Monday, January 30, 2017

Glazed Part Thirty

Hi everyone! :)
I'm finally getting this post up! I drew the picture for this a week or two ago, but never posted the next part. XD
Emma waited for a second more before hurrying to catch up with her companions. She couldn't see them ahead and soon she came to a fork in the road.
“Huh?” she whispered. “Wes? McGlaze? Crumbles?”
There was no response.
“Oh great,” Emma muttered to herself as she walked down the left path, hoping she was going the right way.
“Guys?” she cried. She stared far out in front of her and strained to see them. Sprinkles lay thick on the ground, and Emma soon was pushing through such thick sprinkles that they came up to her hips.
“GUYS?” she screamed and stopped. Just now, logic was coming into her head. If they had gone before her, they would have left a trail through the sprinkles. She sighed, took a step back, and struggled to get herself out from the stickiness.
She glanced around her. The edge of the trail was a foot or two away, and she peeked to look below it. Emma staggered back when she saw how far the drop went down a cliff. She hadn't noticed she had gone uphill. Shuddering, she shook her other leg out, a bit more violently this time. Emma jumped once more to completely free herself, and she looked at the trail she had already walked. 
What if they would just leave her behind? What if they would forget about her? How would she find Jaclynn?
“Wes?” she shouted again as she retraced her steps. “Wes!”
“Emma? Did you go down the wrong trail?” She heard a faint call.
“OH! WES!” Emma shouted and hurried down the trail, relieved. The ground became more uneven, and the trail grew skinny.
“There you are!” Wes said, coming into view. Crumbles and Fred trailed behind him. Emma smiled and rushed to them.
“I guess I took the wrong tur-” Emma took a step, but, realizing too late, she stepped on a loose rock that slid off the cliff. Emma screamed, lost balance, and toppled off the edge. She flailed her arms and her fingers connected around a large oddly shaped sprinkle that emerged from the side of the cliff.

“Wes! Help!” Emma called out, her voice, arms, and everything inside her shaking. She knew she shouldn't look behind her, but she couldn't help herself. Automatically she regretted it and tried- and failed- to calm her pounding heart. “Wes!” She gazed up to the edge and she saw Wes's mop of dark brown hair peek over the edge and then his concerned face.
“Emma! Hold on,” he yelled. His head disappeared and with it Emma's relief. She could only nod her head and continue to hang helplessly. The gloves she wore had little grip, and she felt her fingers start to slip off the sprinkle. Her shoulders ached from holding on, and she gritted her teeth.
“Please, hurry,” Emma grunted.
“There you go,” Wes yelled, and a rope sailed down to her, hitting her in the face. She yanked her face away from it and swung one of her hands around it, then the other.
“I've got it!” she hollered. The rope inched upward. She gripped the edge with one hand, arms shaking. Wes grabbed her other arm. She scrambled up and pushed herself away from the edge.
She put her head in her hands, whole body trembling with disbelief. “Thank you.” Emma breathed a sigh and looked at Wes.
“You're welcome, I'm glad you're okay,” he replied with a genuine smile and stuffed the rope back into the bag of supplies. Emma looked away as his brown eyes met hers. He shifted his gaze to the floor as well.
Did his face turn a shade deeper? she wondered.

“Back to the trail then!” Emma exclaimed louder than she had wanted it to be. Leaving he walked back to the fork in the road. And staying far from the edge as possible, they neared Jaclynn with every step.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Project Finish What I Started - Update Two + Finishing Requests!

Hiya peeps! XD
I'm gonna show you the drawings I finished this week now! I am super excited to post them, I think they all turned out really great! :)
Now, this drawing I started based off of Elizabeth Swan, but things started happening, and I decided it would be better unfinished. 
But now I did finish it, and stopped trying to make it look like Elizabeth. I think she's cute! :)
Next is my book character with the Citros, a magical sword. After I created it, I realized it's similar to the One Ring. XD
And here it is finished! I like it, but if I had the chance to redo it, I would angle it differently, so it doesn't look so funny across her face like that. ;P
...After! I totally love how this turned out! It looks so cool...O0O LOL! XD
This drawing I started for a request. Remember back a year ago, I did a post asking for requests? Well. Good. XD
And now here it is finished! It was a request that Heather asked for- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 2012 version. :)
Before Christmas, I really wanted to finish all of those requests that everyone asked for, and here are all of the ones I did--
Heather also asked for My Little Pony, so here are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie! :D
Someone wanted Princess Leia, I can't remember who though...;)
IrishAG wanted a Valkyrie, a guardian angel, and a Hobbit party, but a Valkyrie seemed to be the easiest, so here she is! :D I love how she turned out, I think she's super pretty! :)
Anonymous A wanted Graystripe from the Warriors series. Here he is!:)
She also wanted a unicorn! I decided to go for a cuter, chubbier sort of unicorn than a sleek majestic one. ;)
Marissa asked for a mermaid (Quinley wanted a mermaid as well) and a cat girl! :)
Cat girl! I thought she was super cute! :)
Bedtimebear Bear asked for Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. I only got to Captain America and Black Widow! :)
Here's Black Widow! :)
I hope you liked the requests, I plan to finish them all along with this whole project! :D

Friday, January 13, 2017

Jaclynn and Me Drawings! #2

Everyone loved my first post that showed a ton of my drawings of me and Jaclynn, so I thought that I would make this a series! I'm constantly drawing Jaclynn and myself, and that means I'll always have more to show you all. Here are my latest drawings! :)
This one I only did a couple weeks ago, it's of me and Dee riding horses! I think it's super cute. Plus, Jaclynn and I really ought to go riding together at some point.
*looks wide eyed at Jaclynn* 
Hehe! I made this before NaNoWriMo, and it embodies November for us. We're FaceTiming, if you can't tell, it's nighttime, we're writing, and I love it. XD And I'm also super proud of how I did the shading! I was worried I wasn't going to be able to make it look right with the computer screens glowing and the harsh lighting and shadows, but it turned out so well in my opinion! 
If you haven't heard, Jaclynn and I have a job now- we work at the nursery at my church. We are with the two year olds, and they're so cute (although really crazy and tiring)! This was the drawing I made inspired by our work. XD 
Dee and I are getting our hair changed in the upcoming month, so I drew our new hairstyles that we will be getting! :D I'm cutting my hair and dyeing it, and Jaclynn is getting blonde highlights. It's gonna be so fun to have new hair! ;) This drawing makes me even more excited. XD 
I finished this just yesterday I think (who can remember), and I think it's really fun! :) 
LOLOL! This drawing... XD
So, I can't remember if it was Jaclynn's mom or Jaclynn herself, but one of them had the idea that I should draw us as famous Disney friends! Last time I did us as Buzz Lightyear and Woody, this time around it was Sully and Mike Wazowski! XD It turned out to be perfect considering our height difference. I am "wearing" stilts though to exaggerate my height. ;)
I hoped you liked seeing these drawings! I realized that there weren't any Star Wars ones, but I think they're all cute still. ;)
I'm always looking for more ideas of what to draw Jaclynn and myself as, do you have any ideas? :D

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Project: Finish What I Started - Update One + A FAIL

Hi everyone!
If you read my post about finishing what I started, then you would know I'm going on the journey of finishing all of the unfinished drawings in my most recent sketchbook!
I am calling it Project: Finish What I Started, and I am bringing you my first update! :D
I have finished a total of four drawings so far! Here they are-
This was the first drawing that I attempted to finish- two bounty hunter sisters! :) 
And here is the finished product! I wasn't really in love with the drawing when I drew it (that's why I never completed it), but I think it looks pretty cool all done! :)
Now I don't think I showed this dude to you in my list of drawings I wanted to finish, but he was incomplete, and I am going to be finishing nearly all of the drawings in this sketchbook. He was originally supposed to be one of the characters in my NaNo novel, Wings of the Banished, but if you notice (ha) he has quite the large chin, and I didn't like his pose and just bleah. But I did it. I penned him in, then colored him! Look at what he looks like now! :) 
He looks pretty great! I still don't like his slouchy pose, but he turned out a lot better once I fixed his chin in the final product. :) He doesn't look like my character though, since I gave him red hair and casual clothes.
Finished! I love the bright colors I got to use in this drawing! I'm super happy I finished it! It only took me a little bit, and now I have one more completed picture in my sketchbook! :)
And now for the fail. This drawing of Jaclynn and I acting on stage at some sort of rehearsal. 
My problem was the lighting. Stage lights are harsh, drowning the actors out in super bright light and ultimately creating harsh shadows as well where the light doesn't shine. And I colored in the drawing with normal colors and normal lighting in mind, but it didn't look like Jaclynn and I were on stage or whatever, so I attempted to add the spotlights and lighting, resulting in this really funkily (that's not a word but who cares) colored drawing.
It also didn't help that I really disliked the drawing without it being colored. XD

ANYWAY! That was my first update. I also got back on track with posting Glazed, which is another thing that I want to finish this year. It's been going on for over a year now or something insane. O.O BUT I WILL FINISH IT, AND IT WILL BE OVER!
(My, my, redundant much?XD)

I hope you liked my update, and stay tuned for another one next week! :)
Is there anything that you are planning on finishing this year? Basically all of my resolutions revolve around finishing stuff that I've started...O.o

Friday, January 6, 2017

Glazed Part Twenty-Nine

Hi everyone!
Long time no Glazed, aye? XD I don't know why I said "aye", I guess I'm a pirate! XD
*does the rest of the post in a pirate voice*

Emma, Wes, and Crumbles, with their new companion McGlaze, could feel that they were getting closer to the queen.
“So, what are you planning on doing when you see Jaclynn?” Wes asked as they walked through an especially sprinkly part of the mountains. Giant sprinkles emerged from boulders and ended in lethal points.
“Oh, I am going to talk to her,” Emma replied then added, “I have a lot of things to talk to her about.”
“That's it? You're just going to talk to her?” Wes asked.

“Yeah,” Emma nodded, and she ducked under one of the spiky points of a red sprinkle.
“So, you aren't even a little afraid of her and her magic?” Wes continued, gesturing to the spiked sprinkles. Emma licked her lips.
“I may be a little concerned about her magic, but not her. I know her. I'm just worried of what she might say."
“Yeah!” McGlaze shouted, “She's the most nicest, warmest, most pleasantest person in the world probably!”
“Most nicest and most pleasantest aren't how you say that,” Emma pointed out.
“Yes, it is,” McGlaze replied, a smile on his donut face.
“Um, actually, no. Grammar says that you are supposed to only use one extreme, so it would be 'nicest' not 'most nicest'-” Emma glanced down at Fred, who was frowning.
“ said that it isn't how I say it, but that is how I just said it, so really, I'm right,” McGlaze said and waddled away.
Emma stared blankly at his back, processing what he said.
“I believe you just got burned,” Wes whispered and walked past her, Crumbles following.
Emma's teeth clenched as she realized that she hadn't worded her sentences right. She shook her head and muttered, “Ugh, boys,” under her breath.



Thursday, January 5, 2017

Recreating... #4

Hi guys!
First off I wanna say thank you to the people who have taken my survey- and if you haven't yet, go do so! :D
This one turned out really well in my opinion, and I can't wait to see what you guys think! So, let's get started with the original drawing I did!
This drawing I did around late 2014, I think, or whenever Into the Woods came out as a movie. So...there are quite a few problems with it, starting off with her unbalanced features. Her eyes are too far to one side, and that's the biggest problem on her face. Next, her arms are insanely skinny and don't connect where they should, and her chest is just...really funky. And adding onto things being unbalanced, her torso is too far to the right. I also didn't give her a pose, making the drawing pretty blah and not adding any interest.
(See, guys, I used to do the "put the hand behind her back" pose before I knew how to do hands well! XD)
Now here is the finished product!
I think she looks a billion times better, and super pretty! I always have a fun time trying to take the shapes I used in the original drawing and incorporating them in the improved image. I added a necklace and a headband to her outfit, and I think it makes it look a lot more pretty! :D
The only problem I have is that her eyes are once again just a tiny bit unbalanced, but it's still a huge improvement and I can overlook it. :D
What do you guys think? :) I remember in the comments in my previous recreation, some people liked the original better, so tell me if you like the "before" better than the "after". :) Although I don't think there's anything up for debate really... XD
P.S. Expect a new hermit post coming soon, I need to take some pictures and work out the details, but I have an idea. XD

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Take My Survey! :D

Hi everyone!
I was bored today, so I thought- HEY! Why not make a survey? I'd love to see what people like and stuff. So, here's the link to it!
*continues to chant*
ALSO! There is a very, very important question at the end, so yeah. XD

Monday, January 2, 2017

Project: Finish What I Started

I hope you all had a great New Years as well as Christmas, since I was, uh, absent during the holiday season...
Anywhoo! I've been thinking how I've just been so unable to finish any of my drawings lately... Mainly the ones that require lots of coloring and shading and things I practically hate most in the drawing process...
I've started so many drawings I really want to finish, and I thought how it would be really cool to start something fun to help me finish drawings that deserve to be finished!

So, I present to you- Project: Finish What I Started

As long as it takes, I am going to be finishing all of the drawings in my current sketchbook (and possibly older sketchbooks if there are some drawings needing of completion)! And I also am thinking that if anyone else wants to join me in this, they can! Since my blog is open to a ton of people with a lot of different creative outlets- drawing, writing, blogging, music, idk -you can choose which one you'd like to join me with. Or, if you'd rather just watch me make drawings, that's totally fine, too! :) But if you would like to complete some of your own pieces, that story that has been hanging around uncompleted, artwork half done, blog posts abandoned after a lack of motivation, then you can put up the button on your blog or in a post or whatever. :) I don't really know, because it was just now that I thought of other people joining me. ;D

I think this could be a great way to start the New Year off. Here are some drawings I plan to finish during this project!

Going through my sketchbook reminded me of all the hopeless cases of drawings I had forgotten about completely. BUT GUESS WHAT GUYS??? I'M GONNA FINISH THEM EVEN IF THEY TURN OUT REALLY REALLY BAD.


So! Are any of you guys gonna finish anything alongside me? :) I'm going to get to work on this really soon, and I can't wait for it to be done and for me to see all of the drawings done!