Friday, May 20, 2016

Creating Worlds Writing Camp - Project Six + #7 Story for AAWC + Lilah's Drawing Request

Hi everyone!:)
First up in this post is my sixth CWWC project/seventh project for AAWC. I included the prompt "silence", but I didn't use the mascot. Sorry.:(
I used fifteen prompts for CWWC!:)

I changed this to Here Be Ferrymen. If this doesn't count, that's fine.;) 

Alyssa sat in her hut, reading a book about the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen were the guardians of the other world's portals, mirrors. Only specific mirrors would take you to other worlds, and Alyssa had been searching for either a Ferryman or a portal mirror to take her away from the world that despised her for forever. For some unknown reason, everyone in the town hated her, which forced her into solitude. She didn't have any passion, friends, or spark to her dismal life. She was desperate to leave. She knew she had to find a Ferryman. They were her only hope of a happy life. She grabbed her bow, pulling it over her head. She draped her quiver of arrows onto her back and took a step toward the door. She needed a hero, to save her from this terrible life. She had had enough of waiting. She was going to be that hero. She threw open her door and slipped through the shady parts of the village, closing in on the border of the town. No one ever crossed the border and came back. She kept telling herself that she had nothing to lose, but she stalled as she waited behind a hut. All Alyssa had to do was cross the graveyard and past the border. Then she would search for the Ferrymen that she KNEW were out there. All of the books said that there was at least one Ferryman in the forest, past the border. That's why no one ever found a Ferryman. They didn't want to cross the border. They had lives in the village. But not Alyssa. She gripped the lantern in her hand. It was the middle of the day, but that didn't mean that it wouldn't get dark in the forest. She pressed herself up against the wall of the hut, squeezing her eyes shut. Taking a deep breath, she slipped out from behind the hut and raced across the cemetery, not daring to look back until she reached the border. She screeched to a halt at the edge of the forest, the edge of the border, the edge of a new world. She strained her eyes to stay focused on the border ahead, even though they begged to look back. She reached out her foot and leaped across the border. She couldn't tell that she dissolved from the sight of any villagers in the town. Alyssa felt a new emotion wash over her in the forest. Triumph. Happiness. She sprinted through the woods, on her hunt for a Ferryman. After the daylight faded, she started to feel hopeless. Her new found joy was rapidly being squashed by the fact that she hadn't seen any glimpse or hint that the Ferrymen were near. She felt her breath being squeezed out of her as the hope left her completely. Suddenly, she began to fall onto her lantern as a root caught at her foot. The lantern shattered and her dark cloak put out the small flame. The clumsy fall brought her over the edge with her feelings. She sobbed into the forest ground, not caring to get off of the glass. Alyssa craned her neck upwards and called out for the Ferrymen in the silence, like they would hear, like they would care about the black sheep of a whole village. 
She slowly staggered back onto her feet, dusting away the broken glass on her cape. She had been plunged into utter darkness, into utter silence. She stumbled farther into the forest, her senses being completely confused. Giving up for the night, Alyssa fell onto the ground and crawled to a tree. She stared out into the depths of the darkness. A tiny orange flame appeared from behind a far away tree and she gasped as a silhouette of a girl appeared.
"Ferryman..." Alyssa whispered, pushing her hands into the ground. She felt the grainy texture of wood in the ground and tore her gaze away from the flame to unearth whatever she had felt. She squinted her eyes at the board of wood and slowly read the white, painted words.
"Here be the Ferryman."
Alyssa jumped up and sprinted after the Ferryman, her legs pumping so quickly that she soon caught up to her. She slipped behind a tree as the Ferryman entered a small and empty flat of land untouched by trees or bushes. Alyssa watched her for a second then came out from her hiding place and up to the girl. The Ferryman looked at her.
"Who are you?" Alyssa asked her.
"You know who I am," the Ferryman replied. 
"A Ferryman," she guessed.
The girl nodded. "You come to ask me to take you away from this world. Don't you?"
This time it was Alyssa who nodded. "Yes."
"I'm sorry. But I can't take you to another world."
"Why not?" Alyssa asked, her voice breaking. She couldn't have come here for nothing. 
"For us Ferrymen, the world's not safe anymore. We are being hunted by The Olyprates. Tall, white creatures that are out for revenge against the Ferrymen, ever since we let an army go into their world. We were oblivious. The army destroyed almost all of the Olyprates, except for three, and those three are cunning, brave, brutal, relentless, and now they're hunting each Ferryman down to destroy us and get their revenge. I can not help you if I can not even help my fellow Ferrymen."
Alyssa stared in shock. "Please, Ferryman. I need to leave this world. I'm sorry for you, but you might be my only chance to leave this cruel world!"
The girl shook her head.
"I don't even have a mirror to take you somewhere."
"We do."
Alyssa and the Ferryman turned to face three little girls coming out from the forest. They were plain and ordinary, but in their eyes held confidence.
"Fellow Ferrymen!" the Ferryman cried. "You have a mirror?"
"Yes," the girls responded at the same time. "We heard everything. Just because we are being hunted by the Olyprates does not mean that we don't want to help others who wish to escape to other worlds. We will let you use our mirror."
Alyssa gasped as a smile broke out on her face. "Really?"
They nodded, bringing out a mirror from one of their backpacks. It was small but soon began to grow into a full length mirror.
"Wait, but will you Ferrymen be okay?" Alyssa questioned. The Ferrymen exchanged glances.
"That will be up to fate," the first Ferryman decided. The others nodded. "Go now."
The mirror began to glow blue around us and small blue butterflies burst out from the world in the mirror. They flew around them, and Alyssa cupped her hands together as one butterfly flew onto them. Such beautiful butterflies could only come from a beautiful world. A world where all of her bad memories here would disappear.
"Thank you so much," Alyssa told the Ferrymen and jumped into the mirror. She was ready for a new life. If only she knew that this wasn't the last time she would meet a Ferryman.
I hope you liked the story!
Now for Lilah's drawing request!  She asked for Harry Potter characters.:)

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. (I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce Hermione.XD) I made them cartoon-y instead of realistic, I think they're cute.;)
Lilah, I hope you like the drawings.:)


  1. Her-my-own-ee

    I read it as her-me-oine

    1. Thank you!! I read it as her-myoine. LOL!;D


      It would take place say, right b4 episode 4
      Picture this: A cartel named the Factionless Lasses, which is an all-girls group, is found by the Empire. Only one girl, a teenage human named Maraya Nightfly is able to escape. She steals an Emperial TIE which she repaints and re-names: Flying Ice.
      She crash-lands on Dantooine. There she finds another girl (a twi'lek named Ashe) and they adopt each other as 'blood sisters'. They attempt to fade away, and try to mind their own business, but it doesn't work out. Maraya and Ashe get caught up in a small-scale battle on Tatooine. The Imperials take them as prisoners. They think they're doomed, but a mysterious Jedi by name of Stack Mailsti!

      That's as far as I've gotten on ideas. XD. Sorry for the long comment. I am just making it longer by apologizing though.

    3. That sounds awesome, AA!:D I hope it works out well!:) No problem, your comments are super fun!;)

    4. Do you think you could maybe draw Stack, Ashe, and Maraya?

      I could comment with character sketches....

    5. Who are those people from? I might be able to draw them, but it usually helps a ton if I have multiple pictures to work with. If you comment with a character sketch for each one, I can tell you if I can draw them or not.:)

    6. ^from my fanfic. I like a visual.

      Name: Maraya Nightfly
      Age: 14
      Empire or Resistance? Resistance
      Backstory: Was a smuggler in a cartel called the Factionless Lasses. When the Empire found the cartel, she was the only one that escaped. Stole a TIE from one of the stormtroopers. Repainted it blue and named it ‘Flying Ice’. Met twi’lek named Ashe.
      Race: Human
      Description: Long reddish-brown hair, gray-green eyes. Tall for her age, but thin. Wears hair in one long braided ponytail. (goes down to knees)
      Outfit: Grey tunic, white leggings. Tall brown leather boots, short brown leather jacket.

      Name: Ashe Mahno
      Age: 15
      Empire or Resistance? Resistance
      Backstory: Kidnapped by Empire because she was hanging around, trying to figure what what they were up to. Abandoned on Dantooine. Found by Maraya.
      Race: Twi’lek
      Description: Pale blue skin, black markings on left arm. (Scars)
      Outfit: Black shirt, red leggings. Brown sandals. (She’s not just super practical)

      Name: Stack Mailsti
      Age: 30-something.
      Empire or Resistance? Resistance
      Backstory: Mysterious Jedi. Kind of.
      Race: human
      Description: Brown hair. tanned skin. Yeah. Something like that.
      Outfit: Brown tunic, brown leggings, brown belt. Real interesting. Brown boots. Brown everything.
      Other: Purple lightsaber.

    7. Oh gosh, I feel stupid! I thought those were characters from another book or something!XD I think it would be fun to draw your characters! Do you have any idea about what their face shapes are and/or any other shapes of their features? (Sharp noses, round faces, defined jaw, thin lips etc)?

    8. Maraya has high cheekbones and a defined jaw. the others are to be interpreted by you.

    9. Okay, sounds good!;)

  2. Oooh, that's a great story, Emma! *cough* For a dragon. XD
    Harry and Hermione look awesome! :)

    -Clara <3

  3. Awesome story Emma! We Keepers are still winning!
    Ooh! Awesome drawings!
    ~Grace <3

    1. Thanks! Actually, Team Dragons are still in the lead. I think that Team Keepers are in third place!;)

  4. I love the story, Emma!! And whoah, those drawings are good.

  5. I LOVE this!!! The drawings at the bottom were cute, too. I'm a huge Potterhead, I've read the series five times and I've watched all the movies, lol! If you haven't read them, you should, they're the best series ever!!! XD Oh, and also, you pronounce Hermione's name like Her-my-oh-nee. :)

    1. Thank you so much!:) I've never read them, but that's because my mom doesn't want us to read it when it's about a school where they learn witchcraft.;) I'm sure I'll read them when I'm older though.:) Thanks for telling me!:D

  6. great story...does she rescue the ferrymen!!???

    Love the harry potter drawings , hermione is aswome

    1. Thank you! I don't know, I'm suspecting that at least she would help rescue them.;) Thank you so much!

  7. Your writing is so intriguing! I want to know what happens next! Thanks for doing the drawing request, you did such good job!!

    1. Thank you, Lilah! That means a lot!:) Oh, you're welcome! It was fun!:)