became fast friends. They spoke about everything with each other until they couldn't think of anything else to say. Then they babbled and made crazy things up. The days became weeks and summer was almost over. Only a week left.
“Jaclynn, summer is almost over!” Emma gasped. Jaclynn nodded her head sadly.
“I know. I thought that this summer was going to be terrible, but you turned out to be so much fun!” Jaclynn sighed and sat down on the floor. Emma mimicked her and fell to the floor, too.
“I hope I can come again next summer. And the next,” Emma said. Jaclynn nodded her head, smiling a little. They stayed in a sad silence for a few minutes until Jaclynn looked around them, scooted closer to her friend and whispered, “Can I tell you a secret?” Emma's eyes widened and she nodded solemnly.
“I think that you're my best friend,” Jaclynn leaned back, grinning.
“You're my best friend too!” Emma cried.

“Yay!” They both cheered, then hugged.
“We're best friends!” They cheered. Their giggling soon stopped and Emma frowned.
“If we're best friends, we should have nicknames for each other!” Emma suggested and Jaclynn nodded her head. They sat back and thought for what seemed like forever.
“What about Mushy for you!” Emma stood up excitedly and hopped up and down. Jaclynn wrinkled her nose and shook her head.
“Ew, gross!”
Emma sighed sadly and sat back down.
“When I first met you, I thought that you were boring,” Jaclynn admitted. Emma gasped and giggled at the thought of it.
“And then you learned that I was crazy!” Emma laughed with Jaclynn.
“You're definitely a kooky Cookie!” Jaclynn chuckled, then gasped.
“What?” Emma asked.
“Kooky Cookie! That should be your nickname!”
Emma thought for a second, then shook her head, “It's too long.”
“Then what about just Cookie?” Jaclynn suggested.
“Yes, simple and true to who I am!” Emma agreed, “if I am going to be named after a dessert that I am, then you should be the dessert that you are! Donut doesn't sound very cute, so, what about... Dee! It's short for Donut!”
“PERFECT!” Jaclynn shouted. The newly named princesses hopped up to their feet and danced around in celebration.
“I now dub us as Cookie and Dee! Best friends forever!” Emma said and they laughed together.
I hope you liked this part!:) See you back tomorrow for maybe a double part...;)

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Glazed Part Three

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The next part is up!:)
Jaclynn sat in her room, next to her dolls. She picked up one and cradled it in her arms.

“I don't know what to do!” said Jaclynn to her doll, “She seems boring and it's always awkward around her. I know I shouldn't write her off as boring just yet, but I can't help it. She's going to ruin my summer,” Jaclynn sighed, “if only there was a way to break the ice between us. But she seems so distant and reserved. I don't see us becoming friends-” She stopped mid-sentence, “Wait. Maybe I can break the ice with showing her my Donut powers!” Jaclynn stood up and placed her doll back onto the floor. Nodding her head, Jaclynn skipped back to Princess Emma's room and knocked on the door.
“I hope this will work!” Jaclynn murmured to herself. She heard the soft pattering of Emma's footsteps, then the door popped open and Emma's head poked out.
“Oh! Come in, Princess Jaclynn,” Emma opened the door wider and Jaclynn noticed that she had already begun unpacking. A couple dresses lay on the dresser and a doll stood up on the bed. Princess Emma stared down at her brown shoes and Jaclynn noticed that the rims of her eyes were red.
From crying? Jaclynn thought then shook away the thought.
“I have something to show you!” Jaclynn grinned widely and Princess Emma's eyes grew a little rounder.
“What?” Princess Emma questioned. Jaclynn sat on the rainbow rug and motioned for Emma to sit as well. Taking a deep breath, Jaclynn smiled and flexed her fingers. Three sprinkles flew from her palm and quickly disappeared. Jaclynn glanced at Princess Emma and saw her mouth hanging open.
“How?” She breathed. Jaclynn shook her head, grinning.
“I don't know! My parents think that because I'm a Donut, my donutness got caught up inside me and gives me the ability to make donut-themed things into existence. The side of Emma's mouth curved up in awe and she grabbed hold of Jaclynn's arm.
“Do it again! Do it again!” She chanted and Jaclynn brought her hand into the sky and glaze flew to the ceiling and fell to the ground. Touching the clear glaze, Emma giggled.
“That. Is. Amazing.”
Jaclynn grinned broadly. Ice broken.
I hope you liked the next part!:D

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Glazed Part One and Two

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I am here to present you with GLAZED!:D
Since I already showed you all the first part while it was unedited, I decided I would post the second part with the first part so there is something new for you all to see!:)
Now everyone be quiet, the story is about to start...
Jaclynn sat hunched over on her window seat, her little fingers wrapped around her knees. She watched a brown chunky carriage crawl towards the gates of the castle. Jaclynn sighed as she thought of what that carriage contained. Summer was about to start and the weather was already heating up. Sunlight streamed through the glazed glass window and sprinkles of light were scattered on the rainbow floor. Jaclynn groaned as she looked out at the carriage again and saw that it had paused at the gates.
Why does my summer have to be ruined? Jaclynn thought to herself. A servant scampered by her door and peeked her head inside.
“Your Highness, come along we're to meet Princess Emma at the gates. Do hurry, Princess!” The servant said and Jaclynn sighed and slunk towards the door. She followed the servant through the castle and out to the gates where her parents, the King and Queen of Donuts, stood waiting for her. They were dressed in their most regal attire. Long, orange and turquoise capes, dripping with glaze and sprinkles, were tied around their necks and large pastel donut crowns topped their heads. Jaclynn herself had her own donut dress, it had a yellow top with teal cuffs and the skirt was made of pink and blue sprinkles. She had on her light pink tights and black flats. And, like her mother and father, she had her own Donut crest hanging from a piece of gold string. No one thought anything of their outfits, for this was normal in Dack-A-Woodle-World.
They stood at attention as the cookie carriage rolled toward them. It stopped so close to them that Jaclynn could see the details of it. The walls were made out of hardened cookie crumbs, the trim was chocolate, and the top was a huge chocolate chip that curled at the top. The footmen, wearing chocolate colored suits, opened the doors and Jaclynn held her breath. The King and Queen were the first to come out of the carriage. They were followed by a girl who seemed to be twelve and she was trailed by a small girl only a couple years younger than Jaclynn herself. The royal Cookie family stood tall and a servant announced the Cookies to the Donuts.
“Their Highnesses, King and Queen of the Cookies, with their daughters Princess Pookie and Princess Emma.” The two families bowed to the other, then the adults joined together and spoke. Jaclynn slipped towards the two princesses and bobbed a curtsy.
“Hello,” Jaclynn greeted.
“Hello,” they echoed.
They waited in an awkward silence until Princess Emma said, “I like your hair.”
Jaclynn glanced up at her mop of fluffy brown curls, which had blue sprinkles scattered among them, and nodded her head.
“Thank you,” Jaclynn's eyes wandered to Princess Emma's own bright blonde hair and took in her humble dress. Jaclynn was surprised to see how simple it was. Emma's parents were dressed in their own fancy brown garb, varying in shades, even her sister had on a long, ornate purple dress with deep violet chocolate chips embedded in the skirt, but Emma only had a tan shift that came to her calves and a cookie pendant tied around her throat.
They fell back into their uncomfortable silence when the King of the Cookies came to the children with a smile on his face.
“It's all settled now! Emma is to stay here with the Donuts for the summer.”
Jaclynn deflated at his words. She knew it was going to happen, but she still had some hope. But no. Her summer was ruined.

There was a thickness in Emma's throat as her parents and sister came to say goodbye to her.
“Now, we'll be back at the end of summer. You'll be fine here with the donuts. This is only a demonstration of our trust to the Donut kingdom and Princess Jaclynn seems nice,” the Queen of Cookies explained, smiling. Emma nodded, then said her goodbyes to her family, tears forming in her eyes. She had never been away from her family for more than a couple days, and she hated the thought of being alone for a whole summer with only a girl who seemed stuck up as her company. She watched her family climbed back into the carriage. The cookie carriage rolled away and her throat burned with tears. Emma continued to watch until the carriage became a speck in the distance, then completely vanished from sight. The Donut King and Queen broke the silence.
“Come along, Princess Emma! We will show you to your room.” A servant with Emma's bags scurried after them as they began to walk into the immense Donut castle. Emma was struck speechless as she gazed at the splendor of the castle. She could barely make out the regal architecture with such bright, boisterous colors splashed on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Normally, it would have made Emma extremely happy to see such crazy colors, but her mood was darkened with loneliness. The Donuts stopped and turned to look at Princess Jaclynn.
“Jaclynn, please take Princess Emma to her room,” the Donut King said and Princess Jaclynn nodded her head and shuffled away. Emma followed her, as did the servant, and they twisted and turned through the colorful castle until Jaclynn stopped in front of two brightly painted doors.
“This is your room,” Princess Jaclynn pointed to the door on the right, “and this is my room right next to yours,” She gestured to the left door. Jaclynn reached up to the door knob, twisted, then pushed. The door creaked open and Emma walked into the room. The room was mostly bare, besides a tall dresser and a bed with sprinkles on the sheets. The servant placed her bags on the floor and, with a curtsy to the young princesses, rushed out of the room. Emma lowered her head and stared at her shoes.
“Do you want me to leave you to get unpacked?” Princess Jaclynn asked, stepping closer to the open door. Emma noticed her desire to leave, but she didn't want her to go so soon, even though she wasn't the biggest fan of her attitude. She would be all alone then.
“Um,” Emma began, trying to think of something to keep her here for, “would you like to do something?” She asked, not knowing what to suggest.
“Maybe later. You should get unpacked. I'll let you do that now,” Princess Jaclynn dashed out of the room and Emma heard Jaclynn's door open then shut.
Emma sighed and sat on the couch, feeling discouraged. How was she ever going to get through this summer?
I hope you enjoyed it!:D I will probably post it daily, but don't worry! In case you don't really like the story, I'll be posting normal posts too! So that means that some days I will be posting twice.:)
What do you think about Glazed so far?:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Awesome Food Award!

Hi again!;)
Clara nominated me for an award a bit ago and it looked too fun to pass up!:) I don't usually do awards on any of my blogs, but I decided to do this one.;) Thanks, Clara, for nominating me!:D
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked.
3. Come up with 10 more questions. (They must be food related!)
4. Nominate others to do the challenge
1. Hard or soft candy?
Hmmmm....I would probably say soft because that's the kind I eat most often, but I do love these delicious coffee flavored, hard candies that we have.;P
2. Chocolate-y or fruity candy?
Chocolate-y! Definitely!
3. Do you like chocolate and nuts together?
Uhhh...I don't really like to have nuts on my desserts of any kind, so I will have to say no!;)
4. Top favorite candy?
I love any kind of candy that has what candy has caramel...UGH....I think it's Snickers or something? I really like Whoppers, too!:)
5. Do you eat a lot of candy?
No, that is why it took me a while to remember what candies I like!XD
6. Favorite type of gum?
I really love the ones that taste like desserts. I can't remember the brand name though... Extra, I think?
7. What’s your opinion on white chocolate?
8. If you could invent a new candy, what would it be like?
It would taste like mallowmelt. It would be like eating cookies soaked in ice cream and would have caramel inside (my added touch LOL) and would be heaven!;)
9. Would you like to eat just chocolate for a whole day?
Eh...I probably have....XD But no, I would get a stomach ache and I'd feel terrible.
10. Worst candy you’ve ever tasted?
The caramel Lindt chocolates. I would have expected them to be amazing since I love Lindt chocolates AND caramel but no...that doesn't mean I didn't eat them.XD
My questions aaaare--
1. What is the best dessert you have ever had?
2. What are your thoughts on caramel?
3. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?
4. What is the best savory dish you have had?
5. How many pieces of pizza have you had in one serving?
6. What's the biggest food you've eaten?
7. What food makes you shudder?
8. Are you hungry right now?
9. What's your favorite food combination (such as chocolate with peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, etc)?
10. What was the last thing you ate?
I nominate whoever likes dessert!:)
And anyone else who wants this award!:D

Hot Cocoa and Glazed - November Edition

Hi everyone!
This is another installment of the "Tea and Whatever I am Doing While I Drink That Beverage". LOL! And this month it is completely different! I am drinking hot cocoa!!!-
Exhibit A
With four jumbo marshmallows on the top.:O
-And that's the big difference this time around.;) I am going to be working a lot on my Glazed story today, editing and drawing (Yes, that's right! There will be drawings in the story to make it more interesting!:D).
So here's my post-
I made my hot chocolate from a random mix we have in the cupboard; it was a peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks. Yum!:D 
And I am going to be using my phone for a guide with my drawings.:)
Here are some screenshotsthat I am definitely planning on making into drawings.:)- 

I have quite a few more but I decided you guys wouldn't want to have a whole list of ones I liked.XD
I hope you enjoyed my post!:D
What stories are you working on lately?:) I'd love to hear what they are about!:D

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Video of Me Drawing! Yay!

Hi everyone...Again!
I just really wanted to get this up and show all of you, I couldn't wait!:D
Here is the promised video!:) I hope it works for all of you!
The video is now working!:)
And yeah...*sigh* it's upside down so if you could just bare through the awkward angle for the 38 seconds, that would be awesome.XD
And here is the drawing, in case you didn't want to watch the video!:)
I hope you enjoyed and I hope that I can get it to be right side up next time!;)

Boy Trouble

Hey everyone!
The title is not literal, I am not having BOY trouble, but having trouble DRAWING boys. Just thought I would throw that out there.XD
But yeah, anyway, I STINK at drawing guys. It's my main weakness in my little drawing world and I hate to even think about it.
I got inspired though to struggle with drawing guys and here is what I drew-
I had to try to copy off of a picture I saw on Pinterest for some of those guys, but most of them are mine. I'm kind of embarrassed, to be honest, showing all of you this because it is so terrible.
So, you all can give me good luck and I'll just be in my hermit nest crying.;) LOL!
I have some things to show you soon that won't make me cry though! Like a sped up video of me drawing a picture!:) It's really fun to watch, but it will probably end up being upside down. UGH.
Well, toodles! I'm gonna go draw some more!;)
Do you have any tips for me on how to draw guys, or are you as clueless as I am?;)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sometimes the Weather Does Pretty Amazing Things...And That is When I Hermit...

Hi everyone!
Last week it was especially cold and rainy, which is PERFECT hermitting weather. So that's exactly what I did...after I took pictures...;)
I had gone out into my backyard and the sunset was truly beautiful, I had to take some pictures to at least try to remember it's gorgeousness. It didn't work, but I still think the pictures aren't half bad.;) 
I could just see the storm clouds growing, the different dark shades all blending together was breathtaking.:) 

I saw a chance to make a "creative" attempt at photography.;) 
My body doesn't know what to do with my gangly limbs. My fingers look so awkward.XD 

The sky opened and it looked so beautiful!:) 
Now, it was beginning to rain, so I had to set up a hermit nest right at a window. It was glorious feeling the cold wind bursting through the window and writing my little heart out.:)
This is my nest. I had two or more blankets, maybe four or five pillows, and I loved it. I had a fan blowing on me just for that extra cold.XD 
That night was so fun. I wrote in the cold and dark (I got upset when someone turned on a light) and I soaked it all in.;P
OOOOH!!!! AND GUESS WHAT? I finished the first draft of Glazed! That means that once I edit it, I can post it!:D AAAAND....I GET TO START WRITING ANOTHER PROJECT!
I kept telling myself that I couldn't start another story until I finished one of the three I had started. Hehehe....;)
I have two story ideas that are really begging to be let out. I am leaning more to the dystopian one in my head, but the other one is about birds with different abilities/powers. I have more of a general plot with the dystopian story though, so I will probably end up doing that one before the bird one.;)
I hope you enjoyed this post!:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Sketchbook = Your Feed Being Blown Up by My Drawings!

Hi everyone!
Despite my title, I have only drawn one picture so far, but it has sparked again my drawing side of me and I plan to draw some more possibly another post will be coming?;D
This is what I finished this morning.:)
Yep! It's an elf! At first I was only drawing a girl with a flower crown, but then she began taking the form of an elf and I willingly let the pencil do its thing.;)
I really like her hair color, I used the sepia colored pencil, then henna, which blended together to make a pretty, light red.:)
Her dress took me a ton of time to merge five or six colors (maybe seven) together, but it was worth it!:)
What's your favorite mythical creature?
Drawing prompt-
Draw a mythical creature, fairy, elf, dwarf, unicorn etc, whatever you want! Get creative!:D

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best and Worst Day....Ever....*fangirls* + NEVERSEEN LAUNCH PARTY! YAYYY!

Shannon Messenger has a dark side...Shannon Messenger is evil.
Okay, I just had to say that before anything. Because, it is so true and I never knew. Last night was the most soul crushing, gut wrenching night of my life. Well, that's a bit dramatic, but pretty accurate.;)
It was the most incredibly terrible, most wonderful night I have experienced.
Lem'me start at the beginning.
Two days ago, I went to the Neverseen launch party and it was amazing! I got the book earlier then the release date and I finished it in one day and night. It was amazing. I got to just hunker down in my room and HERMIT. I was in Keeper heaven. But then I got to the end of the book...and as pages ran out I was shouting NO! and crying- I knew it! and just plain dying.
That book....has left me at THE WORST CLIFF HANGER I HAVE EVER KNOWN.
Worse than Sherlock, worse than A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
And now I have to wait a year, when she practically left me with nothing but a boat-load of feels.
I could NOT move for five minutes after I finished the book. I was too stunned. I was too heartbroken. And I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears just because I was so much emotional turmoil.XD
But I have to wait a year.
A whole year. ugh.

Okay, well, I think it's time for me to talk about how AMAZING the Neverseen launch party was!
We walked into the Barnes and Noble that was hosting it and I saw this as soon as I walked into the store--
I was so excited and we immediately grabbed a book, then two sketchbooks (YES! I FINALLY GOT MY SKETCHBOOK!) and paid!:) I got a bracelet for the event and since we were there so early, we went and got something to eat then rushed back to the signing.:) 
(This pic is kinda blurry, I don't know why...)
This is the glorious cover. It's been my phone's screen saver since, like, May.XD 
This is me and my sister up front by the table, before anyone really got there, but there was still a cool poster thing! Also, now I really want KEEPER posters!XD 
Then they got everything set up and I took a picture! It looked so cool and I loved the decorations! Everything was green! 
They had a sort of picture booth where you could take pictures of yourself holding up little poster things and "Team fill in blank space" sticks. My sister was confused and so she just grabbed a random person poster (Turns out it was Stina!XD) along with Team Silveny, and I grabbed a Sophie poster and a Team Fitz stick...Oh! Sophie and Fitz...together... I wonder what I meant by that?;P 
After some voting for which team was the best team (I think Team Sophie won, but Team Keefe was a close runner up) and a SUPER fun Q & A (I got so inspired to write!) with Shannon Messenger, we did the actual signing! This picture shows her signing my book and me and my sister grabbing the swag.:) 
Shannon Messenger was so nice and was totally awesome, definitely how I imagined her and she even called me cute!XD Yep, now I can go around in my head and say- "Shannon Messenger called me cute!" over and over and over!XD XD 
They asked us which stamp we wanted, Neverseen or the Black Swan and I said the Black Swan but then Shannon said something like-
"I've just been waiting for someone to ask for both,"
and so we were all like-
"YES! Give us both!"XD So we were the first person in the line to ask for both stamps!:D 
The nice little reminder and her signature!:D 
After we got our things, they gave us the MOST AMAZING MALLOWMELT CUPCAKES! They were delicious and totally tasted like how you would imagine mallowmelt to taste like!:)
Now I am going to show you what the swag was!:)-- 
A Silveny pin that I have now pinned onto my purse so all can see that I am a Keeper!:D 
This super epic two sided poster.:) 
On the other side they show the new characters that are in the book, and I thought that if someone is excited to read the book, they wouldn't want to know what they looked like.:) But I will show you all what characters have already shown up.:) This is Stina! I love this picture because it helped me picture her in my head, I couldn't do it very well before.:)
Wylie! I love this drawing of him, he looks so cool!:D 
Aw, little Jensi! He's so cute, but not exactly how I imagined him, but close.:) 
Alvar! Not how I imagined him again, but sort of similar.:) 
An Iggy Has The Blues poster drawn by Shannon Messenger! AH! He's so adorable!:D:D 
And last but not least, two patches! One for Neverseen and one for The Black Swan!:D
I had so much fun at the party and I am in love with the book despite how much I hate it at the same time.XD
I hope you liked this post!:D
Have you ever gone to a book signing?:)