Monday, May 9, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Five

Hi everyone!:)
They whizzed through the mountains and Emma could barely catch her breath.
“Hang on, we go fast!” Wes cried. Emma gripped the sleigh in front of her and gulped in a breath as the air burned her cheeks.
“That's okay, the faster we go the faster we get to Jaclynn,” Emma replied, but her voice was carried away by the wind.
“So, what made the queen go all magic crazy?” he questioned as he steered Crumbles through the maze of sprinkles and glaze.
“Oh, well, it was my fault, I guess,” Emma sighed and grabbed her cap from falling off, “I got engaged and then she was worried for me and freaked out since I had just met him that day, and she said she didn't think I should marry him but I disagreed and we-” Emma was cut off.
“Wait. You got engaged to someone you had just met... that day?” Wes asked, gazing at her like she was insane.
“Yep, so, she got upset and I got upset then she tried to walk away and it was just so frustrating that she kept leaving me and so I grabbed her hand to try to stop her from leaving again, but I ended up just ripping her glove off-”
WAIT. You got...engaged... to someone you had just met that day?” Wes exclaimed, gawking.
Yes!” Emma cried, exasperated, “Stop interrupting, please! As I was saying, she wore the gloves all the time, so I didn't even know why she wore them, except for some crazy fantasies I imagined up-”
“But how could you even think about marrying a stranger?” Wes cut in again.
“Wes, oh my gosh, stop interrupting me! But, if you have to know so badly, Cedric is no stranger. We are in love,” Emma crossed her arms.
“Really? How can you know who he truly is if you've only met him the day of? Do you even know his last name?”
Emma grimaced, “Fine, I'll amuse you, but you are acting just like Jaclynn! His last name is...of the Pastry Isles...”
“Favorite food?” he interrogated.
“Pastries,” Emma fibbed.
“Best Friend's name?”
“Eye color?”
“Brown!” Emma exclaimed. Something she actually remembered.
“Foot size?”
“How in the world would I know that?!” Emma shouted.
“Have you even had a meal with him yet?” Wes asked, looking at her, “What if you don't like the way he eats, what if he eats with his mouth open?”
“Ew!” she screeched, “He is a PRINCE!”
Wes raised an eyebrow.
“Those things don't matter! If it's true love, which it is, you can look past all that stuff!” Emma said.
“You mean their personality, their character, who they are inside?”
“No! Would you stop questioning my choices? It's true love and that's that!”
“I don't think so,” Wes disagreed.
“It doesn't matter what you think. Are you an expert?” Emma snapped.
“No,” Wes replied and looked down at his reins and out into the forest, “but I have friends who are.”
Emma bit back mean remarks, but her eyes rolled, “You have friends who are love experts? I'm surprised you even have friends.”
He frowned, having heard something. Wes' eyes searched around him and Crumbles slowed his pace, his ears twitching.
“What? What's wrong?” Emma asked, her heart beating faster. Wes didn't reply. He sniffed the air. “What?” she shouted.
“Shhhhh!” he hushed her. Emma gazed around at the forest. She didn't see anything.
“Crumbles, go!” Wes snapped his reins and Crumbles bolted.
“What's going on, Wes? What is it?” she shouted, her hair flying as they tore through the forest.
“Spoiled whipped cream wolves.”
Bwahaha! Cliff hanger!XD You'll get to know what spoiled whipped cream wolves are in the next part.:) Yay!


  1. Whoop whoop! Hooray form Glazed!

  2. awesome pictures! I love the one with emma and wes!

    Ooooooooo~SPOILED WHIPPED CREAM WOlVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and I LOVE both of the drawings!!!

    -Clara <3

  5. what are spoiled whipped cream wolves anyway? and I agree with Queen Jaclynn you can't marry a man you just met!:)

    1. I guess you'll just have to wait to find out!;D LOL! IT'S TRUE LOVE!!!XD JK!

  6. I'm always excited when I get one of these in my inbox! It's such an interesting story! :) This part was really funny, too(I laughed out loud). Wes is hilarious! :D
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Oh, and the drawings are so good, too!

  7. Three cheers for Glazed!!! :D
    Emma...Wes...they so cute I almost cannot contain myself!!! AHH! Ahem.
    Wonderful edition Emma! I loved the drawings. :)
    ~Grace <3

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