Saturday, May 28, 2016

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Project Eight

Hi everyone!:)
Here are the prompts I used-

Our world's not safe anymore, but I longed for the times when I could leave the house without worrying, without drawing my coat closer to my chest as I passed a stranger. At night, I'd go to the roof of my house and lean over the edge and inhale deeply. The air was more fresh up there, the moon and stars seemed to shine brighter than before, and I felt free. I thought about the past, when I was truly free, the days where I would go down to the ocean with Krista and play in the water. The air seemed to hold a glittery quality there. But now things were different. Krista had disappeared and just the memory of her made me want to cry. I knew I wanted to make a difference, to change the situation. I wanted to change from the hunted, to the hunters. Before the Nameless appeared, we were happy and free to go wherever we wanted. Then the Nameless, the white ghostly monsters, showed up on the hunt for fairies, for us. They were cunning, brave, brutal, relentless, merciless... That's why we were hiding.
I stared out at the stars, the way the light just ended. The night sky reminded me of my aunt's collection of jars on her living room wall. I never knew what they were for, but they held what looked like little galaxies inside. If only those little galaxies could help our situation, if only I could find my aunt again. I took another glance at the sky and I felt a swelling in my chest, a subconscious decision I had just made.
I wasn't going to sit around anymore. I needed a hero. We all did. Someone needed to step up and become that hero, and that person was me. I climbed down the roof and to the streets, lighting a torch from my hand, one of the many powers I had as a fairy, and walked to the border of our haven. No one strayed past it. The Nameless were out there. If they did, they never came back.
Be a hero, be a hero, be a hero, I repeated to myself. I had to defeat the Nameless, I had to free my friends. I had to find Krista.
Mustering my courage, I stepped across the border.
I know it's kind of short, but isn't that a nice change?;) Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the story!:)