Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Pegasi's Plague - #6 Story for AAWC

Hi everyone! I am here with the sixth story for AAWC! The prompt this time around was "Smile" and I used it in my story.:) I also have a Pegasus as a character.:)

I walked through the woods, my mind wandering and thinking about all that I could. No one at the castle understood my philosophical approach to life, but I couldn't help but wonder about deep things. My companion, Azara, a Pegasus, trotted next to me, her neck dipped to the ground.
"Have you heard about the war, Azara?" I asked, my tone low as I brushed my hand on her shoulder.
Her ears pricked up and her midnight blue eyes, filled with what looked like a galaxy, gazed up at me.
Pegasus couldn't speak, but my people had learned their language. It was all in what their eyes said.
"The King declared it this morning," I said, staring down at the forest floor. "What do you think this will mean?"
Death. War. Things unseen. Possible destruction.
"Yes, but what deeper still? How will this affect the people? How will they cope when they see their fathers, brothers, and sons leaving to die?" I questioned. I didn't want my people to suffer. "I worry about their futures. About our future as a people and kingdom."
Azara nodded her head. The future is unsure. But worrying about it will not alter it. You will always have me through tough times and times of rejoicing though.
"Of course!" I cried as I looked down at my friend. She always supported my philosophical ideas and was a good balance, bringing me back to reality when I went too far into worry. She was solemn and firm, the perfect companion for me.
"Thank you," I whispered to her. She nodded again.
When we got back to the castle, everyone was racing around frantically. I bolted to the throne room where the King was pacing in front of his throne, advisers at his side.
"What's going on?" I asked, pounding toward him. "Father, what's wrong?"
He looked at me with angry eyes.
"They are already attacking us. They have people from their land coming here and poisoning all of our animals. If we don't have our loyal Pegasi by our sides, then this battle may as well be finished now."
"What?" I gasped. "Have you closed the borders?"
He nodded. "And I have added extra guard. No one will get in, but half of our Pegasi are already gone."
"No." I sighed. Half of the Pegasi. "We need to weed out the people that have already crossed the border."
"We already have, yet the Pegasi are still falling like flies. The stables are under lock down, yet somehow they're still dying!"
"What do we do?" I asked, feeling my heart rate increase. 
"We do not know what else to do."
I twirled a piece of my hair into a twist, then let it out. With a hopeless sigh, I replied.
"I know you will do what you can." I bowed quickly and hurried out to the stables. I had to see this with my own eyes. 
I pulled open the stable doors after passing multiple fleets of guards and saw most of the Pegasi dead. I gasped, my eyes filling. The Pegasi were loyal creatures that everyone respected and here they lay, 
I crouched down to one of the dying Pegasi and looked into its black eye, the galaxy in it faded. It shuddered as its last breath was taken and I read the single word in its eyes.
I rubbed my hand across its unmoving side and closed my eyes.
"I'm so sorry."
I had seen enough. This wasn't just food poisoning. Someone had unleashed a plague upon our Pegasi. I got up and walked out to the guards.
"Where is Azara? She was not with the others."
They looked to one another.
"She is in a separate stable. We hoped that she would not get poisoned either. She's under more protection than any others."
I nodded. "I want to take her away so she doesn't catch this plague."
"Plague?" they asked.
"Yes. It's a plague, that's why it's spreading."
"Oh," they trailed off. "The thing is, Your Highness, is that while you were gone, she seems to have caught it regardless."
"What?" I shouted. "Where is the stable?" I demanded. They pointed to the westward stable and I flew to it. I broke open the door and saw Azara lying still on a bed of hay.
"Azara!" I cried, but my voice broke. I crumbled to her side and looked into her eyes, the galaxy there beginning to fade, but she still breathed.
"Azara..." I whispered, touching her soft gray muzzle. "You promised you would stay with me." I mumbled. I felt a heavy weight on my chest.
I'm sorry. I have failed you.
"No! I have failed you. I should have done something differently."
The war has just begun, and I need you to be strong without me.
"I need you though," I said, tears wetting my face. She nickered a laugh.
You have never needed me.
I stared at her blurry face. "Don't go. Please. I love you."
Her Galaxy faded even more.
I must. Please, I need to know that you will be okay without me.
I swallowed, shaking my head.
I need to know. Eileen.
I closed my eyes. She only called me by my name if things were serious. Mustering my strength, I nodded my head.
"I'll be okay," I choked out. A smile touched her horse lips.
I love you, too.
With the same smile, she was gone, her life ended as a war began.
I'm terrible!!! Why do I keep making sad stories where people die or fade out of existence??XD I even was planning on making this a happy story, but I guess my default is I'm gonna kill as many characters as I can.XD
I hope you liked it though, I had fun making it!;)


  1. *sobs* *sniffs*
    Wow, Emma, that was so sad. But so good. :-)