Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Day without Electronics - Book Feels, Single Player Board Games, and Forts

Hi everyone!
If you go to my other blog, then you know that yesterday I went the full day without any electronics.
Because Jaclynn and I were talking about how awful it is that we're so obsessed with our phones! We decided to try to change that for one day.
It was horrible yet awesome. We only had a few rules such as we could text our moms, use our phones for cameras, watch TV only if we were with someone, etc etc for us to use.
It was really, really hard. Like. Really. We couldn't use our phones, the Internet, or watch TV! Here is my constant hourly update of what happened yesterday.
(Any remarks like this aren't something I had wrote to begin with. They're just remarks I'm making now.;D)

12-8:00 am
*sleepy sleep sleep*

9:00 am
It's nearly 9:00 am, and I am constantly holding back my hand from grabbing my phone. I had no idea that it was going to feel this...irritating to not check my email! WHAT ABOUT COMMENTS, POSTS, AND PINTEREST?!

Me- "Today is the day I internally die."
Sister- *rolls her eyes*

10:00 am
My mom literally just texted. I had a hard time not even looking at my email app- lest it tempt me! LOL!
I've been reading so far, so that has put me outside my desire to use my phone...I should do school now though. It should go faster now that I won't be texting Jaclynn or Pinteresting...

This is so much harder now that I'm not doing something fun!

I can only imagine how much worse this is gonna get.

(While I did school I found this funny sentence in my math-
Soooo, I had to draw it!!!XD
I'm weird, but it's what I saw in my head when I read that sentence. LOL!XD)
11:00 am
By this time I am slowly decaying...school is pushing me and making me want to just use my phone.
But I must stay strong---ish
12:00 pm
Reading, reading, reading. This book is so good I don't know if I'll even miss my phone! I've taken a break from school, but I should go study for a test.
(Which my sister has to help me with! LOL!)
1:00 pm
Sister- "Hitting me makes me angry! And then everything is ruined!"
(Just so you know, I didn't hit her, I just accidentally whacked her on the cheek with my pen.XD)
She's weird.
(She was also "helping me" with my studying...she was acting crazier than I was! LOL!)
Me- "Just help me, and I won't hurt you!"
(LOLOL! This is literally how we talk to each other.XD)My sister is insane right now. She was just laughing like a crazy person!XD
I'm really insanely curious what Jaclynn is doing...
(My sister wrote this-)Emma started talking like Yoda and gyrating on the floor.
(Just to clear up if anyone looks up what "gyrating" means in the dictionary-
move or cause to move in a circle or spiral, especially quickly-- ooorrrr the other definition-- dance in a wild or suggestive manner- I was doing the first one. I WAS NOT DANCING WEIRDLY!XD)
2:00 pm
Wow, it's 2 already! I spent a lot of time reading, but now I wanna try something different--
3:00 pm
I made a fort!
It's so fun! I brought a fan to keep me cold, and I'm getting closer to finishing my book! Who needs electronics?! Not me! I've got book feels to keep me company- and my dog...;)
4:00 pm
I finished my book (Ever by Gail Carson Levine because I'm sure you're all dying to know) and- Agh. I got all misty eyed. *sniff*
But now that my book is finished, I'm gonna have to find something else to do where I'm not dying to use the Internet or my phone... *sigh*
Maybe it's time to do some drawing...
(And I drew the Jellybean Hunter drawing.XD)
This is getting harder as I lose interest in what I am doing... I have to figure out how to not become so distracted!
5:00 pm
It's getting harder to hold out against the enemy...
...It's brutal, relentless. Our troops have little chance of holding out...
The enemy is too close to counter!
6:00 pm
It's getting bad, I've resorted to playing SINGLE player board games.
My sister has shunned me and my rations are low. SEND ME HEEELP!
Once again, I wonder what my comrade, Jaclynn, is doing on the other blood stained battleground. I pray she be alive by sunrise.
7:00 pm
Fries. Writing. Dog. Fort.
I'm having a good time. Except writing is hard...
I'm pretty much living in Hermitville.
8:00 pm
I'm noticing the fact that the sun is setting earlier, which means fall is coming!!! Ahh!
Anway, my 24 hrs are coming to a close, but not quickly enough! I'm in my fort still, my dog has left(she's so mean), and the light from my computer shines an eerie light. Lovely. Perfect.
And read posts to inspire me to write. UGH! Go Teen Writers made a post and Studio C posted a video. Woe is me!!!
9:00 pm
My mom, Kendra, and I are watching the Dick van Dyke show, and we were waiting to watch the next episode, and I felt so bare without my phone. BLEAH! So close to the next day... LOL!
10:00 pm
Nothing new... I think the worst has passed. I'm just eager for tomorrow. I WANNA READ BLOGS AND MY COMMENTS. I hope I sleep through the whole night super quickly!!! LOL!
11:00 pm
Now I get to go to sleep and wake up to do my normal routine- although I do think I wanna keep up the habit of not using my phone ALL throughout the day because I have better things to do! LOL!
12:00 am
My heart jumps a bit in my chest as I sleep. It's like it knows that I'm allowed to use my phone now.
LOL! So yeah, I had a super fun day, even though it was AWFUL at the same time! I was so excited to read my emails today that I had a dream that I read them and texted Jaclynn...XD Weird... LOL!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my day! I would have rated it an 8 1/2 out of 10 stars day. I had a good time regardless of not using my phone or anything like that, so that outweighed most sadness and irritation.XD LOL!
Are you obsessed with your phone or the Internet?;) Have you ever tried to go a day without it?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Book Blurb!!!

(If you would like to know more about my current WIP, please scroll onwards. XD)
Hi everyone!
Last night, Jaclynn and I stayed up and wrote our very first (or at least my very first) BOOK BLURBS! If you are confused as to what a book blurb is, it's basically what you read on the back of a book to learn what the book is about.;D
Here's mine-
(Disclaimer, I am still not sure about some details with this blurb, so this is what I have for now. I'm sure it'll change somewhat as I go through editing and rewriting.:D)
A vengeful Sith is on the trail of the Jedi, and only a secret base will be able to save them.
A young Jedi, Jimja Tepom, has been given the mission of finding a secret base for the Jedi to hide from the powerful Sith, Darth Atticus. Eager to succeed in this important task, Jimja is infuriated when her ship is shot down to the planet Endor, but, pursued by bounty hunters and the Sith himself, there's not much she can do. On the planet, she meets a mechanic, Rusem Caana, who promises to help her to the base that Jimja has found.

There's just one problem.
Rusem believes that Jimja knows the location of her parents, who were presumed dead, and will lead her there after the mission is over. Desperate and running out of time, Jimja goes along with the agreement, even though she has no idea where Rusem's parents are.
As the journey becomes more complicated than Jimja had anticipated, she becomes close friends with Rusem, even taking her on as her Padawan. But while the lie is being stretched out, and Rusem is overwhelmed by guilt and fear, Jimja is more than desperate to keep Rusem on the Light Side, even as the Dark Side looms closer.

So, I hope you liked the blurb, I'm still not sure what the name of the book is yet, here are some ideas Jaclynn and I came up with. If you want, you could vote on which one you like best.:)
The Seclusion of the Jedi
The Overcoming Darkness
Drowning in Darkness
The Overthrown Jedi
My favorite is probably The Seclusion of the Jedi or Drowning in Darkness. But my REAL favorite is---
The Hidden Darkness
Which wouldn't necessarily work for Darth Atticus...sigh....But maybe I could hint toward the hidden darkness inside Rusem...Hm, possibilities...XD
Have you ever written a book blurb? If not, do you want to?:)
P.S. Jaclynn posted her book blurb on her blog, so check out the link I put in her name earlier and read it!;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why Summer Totally Kills Hermiters Like Myself

I can not keep quiet anymore.
The hermiters are suffering.
Because of the stinking summer.
The summer is totally killing hermiters and here is why.

Hermiters are not used to this, guys. This Ball of Fire heats up the whole world, and we are forced to take cover under rocks and other cool places. It really puts a cramp in our style. We can't hermit if it's not comfortable to live in our rooms under a blanket. Ammirite?
Can you believe this????? Like, CAN YOU??? They expect you to go out and melt off all your skin until your bones turn into slush and you fall into a puddle of what used to be a happy hermiter. I don't know about you, but count me out.
I'm talking blankets, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, practically everything THAT IS GOOD IN LIFE!!!
You can't wear it and feel happy. You sure as heck can wear it, but you feel as if you've made the worst decision of your life. Ever.
(one of my latest drawings of me as a Sith! XD)
Drawing? No. I don't want to sweat all over my drawings. Write? I can't because the computer will OVERHEAT. Cry for winter? No, because then I would be dehydrated AND DIE!!!!
So there. Those are the reasons why hermiters like myself can't do what they were born to do in the summer.
God, You are all-wise and love us all so much, but seriously, please, make winter come early. PLEASE.
-Emma, the Hermit-
Guys, this post was so dramatic, like, I can't even handle how crazy I am.XD XD

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tea and Writing - August Edition

Hi everyone!:D
I know I didn't do this last month, but time ran out.;P
Idea credit to the fabulous Kathryn from In the Depths of Dreams.
As of late, I haven't been drinking much tea since it's been, oh, I don't know OVER 100 DEGREES! UGH!!! I'm so ready for cold weather. Please.XD And lately I've been doing lots of drawing, but I thought I'd feature something different.;) 

What I've Been Drinking-
Well Rested herbal tea. The last few nights I haven't been getting to sleep too well- I'll fall asleep, then around 3 am, I'll wake up and will have a hard time going to sleep again. So, this tea is good for me.:) I took it last night, and I slept through the whole night!:D
What I've Been Writing-
Same old, same old. My Star Wars fan fic of sorts.;) I haven't been writing a ton, but today on Go Teen Writers they started doing their Word Wars, which are so fun! Practically, they're when you write with other people (over the Internet) for an amount of time, then you share with them how many words you wrote. It's really fun, and I find it's one of my favorite ways to write! If you want to join the writing fun, click the link above and join a word war! I'm always looking to join a war, so it's likely that if you start one in the late afternoon/evening, I'll join!;D
I hope you liked reading this post!:D
What's your favorite way of writing? For example- long writing days, short bursts like word wars, specified days where you write for an allotted amount of time, etc.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This Post Is Called "Drawings" Because Titles Tend to Elude Me- Like, All of the Time

Hi everyone!
(Yay for silly titles!XD)
I've got some fun drawings to show y'all, because, well...I haven't spammed you recently enough with Ahsoka drawings...
*smiles innocently*
No, I made sure to include some other drawings I've done that don't include Ahsoka, so any people who are sick of her- please continue to read.XD
I love how this Ahsoka turned out! I feel like I got her face shape perfect!:D 
Can I just say how much I love Ahsoka's lightsabers and her reverse-grip on them? I pretty much can't hold anything with even the least bit of resemblance to a lightsaber without holding it in reverse-grip.XD 
I love shading Ahsoka's montrals, they're fun!;D 
Last Ahsoka drawing. Okay? Okay.XD 
This drawing was based off of a picture I found on Pinterest, and I think it was cool how it turned out! I think I might start doing more of these "Pinterest Recreations" and make a series!:) 
(Talking about "Recreations", the next one in that series is in the first stage of progress- I've decided which old drawing I want to recreate!;D)
Judy Hopps! I don't think I ever showed this drawing, but I think it's cute.:) 
It's always funny how just one thing can spark a drawing! The spark for this drawing was watching The Dick Van Dyke show, and I saw Laura's swoopy bangs and thought- I must draw that on a character!XD So, this girl was born.;D 
I just love how this drawing turned out! The pose was super fun to make (I always have a hard time coming up with good poses.;D), and I love this girl's hair!XD 
And now for a silly drawing that kind of...came from really weird inspiration...
Lemme give you the full rundown---
Something happened where Jaclynn and I were texting and somehow or another, we started going crazy. I began to "confess" to her that I was secretly a Russian dictator living undercover. We had a good laugh, then the next day she came over. It was brought up again when my sister, Kendra, was around (most likely by me XD), and we all began to "confess" who we really were.
Kendra said she was a magical fairy from the "Emerald Isles" and Jaclynn said she was really a ball of fluff. Of course, a light ignited in me and I knew I had to draw us as that. This is the result.XD
Me, a Russian dictator, my sister, a very Christmas-y fairy, and Jaclynn, a ball of fluff with a pink swirl in the middle (to honor her donut heritage) descending from the heavens.
Isn't that fun?XD
I hope you liked seeing some of my drawings, which was your favorite?:D

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My First Sketchbook

Hi everyone!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!;)
Yesterday, I saw some of my sketchbooks, and, upon seeing my first sketchbook, I knew I had to make a post about it and to see just how far I've come.:D
This is the cover. I remember when I got it I was so excited! I also got these markers, they were special...maybe fine tipped or something!XD
The first drawing in this sketchbook...ew...I totally want to finish that sky! Why in the world did I do that?XD
Hedgehog and cat! I included my full name on some of these drawings, that's why my hands are in some pics.;) 
I definitely have gotten better at keeping things balanced in my drawings.XD 
The Cheshire cat! LOL! I like this one still.;)  
I remember drawing this and being so proud that I got a character in such a complicated pose!XD
I was really obsessed with My Little Pony when I had this sketchbook.;P I like this made-up character still, she's cute!;D  
A half finished drawing of Hallee running in my front yard.XD 
Back when I was into anime...;D 
I think this is pretty cute.;) 
I tried painting in my sketchbook.XD The fishing one is so bad...XD 
And the last drawing of...a....potato girl?XD
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my old drawings. It's always fun to think of how much we can change within just a few years.:D