Monday, November 23, 2015

Glazed Part Seven

Hi everyone!
Sorry this is coming so late! It took me forever to draw the picture for this part! Bleah!
They rode off on candy cane horses, towards the mysterious food people that her father was taking them to. They flew into the gloomy forest surrounding the fjord and wove through the dark trees. They slowed the candy horses at a stone circle and slid off of their horses. The family approached the stone circle, not noticing a curious small boy following them with his baby reindeer.
“Please, help!” The king shouted yet the stone circle seemed to be completely empty. Then the earth began to shake and they huddled close together. Round spots in the dirt began to rise slowly from the earth until the thin round spots were towering above the royal family. The tall tube-like people formed faces at the top of the tubes and arms and legs soon followed. Jaclynn gasped at the spindly figures and realized what this food was. These peculiar people were of the souffle kingdom!
The souffles whispered in shock and confusion.
The tallest souffle lumbered towards the family and called out, “Your Majesty,” he lowered himself in an awkward bow and his brown beady eyes gazed at Emma to Jaclynn, “born with the powers or cursed?”
“Born, and they're getting stronger,” he informed. The souffle held out his arms and the queen handed Emma to him.
“You should be very glad that the blast hit her head, not her heart. The heart is...Never mind. The head can be persuaded, luckily,” the souffle said as he touched his hand to her head.
“Do what you have to,” the king replied. The souffle nodded and brought his hand away from Emma's head. Sprinkles of magic drifted out of her head and hovered in front of the family.
“I recommend we remove all magic. Even memories of magic, just to be safe. But don't worry. I'll leave the fun, nothing will change besides that.” The magic in the air played memories of the two friends, slightly distorted so that Emma and Jaclynn had no donut magic fun. The souffle lowered the memories back to Emma's head and smiled, “she will be okay.” The pink streak in her hair faded back to blonde.
Jaclynn's eyes widened and she touched the souffle's arm.
“She won't remember I have donut powers?” Jaclynn asked.
“Listen to me, young donut,” The souffle waved his hand in the air and a scene played in the sky of a girl with donut powers, “Your powers will only grow. There is beauty in it,” the souffle paused and the scene shifted and became violent, “But also great danger. Fear will be your enemy,” the scene exploded and Jaclynn backed away to her family.
“We'll protect her!” The queen said.
“She can learn to control it, I'm positive,” the king added, “Until then, we'll lock the gates, we'll reduce the staff. We will limit her contact with people. Including Emma,” he continued, looking down at the two friends. They departed from the souffles hurriedly and rushed the two girls back to their castle. Fear grew rapidly in Jaclynn's heart as she glanced at Emma's still form. Once they returned to the castle, the sleepover was forgotten and the two girls were separated to their rooms. Jaclynn didn't sleep that night. Her powers had almost killed her best friend. She knew that her parents' plan was for the best, but she was still scared. Everything would change, unlike what the souffle had said. Worry planted itself into her mind and she couldn't go to bed. The night stretched on forever until the sun crawled from behind the far away mountains and shone on the rainbow floor. Jaclynn sprung out of bed and ran out to the hallway, desperate to see how her 'Cookie' was doing. Her parents were obviously as worried about Emma as she was and were already in her room asking her questions.
“I'm fine,” Emma said to her parents, who were hovering around her like bees, “the sleepover was fun, nothing happened.”
“Cookie!” Jaclynn shouted and Emma's eyes lit up as she jumped off of her bed. The queen was surprisingly fast and blocked the friends out of each others view.
“Just a second, Emma, we need to talk to Jaclynn for a second,” the queen said and scooted Jaclynn out of the room.
“You finish packing,” the king instructed and Emma nodded hesitantly.
The king and queen shut the door and looked at Jaclynn.
“We can't let your relationship go as it was. I'm sorry. It's for Emma's safety, you want to protect her don't you? If what happened last night happened again and she wasn't alright, then our kingdoms could go to war, the Cookies and the Donuts, they could,” The king said and touched Jaclynn's shoulder.
“Now we have some new rules to establish with you later, once Emma is gone home,” the queen added as she steered her away from Emma's door.
“Everything will be fine. We're hoping Emma won't even come back,” the king said and with that, pushed Jaclynn into her room and shut the door.
I hope you liked this part! Are you enjoying the story so far? Any tips for my writing?:)


  1. Ohh NOO! This is so amazingly amazing!! XD I am really enjoying it!

    1. Aw! Thank you so much, Clara!:) Yay! So glad!:D

  2. Aw, poor Jaclynn! I love this story. :)
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    1. I know right?;) Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!:)

  3. Ohhhhh! Wow.

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  4. i love it!!!