Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekly Writing Prompt - #1

Hi everyone!
I'm starting something new, a weekly writing prompt!:) Every week I will be posting a prompt I came up with, I already have a lot of ideas (which I need to write down before I forget!).:)
Here is the first one!
If this inspired you, I would love to know!:) Or if you write something based off of it, I'd love to see what you wrote!:D
P.S. AAWC starts today and I am so excited!XD
P.P.S. Also, AnonymousA is doing a writing camp over at her blog and I recommend you go check it out and sign up!:D


  1. Wonderful prompt, Emma. I love it!
    ~The Girl Upstairs

  2. Hey Emma! Guess what? I nominated you for the three day quote challenge!!!!! Go to my blog and see! :)

  3. I was outside, playing in my backyard.
    Summer had come and in class that day our Elementary School teacher, Mr. Taine, gave us all a long lecture about how he expected us to behave over the summer.
    I sighed, "I wish summer would just end already!"
    I would be going to Middle School the next year, but moping around all summer was worse than having to move to a whole new school.
    I sighed again and kicked a rock.
    The rock hit a tree violently, making an unusual dent.
    "What? It's like the tree is made of..." I knocked on the tree around the dent.
    "Metal!" I gasped.
    As I looked closer I noticed some lines forming the shape of a...
    "A door!"
    I immediately rushed into the house and came out with a flat head screw driver.
    I pried at the door, and finally it creaked open.
    I peaked my head in, "Hmm, dust, cobwebs and a... a hole!"
    I screamed as my foot slipped and I fell down a very deep hole.

    Okay, it's me again. Have you noticed how much this is like Alice in Wonderland? Now, back to the story!

    I landed on my back, knocking the breath out of myself.
    I woke up, hours later. My head banging, and my stomach flip-flopping.
    I sat up slowly, still recovering from my forty-foot drop.
    As I rose to my feet I observed my surroundings.
    I had landed in a grassy plain, with some trees scattered here and there.
    I started walking around, looking for someone.
    As I walked past a tree I heard something.
    It was... it sounded like... a child crying.
    "Hello?" I called, circling the large oak.
    About half way around the tree I spotted something.
    It was... a little girl... and an odd looking creature.
    "A... a dragon?"

    I'll write more later, if you want!

    1. Oooh! That's so good, Anika!:)

    2. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I just noticed I didn't use your sentence in my story! Well... not yet. I'll write the next part of the story whenever I can. :)

    3. LOL! It's fine!;) As long as it inspires you to write, I've done my job.;)

  4. I wrote the first part of my story over at! It was so fun to write! XD

    1. Hey Heather! I would really like to see your story and your blog but I can't! It is a private blog, and only people you invite can read it! I don't and can't have a wordpress account so you can't invite me! But I really wanna read your story!!!!!