Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sometimes the Weather Does Pretty Amazing Things...And That is When I Hermit...

Hi everyone!
Last week it was especially cold and rainy, which is PERFECT hermitting weather. So that's exactly what I did...after I took pictures...;)
I had gone out into my backyard and the sunset was truly beautiful, I had to take some pictures to at least try to remember it's gorgeousness. It didn't work, but I still think the pictures aren't half bad.;) 
I could just see the storm clouds growing, the different dark shades all blending together was breathtaking.:) 

I saw a chance to make a "creative" attempt at photography.;) 
My body doesn't know what to do with my gangly limbs. My fingers look so awkward.XD 

The sky opened and it looked so beautiful!:) 
Now, it was beginning to rain, so I had to set up a hermit nest right at a window. It was glorious feeling the cold wind bursting through the window and writing my little heart out.:)
This is my nest. I had two or more blankets, maybe four or five pillows, and I loved it. I had a fan blowing on me just for that extra cold.XD 
That night was so fun. I wrote in the cold and dark (I got upset when someone turned on a light) and I soaked it all in.;P
OOOOH!!!! AND GUESS WHAT? I finished the first draft of Glazed! That means that once I edit it, I can post it!:D AAAAND....I GET TO START WRITING ANOTHER PROJECT!
I kept telling myself that I couldn't start another story until I finished one of the three I had started. Hehehe....;)
I have two story ideas that are really begging to be let out. I am leaning more to the dystopian one in my head, but the other one is about birds with different abilities/powers. I have more of a general plot with the dystopian story though, so I will probably end up doing that one before the bird one.;)
I hope you enjoyed this post!:)


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! The nest looks very cozy. ;D

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! THAT SUNSET IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:-) i like your nest!

  3. Wow. This looks so amazingly cozy!! :D