Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Project Three + Weekly Writing Prompts #6 and #7

Yay! I'm finally posting my story!:)
I used five prompts-

The prompts this round were so cool, I loved them!:D
I didn't want to have to feel the pain of my parent's deaths. It was too overwhelming. My grief turned me into a cold shell of who I used to be. Joyful. Full of life.
I stared blankly at the class room wall, my mind numb except for the fact that I wanted to be free of this pain. Everyone had left the school by now, but I hadn't even noticed.
"Corinne! The last bus is leaving and I have to get to my doctor's appointment. You need to leave, I'm sorry," the principal poked her head through the door. I snapped to attention and snatched my bag up.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll leave." I slipped out of the class room and walked out to the schoolyard when I began to feel all the grief of going back to my aunt's house come back to me.
I hesitated as I decided whether to go back home or to stall more. A trail leading into the forest at the edge of the school caught my eye and I froze. It had been so long. I was curious to see if everything I had seen so long ago still stayed there, maybe even Ronan could help me with my grief. I laughed at the thought of him caring enough to help me, but I walked toward the trail anyway.
I crossed the road and went through the secret trail Ronan and I had found so long ago.
Memories flooded over me as I walked in the forest, it was bittersweet, but it was better than all of the sadness I felt at my aunt's house. And everywhere else.
A sign Ronan and I had made stood nailed to a tree, saying-
Were they all still here? Would Ronan help me? I needed Ronan's help though. The forest was so quiet. So silent.
I called out his name in the silence, like he would actually hear. I laughed. Like he would actually care.
I sat on a tree stump and placed my head in my hands. I felt all of my grief towards my parents well up in my eyes, but I had a wall around my heart that stopped me from crying. I couldn't cry again, never again.
Glowing blue spots of light caught my eye and I glanced up. Cerulean butterflies flittered around my face and I almost smiled. They were so beautiful. They flew around my red hair, weaving around myself.
I gazed upwards to see Ronan, coming out of the trees.
"What are you doing here?"
"I-I-" I stammered, staring at him. He was so old now. I looked down at my toes. "I wanted your help."
"My help? Why would I help you?"
I shrugged. "I just- I didn't. I just thought maybe...I don't know."
He glared at me. "You do know."
"I just thought maybe after all we went through as kids...maybe you would help me." I frowned. "I know you won't though." I stood up, refusing to make eye contact.
"Wait..." his faery wings twitched. "What-um- what's wrong?"
"Never mind. I shouldn't have come-" I continued to walk away, but he flew towards me and grabbed my shoulder.
"Just wait-" he frowned. "Maybe I could help."
I paused. Should I tell him?
"My parents died," I whispered.
"Oh," he replied, taken aback. "I'm sorry. Well, what do you want me to do about it?"
I shrugged again. "I don't know. Is there anyway for you to make it so that I can't feel?" I laughed half heartedly.
He shook his head. "No. But maybe...I could take your bad memories."
"You could?" I gasped. "Please!"
"Are you sure though? This is serious."
"Do it," I answered. "Do it."
He frowned at me. "Okay."
He lifted his hands to my temple and I felt a cold wind suck through my brain as memories I had shattered and were taken away.
"What do you want me to do with them?" he questioned. Wispy gray, black, and blue tendrils swirled around his hands. Those were my memories that I no longer remembered. I just knew that they were sad.
"Do you have somewhere that I can store it?"
He nodded. Making a gesture with his hand, a white box popped into existence.
He stuffed the wisps into the box and shut it tightly. He made another gesture and a sharpie pen showed up. The sharpie danced over the box and he showed it to me.
Bad memories. Do not open.
"Whoever opens this will have the memories as their own. I'd recommend locking it up."
"Okay." I took the box away from him with a smile. I felt like all of my problems had been taken from me, leaving a hole in my mind. I didn't know if I liked it or not yet.
"Thank you, Ronan." I hesitated as I stared at him. I felt like hugging him, but our past still was in tact. I shakily put out my hand. He took it and we shook hands.
"You're welcome," he murmured. The box clutched under my arm, I walked back to my home.
Twenty years later...
I lay on my bed after another day at work. It had been another day. Another day with something inside me missing. I knew it was those memories, but I knew that they were terrible, horrible. I couldn't open it, but yet I still crept toward my closet in my apartment.
After pawing through a few bins, I found the cardboard box. My hands shook as I held it. I didn't know if I wanted the memories. I knew it had to do with my parents and how they weren't around. It would be heartbreaking, I knew that. I just had to feel whole again. I had hid from my memories for too long. I pulled the tabs back and let the memories wash over me and things came back with blindingly clear pain, sorrow, and grief. I sobbed as I mourned the loss of my parents. Their deaths. I let my walls break around my heart as I filtered the memories. I was dizzy after my crying, but I felt better getting my sadness out, although there was more deeper inside me. I gasped for a ragged breath. I felt broken, yet whole. I was completed then shattered, but I knew I was going to survive. No matter what, I wouldn't let this sadness break me for good. I wouldn't hide from my pain.
I hope you liked the story, I'm not sure how much I like the ending since I feel like it's a bit common. I want to do something different for one of my next stories. I want to do more of a story story.XD If...that makes any sense...XD GO DRAGONS!!!
I never made my weekly writing prompt for last week, but to balance it out, here's two for this week!:)
If these inspired you in some way or if you wrote a story based off of one of them (or both of them), I would love to know in the comments below!:)