Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grace and Nicole's Drawing Requests + Weekly Writing Prompt #10

Hi everyone!:)
I have fulfilled two people's requests! I am so happy!:)
Grace asked for a drawing of Mr. Snuggles and Ella, then Nicole asked for the same thing, but with them on Sophie's bed. So, I decided to combine the two requests.:)
Ella and Mr. Snuggles! Is it strange that I can sort of ship two stuffed animals?XD
Nicole also asked for more KotLC characters, but I really don't think I am ready to do anyone else other than Sophie, Biana, and Linh, all of whom I've done before.;) I can't ever guarantee that my boys will look good...XD
But she did ask for a TIE Fighter and I did that! It took me FOREVER (like four or five hours) to make this drawing, so I hope you love it.XD
The next request to be done is Lydia's, which I need to find a good picture of and then hope I can do it!XD
Here are some other random drawings I've done recently-
I drew this girl inspired off of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and I love how it turned out! I feel like it really looks like her, and I didn't even originally try to make it be her!XD 

This was a sort of Star Wars inspired drawing, but it could also work for other things. I imagine her to be a tracker or a bounty hunter.:)
Now for the Weekly Writing Prompt! Yay!:)
If this prompt inspired you, or if you wrote something based off of it, I would love to know in the comments below!:)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

12 Things I Need

Hi everyone!
I thought it would be fun to make a post about the things I "need". So, not things that are actually made, but something I need that isn't made yet. I've got so many things...I can't...XD
*some spoilers for Star Wars Rebels included*
*and possibly The Clone Wars*
1. A TV show set in the in-between years of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. It would be all about Ahsoka and how she went from Jedi Padawan to Fulcrum. I need to see how she dealt first-hand with the results of what happened during TCW. I need to see her run into evil street thugs and for her to reach for her lightsabers and for them not to be there. I need to see her journey. I want to see how she looked in between TCW and Rebels. I need this TV show so hard. LUCASFILM, OH MY GOSH, I NEED IT!!! PLEEAAASSSE!!! I seriously want this so bad I want to make a petition.
2. The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels tsum tsums. 'nuff said.
3. The next book in Keeper of the Lost Cities. At least I know that this is coming, but it still needs to be up here.XD
4. An orange lightsaber! I want a legit lightsaber, but the problem is, I want it to be orange and I have yet to see an orange lightsaber around since it's an Expanded Universe color. Sigh...I'll have to keep looking.
5. ZOOTOPIA SEQUEL!!! I seriously think that Zootopia would make an amazing movie series, don't you? All of the different cases Nick and Judy could solve together! *squeal*
6. Ahsoka Vinylmations. I would so get that.
*curls up into a ball and hermits for five thousand years*
*except to watch the third season XD*
8. An Ahsoka American Girl doll. I really want to make a custom doll of her, but I have no idea how I could make her montrals! I'm not very skilled with clay...:( Maybe I could make a humanized version of her?;) That might be fun!
9. Lux Bonterri to show up in season three of Rebels! I would LOVE that! I would die!
10. For Rogue One to get here already. After having a lot of new information about characters being given out, I can't be any more excited.XD
11. A Keeper of the Lost Cities movie series! But I need it to be JUST like the books in every way with top knotch acting and perfect casting or else I'd be so angry I'd go all Kylo Ren on the world.XD
(basically have a huge tantrum)
12. An awesome Disney Rey doll in the same style as the Disney Princesses. I think so many people would love that! And not just Rey, but (shocker) AHSOKA, TOO!!! I need an awesome Ahsoka doll, preferably the adult version, but I would love a young one, too!:)
Those are all of the things I can think of at the moment! Is there anything that you desperately need that no one has thought about yet or that is coming but not fast enough?:) Or maybe we share some of the same wants?:)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ahsoka Tano Disney Infinity Figure - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Today, I just got the Ahsoka Tano Disney Infinity figure, and I am so excited! She's so awesome!:)
Of course, I had to take pictures. Here they are, I love how they turned out!:)

I love this one!:) 
And this one!;) 

I hope you liked the pictures! I seriously think I have an unhealthy obsession with Ahsoka!;D LOL! Oh!
Literally, I am so excited.:)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recreating... #2

Hi everyone!
I made a post like this before, where I went through old sketchbooks, picked a drawing I like but was pretty bad and recreate it with all of the skill I have now! These are really fun to do, and I hope you all like these posts as much as I do!:)
This was the original drawing I started with. It's of a girl at a library who finds a magical, glowing book.;) You can obviously see some problems, such as the phantom book that is FLOATING and how the girl has very off centered facial parts.;)
In the stages of recreation... 

And finally, she's finished! Isn't she so cute?:)
It's so cool to see what I can do better now! It's really fun to do these.:) I hope you liked the recreation!:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Six

Hi everyone!
Wow! It's been so long since I posted a Glazed part! If you need to have a refresher of what happened last time, here's the link- LINKEDY LINK LINK.
“What?” Emma cried, straining her eyes to see through the filmy fog for whipped cream wolves as Wes had said. Spoiled? Emma shuddered. Becoming a spoiled food was a nightmare of all of the dessert people. She had never seen a spoiled food and she didn't want to. They were said to have lost their minds and became crazed.
“Go, Crumbles, go!” they both urged. Flashes of green, brown, and white whizzed by them and Emma could smell the stench.
“Ugh! Is that what they smell like?” Emma gasped, gagging. Wes nodded and bent over the back of the sleigh, where the supplies were. He fumbled with a torch and light until the torch lit up. He handed the torch to Emma and she grabbed it with gloved hands. She could smell the spoiled wolves gaining on them. She twisted to face the wolves and waved the torch.
That's when a wolf came into view.
Mostly gray with black spots and green streaks, the wolf was horrid. With a foaming mouth and scraggly fur, it looked just as insane as Emma had been told. And there were more with it. She couldn't hold back her shudder as she inched as far away from the edge of the sled as possible. A wolf lunged for the sleigh and Wes grabbed an unlit torch and whacked it in the jaw. Emma grimaced when she noticed several teeth fall out of the beast's mouth.
“Don't get bitten! Their bites are poisonous!” Wes advised as he hit another on the head. It's spotted body fell off the sleigh and Emma kicked a wolf which was climbing up the side. She knew that if one of them bit her or Wes, then they themselves would become spoiled, too. Her heart sped up. Her wolf fell off the sleigh, unconscious. The wolves began to fall behind inch by inch, but a new problem was arising. Emma glanced at where they were heading and she gasped.
“WES!” warned Emma, grabbing hold of his sleeve. Ahead of them was a gorge and Crumbles was racing there, the wolves still in pursuit. Wes whizzed around and his eyes widened.
“Jump, Crumbles!” he ordered. He grabbed Emma and threw her onto Crumbles sugar coated back. Emma clutched his harness, biting back a scream.
Wes cut the rope tying the sleigh and Crumbles and Emma gasped.
Was he going to fall into the gorge?
But her thoughts were cut short as Crumbles pushed off from the edge of the gorge and sailed to the other side. Emma's heart caught in her throat and her insides felt like they had left her body. Crumbles landed and she was almost thrown off balance from the impact. He ran a couple more steps farther for safety then looked back to see where Wes was.
The sleigh had lost its momentum and only got a couple feet out when it began to plummet into the gorge. Wes threw himself out of the sleigh, his arms outstretched. He managed to grasp the edge of the cliff and pull himself up with the help of Crumbles and Emma.
“Are you okay?” Emma asked. He gazed down to the gorge where the sled had crashed.
“Yeah.” He groaned, burying his face in his hands.
Feeling guilty, she looked down the cliff spotting the remains of the crushed sleigh.
“I'm sorry about that.” Emma hesitated. “I'll go now, and you don't have to help me. You've already helped me get this far. When I get back to my castle after this I will send you a new sleigh and all of the things inside of it, I promise.” She took a deep breath. “Bye.”
Emma turned to the forest and continued hiking when Wes sighed and yelled, “Wait. We're coming.”
“Oh!” Emma turned around. “Thank you! I really am sorry about your sled, but I'm glad you decided to come.”
Wes trudged to her and lifted a pack he had grabbed from the sled before it had fallen.
“I'm only coming so I can guarantee a new sled. ”
Crumbles pushed in between them and Emma draped her arm across the reindeer's back, ignoring Wes' remark.
“This may be the start of a beautiful friendship!”
I hope you enjoyed this part! I had fun editing it, since that's what I do for every part before I post it even though I have already edited it once before.;)
P.S. My spellcheck says that "spoiled" isn't a real word. Sometimes, spellcheck isn't right.XD

Monday, June 20, 2016

Iced Tea, Drawing, and Writing - June Edition

Hi everyone!
I know I didn't get around to making a May edition, but I'm here with this month's installment of "Tea and Whatever I Do While I Drink Said Tea!" YAY! Should I just shorten it to TAWIDWIDST...Or is that really shortened at all?XD
What I've Been Drinking:
Since it's been getting pretty hot where I am, I haven't been having hot tea as much, but iced tea works just as well! Its Trader Joe's harvest tea, its not in season anymore.;) 
I've been drawing and writing a lot, but I can't really show you what I'm writing, so I'll just show you what I've been drawing.
I have been doing a ton of Akina Aber drawings!;D

This drawing is of Akina in a cave, I love how it turned out!:) 

I made this drawing of her as a little girl, isn't she cute?;) 
Then I did this drawing of her as an adult.:)
I hope you liked seeing some of the drawings I've been doing lately.:) It's been really fun playing around with Akina, but I've also been doing some other drawings. I have finally done the next Glazed drawing! That will hopefully be up by Wednesday.:)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Star Wars ComLINKS - An Orange Lightsaber

Hi everyone!
Today, I am doing something different! If you go to Anakin and His Angel, then you know that Jen does these really cool Star Wars link each month. She gives you a topic and then you get to talk about it. If you want to know more, check out this link- LINKEDY LINK LINK.
This month's topic is Weapon of Choice, the question being, "If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would be your weapon?"
Although I am an avid Dark Sider, my weapon might surprise you.;)
I have always loved Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber hilts (and I love the yellow/green lightsaber color), the long one to be specific. I don't know why, but I love the light gray metal of the hilt and how its so long and a pretty much uninterrupted stick of metal.;) I decided that if I were to live in the Star Wars universe, her lightsabers would be the weapon I would want.
Of course, with modifications.;)
Probably my favorite thing about her lightsabers is the fact that that one was so long, so I made my lightsaber hilt to be long, too. I'm pretty sure that if my lightsaber was made all out of metal, that my grip wouldn't be all that great, so I added a grip bar (or whatever that thing is called!;D) to the bottom and a pretty crystal inset above that. The color is orange because...
I would want my lightsaber to be orange! My lightsaber is orange because I once took a quiz that said it would be orange. And for some reason, even though I hate that color usually, I have stuck to that and kept it orange in my fan fiction story (I'm a Jedi at the beginning.;)).
You may be asking, but Emma, I thought you were a Sith, why would you choose a Jedi lightsaber?
Wellll...I just like Jedi lightsabers better than Sith ones. I mean, Sith can only have red lightsabers (or darksabers)! And I don't love the color red for a lightsaber.;)
For my fighting style, I would probably be really aggressive, like Kylo Ren, with lots of spinning and all around epicness.XD LOL! But yet I wouldn't want to be insane and inculcated, but be skilled in lightsaber fighting, so I wouldn't be easily beat.;) I wouldn't be a Jedi in the way of fighting, but would let the Dark Side fuel my power.;) (Gosh, that sounds terrible!XD)
I hope you liked hearing about what I would wield in the Star Wars universe. If you want to participate in this topic for Star Wars ComLINKS, you'll have to hurry because you only have around four days left!:)
P.S. I totally have to draw the next picture for Glazed. AH!XD

Friday, June 17, 2016

Kathryn's Request!

Hi everyone!:)
I am here with the next drawing request, Kathryn's!:) She asked for--
 something from Big Hero 6 or one of Tim Burton's movies (i.e. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland.)
So, I did that!
First up is Baymax from Big Hero 6! Isn't he adorable?OuO
Then I did Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas!:)
I hope you liked these, Kathryn!:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Draw Hands - A Tutorial

Hi everyone!:)
I hope you're having a good evening, or day, or whatever time you read this at.;)
I am here with a tutorial of how I draw hands! I know that hands can be a rough part for people to draw (including myself), but with enough practice they can become really fun to do!:)
Let's get into this tutorial, shall we?:D
I start with a simple shape, sort of like a curvy upside down triangle with a blunt tip. This is the shape I use for all of my hands and it has really helped me. I learned about that tip from something on Pinterest!;)
That shape is the base for the palm area of the hand, next we add the fingers. I tend to make my fingers longer than real fingers are, but I like it.;) 
You finish up the fingers, which you can make by just having two parralel lines meet in a curve at the top. The fingers don't have to be perfect, you can clean them up later.:) 
You add the thumb (Reminder: the tip of a thumb, when it is right up against the rest of the hand, is usually just a bit farther up than the knuckles.) and there you have it! The beginning shape is used as a guide to the rest of the hand. It doesn't need to be followed exactly and drawing hands can be a bit rough sometimes, but it helps me!:) 
With that shape, you can make a ton of different hand poses! 

With practice, hands can be a lot of fun!:) 
For drawing guy hands, you follow the same principles, but I make the hands bigger and the fingers more square shaped at the top. Just stockier in general.;)
I hope this helped anyone struggling with drawing hands. Also, maybe trying to draw out some pictures of cartoon characters' hands might help you get an idea of how they work for your own drawings.:)