Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Challenge 5

I wrote this up tonight and I really like it. I'm thinking of continuing it, possibly. You know, once I finish the gazillion other stories I am in the midst of... how many are there now? Uh...
Yeah, around four and that's not including ones I've completely ditched. If you want to count those, maybe add five or six more to that.XD
So, anyway, here's the prompts I used-

(Oh, and hey, Keepers- keep up the good work!:D Try using as many prompts as you can and posting on time! WHOO HOO! GO KEEPERS FOR THE WIN!;D)
Quinn dashed behind a building, clutching her satchel close to her chest. She glanced up at the sky and saw the sun lowering steadily, a terrifying sight for a lost soul in the city of Kergin. She had to find a place to stay overnight or else the bounty hunters would find her. The streets weren't safe after dawn, especially for a wanted criminal like her. She bolted onto the busy street, her head down, her grip on her bag death-like. She had to find somewhere to stay, but where? She didn't know anyone in Kergin and any abandoned buildings would be sealed tight. Dreading what she would have to do, Quinn gazed at the buildings around her. Which one would be the best target to break into? She kept her eyes peeled for an entrance, a clue, anything, but the crowds dwindled off and she noticed figures darting through the shadows, ice blue eyes searching for a wanted face, a face like hers. Quinn sped up her pace and she began to smell the sour perfume of the ocean and taste salt in her lungs. She pushed her tangled black hair over her face while she hastened to the ocean, praying that the beach would offer a haven to her. Her eyes caught sight of a stealthy movement in the shadows of the sunset. Quinn dared not to look straight at the shadow, but she knew who it was. It was a bounty hunter, the one who was constantly on her trail, her glowing eyes boring into Quinn's soul. She had to hurry, the sun was sinking steadily behind the far away mountains. The ocean spray licked Quinn's face and she started to run to the beach, she had little time. She spotted a boat and a fisher pushing off into the ocean and Quinn sprinted to them, reaching for the dagger tucked under the folds of her cloak.
“Sir!” She shouted at the man. The grizzled fisher looked over his shoulder and Quinn pushed into the ocean, her pants and boots soaking in the frigid water.
“Hoping to catch some late night fish?” Quinn questioned and threw herself closer to the boat and grabbed hold of the rim.
“Get back!” He yelled and a sudden thought crossed Quinn's mind. A fisher would never go out fishing this time of day, this man was a wanted man, a criminal, making his escape. The man drew out a long pointed knife from his belt and pointed it at her.
“Unhand my boat!” He bellowed, brandishing his knife. Quinn unearthed her dagger and swiped away the man's own knife. It fell into the waves and she advanced on him, drawing herself into the boat and pushing him to the side. The boat tipped and Quinn slipped her knife away and hefted him off the boat. The man went willingly, with little fight, the sign of a man with only one weapon, and that was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. She grabbed an oar and gazed at the ocean, where was she to go? Deeper into the waters where she could possibly never return? She shook her head. A small speck in the distance caught her eye and she made out the tiny details of a hut on the water. She rowed towards it, all the while her eyes staring at the bounty hunter who had followed her. The sky was now painted red and purple with streaks of blue and she knew her time was waning. If she didn't make it to the hut, or if it was impossible to get into, the bounty hunter was sure to get her. The sun was nothing but a disappearing dot in the horizon. Madly, Quinn rowed the boat until she made it to the hut. A ladder led up to the little house and she scrambled up it. The sun completely disappeared and the sky turned dark blue with it. Quinn's heart was about ready to burst with adrenaline and fear when she reached the door. She couldn't help but look back and see her bounty hunter in the water, wading nearer. The night was upon them, if the hut wasn't open or able to be broken into, Quinn would be over. There was nowhere to run, and a dagger could only do so much. Quinn faced the door and, with sweaty hands, twisted the knob. The lock held.
“No, please, no!” Quinn whispered. She hurried to the window and breathlessly smashed it in. She jumped into it and drew the curtains. She was safe, the bounty hunters weren't allowed to go indoors to capture their criminal, it was against the law. Quinn ran to the door and peeked through the peep hole. The bounty hunter was climbing slowly onto the ladder and her head appeared over the edge. The bounty hunter wore silver edged armor, but mostly her suit was black, with a hood that covered her hair and most of her face, except for her penetratingly blue eyes. The bounty hunter, whom Quinn had named Danika, gazed at the door, straight into Quinn's eyes and Quinn gasped and pulled away from the hole. Danika couldn't get her in here. Quinn turned around in the hut and came face-to-face with a boy about her age. She gasped as her heart skipped a beat.
“Who are you?” He shouted and drew a knife to her throat. Quinn backed away from him and held her breath. She reached for her own dagger, but didn't draw it, the teenager was too close and aimed precisely at her throat. She gulped as she stared at the boy's fierce eyes.
This was not good.
I really shouldn't continue it, but I really want to, but I have started way too many stories recently! I gotta finish at least one or two before I start another.;P


  1. I know, I always say this, but.... That was AMAZING, Emma! :D I am totally stuck on my story and can't figure it out.... ;)

  2. Wow! That was awesome!!! I wish you could finish all of them :)
    I feel that way whenever a new story comes my way and I'm like; "Stop! I have a thousand stories I haven't finished yet!"

  3. Um... I would really appreciate if you continued this! XD I really wanted to read more; you are such a great writer! :) Maybe somehow you could make the next part for the next challenge of CWWC.


  4. Hey Emma! This story was suggested as one of the most well-written stories, and Glazed was suggested as the most interesting!