Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Writer's Block...Sort Of...

Hey everyone!
I am sure that if you are a writer you have experienced the AMAZING experience that is...Writer's Block...
(If it was unclear, I am being sarcastic about it being amazing.XD)
I have dealt with it a lot and it's terrible each time. But has anyone had the strange case of Writer's Nerves?
It's this strange feeling of nervousness when you open up the page to your story and you see the page empty. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get this strange anxiety when I start writing.
Is that weird?
It's hard to explain why I feel that way, I don't really even know.
But it's what I'm dealing with this evening. LOL!
Maybe if I just start writing it'll go away like usual.;P
I think this happens to me with most every artistic thing I do, like drawing or painting. I just see an empty page, canvas, piece of paper and I get nervous, because what if it's not everything I hoped it will be?
Or maybe it's that there are so many possibilities that an empty space can hold.
To help myself, and you if you're struggling with Writer's Block, I am going to post some inspirational quotes and other things I have found off Pinterest that concerns writing.:D
Yep. Sigh. 
I know... 
This is so true, it's hilarious!XD 
That's possible... 
Okay, yeah, you're right...
Okay, that last one got me. I'm gonna get to writing! I hope this helped anyone feeling uninspired!:D


  1. Ah, good old writer's block.....XD Those quotes were awesome!
    (Emma, have you read The Unwanteds series? I just finished the second one and I'm dying to read more!)

    1. LOL! Thanks!;D Yes! I got the third book for Christmas and began reading it, but I am trying to finish Storybound before I start reading it again!:D It's an awesome book series, I had no idea that it had, like, six or seven books in the series, I thought it was only a trilogy!XD

    2. Oh, I just finished the second one! Ah, the end is so sad! I NEED the third one! XD
      Wow, there's more than three? I thought it was a trilogy, too! ;)

    3. I know! I'm so curious about what happened to Samheed and...oh bleah...I'm blanking on the girl's name... Lani?;D

    4. I KNOW! I really want to know what happened to them!
      And Simber is so sad..... :(

  2. Writer's block drives me nuts. Ew. One thing I've been doing is writing the story of my life raw and real, no extras. It helps me practice for realistic dialogue and actions. Here's a bit of a sample:
    "I’m a writer.
    When I tell people I like to write, they ask me what I like to write. The truth is, I don’t know what I like write, because what I write is every sort of emotion inside me mixed up with all the books I’ve ever read. Add that to the new rich vocabulary words which I’ve found who knows where, and a bit of sarcasm when it comes to issues I feel strongly on, and you’ve got sort of what I like to write. Grandma loves it, Mom and Dad wonder where that it came from, and my friends wonder if I’m a lunatic or the next Joe March.
    Of course, equally important to writing is ballet..."

    My life isn't that interesting or story worthy, but I believe it's been helping me visualize the flow of my stories when I open up a blank page-you might want to give it a try!

    1. That was truly a wonderful and inspiring comment, my friend. Everyone is always like "You speak with big words." And I'm like "Indeed, people do say I have an extensive vocabulary." Just to spite them. I love that idea! My main goal when I write is for people to SEE what I'm writing and what I'm seeing in my head and feeling as I write it.

  3. I totally know your pain. Writing is one of the things I'm positive I'm good at, but I always go back and read it and then judge it too harshly. I have great ideas and story lines but I feel almost embarrassed by what I look down and see that I wrote. Those quotes are so me, and thanks so much! Hopefully I can get back to doing what I love most.

  4. Ugh, Writer's Block. We've all been there, I promise! I just got over a large case of Writer's Block that had kept me away from my novel since the end of November. It feels good to be back!

    WRITER'S NERVES. Someone finally named it! *celebrates* (Wait, why am I celebrating?!) That's arguably even worse than Writer's Block. I mean, you look at your notebook/computer/whatever-you-write-on and are just sort of scared to start writing, because what if it turns out to be trash? And what if someone comes along and reads over your shoulder, and they don't think you're good at writing?
    But *everyone* writes trash from time to time, and we aren't going to get any better at writing unless we keep practicing.

    Write on!