Friday, April 22, 2016

A Broken Princess - #3 Story for AAWC

Hi everyone!:)
This week, the prompt for our stories is "Broken", I incorporated it, and I also used my team mascot as a character!:)
Amber careened to the stables, knowing it was her only way of escape, even if it didn't last. She ripped one of the stable doors open and encouraged the stallion to escape with her. He galloped out and Amber's panic subsided as she took him in.
“My, my,” she whispered, smiling. She let her gaze run over the stallion's gray-white wings, his broad chest, his indigo colored eyes that reminded her of a stormy sea. He was a Pegasus and he was hers.
She pulled herself onto the stallion's back before he pushed off into the sky. Amber's insides lightened as they climbed into the smoke smothered sky. While they made it farther above the smoke, she thought of what to tell her precious Pegasus, her mind racing with everything that had happened within such a small amount of time. But once they reached the clear sky, she didn't think anymore, the tears threatening in her eyes the whole way up forgotten. It was so beautiful, she couldn't even imagine the turmoil happening in her kingdom. She breathed in, letting the peace wash over her until she was numb. She almost felt like falling asleep, but she knew she had to face her torn kingdom. Just that morning a foreign king had waltzed in with an enormous army, wiping away her kind, small kingdom full of peaceful men and women. It made her sick when she had watched her father submit to the siege, although there was no other choice but to give in to the surprise attack. They hadn't even known that there was a threat until they heard the gun shots and screaming. Amber felt the tears creep up her throat and into her eyes again as she thought about her beautiful kingdom, broken and alone.
“Take me through the smoke, so I can look at my kingdom one last time,” she whispered into the Pegasus' ear and he nickered worriedly.
“I have to go back, even if that means-” her voice broke and he stared back at her, his blue eyes boring into her soul. “I'm a princess. I have a duty to stay for my people.”
But you could just run away. I could take you away. The Pegasus said through his eyes.
“No,” Amber said, choking on the word as her throat closed. “I have to stay.”
The Pegasus' head turned to face the kingdom below them. He angled himself to go into the thick smoke and they traveled through it, as Amber had directed him to. The terrified subjects cowered below them in the dark while soldiers stomped by. They didn't see the broken princess flying over them, her tears falling to the blackened ground.
That was pretty sad.:( Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the story, feedback is always welcome!:)


    That was a great story, Emma! It was sad, yes, but very good. :)

    -Clara <3

  2. 😢 That was so sad, but very impressive!

    1. Thanks, Anika! That means a lot!:)

  3. This is wonderful Emma...and sad...
    I mean, it's OK...for a Pegasus. XD :P ;)
    ~The Girl Upstairs

    1. LOL! Ha, ha. We aren't doing so well, but that will change.... *evil laugh* LOL! JK!;) Thank you!

  4. So very sad, but so lovely! Wonderful story!