Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Into a Memory - #5 Story for AAWC

 Hi everyone!:)
I know this is double posting, but I really wanted to post this today!:)
I had so much fun making the story for AAWC this round. I literally felt so sad while writing it, but don't worry, it was a good sad!;D
I included the prompt "Fade" and I included our team mascot, the Pegasus!:D
I clung to the tandem bike, pushing hard against the pedals even though I knew that I wasn't doing anything. A figment of imagination couldn't do anything, but Tilly loved me even if I couldn't help. Tilly rode in front of me and pumped, pumped, pumped. My wings fluttered against the breeze and I breathed in the fresh crisp breeze, savoring this amazing memory.
"I'm gonna go back now," she said.
"Wait, go down the hill here!" I replied, pointing to the small hill that we always went down. 
"K, hold on!" Tilly swung the handles to the left and we slid down the hill, our stomachs flying to our throats.
"Now home!" I called and we pedaled to our house. We walked into our room and collapsed onto the bed, giggling to one another. I tucked my wings in and stood up, not wanting to stay too long on my wings.
"We should probably go to sleep now. It's school tomorrow!" I told her and smiled, pulling back my long black hair.
Tilly grew quiet and I frowned.
"What's wrong?" I sat on the bed and stared at my best friend.
"I don't have any friends there," Tilly whispered, staring down at the seams of the comforter.
I placed my hand on her warm one.
"You have me," I smiled. "And I'll never leave you." We embraced and I smelled her flowery scent. When we let go Tilly grinned up at me, her sparkly blue eyes shining, but I saw a deeper longing beneath them. She wanted more than just someone she had made up, she wanted more than her imaginary best friend. I tried to keep my smile steady, but I knew this was the age that kids usually fell away from their imaginary friends.
I was her best friend though, ever since the beginning! She had created me from her own imagination. She formed me to have Pegasus wings, a slim figure, and shining brown eyes. She wanted me to be beautiful, so I was. I wore a silk dress with pearly sleeves and I was everything she ever wanted. How could she ever want more than me?
I was all she had!
We crawled into bed once she changed into her pajamas and I slid in next to her. Her face was downcast again and I kept my smile on so she would know I was there for her, no matter what, but she didn't meet my gaze.
"Goodnight, Tilly," I murmured, my eyes drooping. She turned her back to me and I could sense she was falling closer to sleep. I looked down at my hands, rubbing the pearl rings on my fingers against one another when I noticed something. My usual peachy glow had vanished and I was slightly faded. I froze as I stared at myself. This was what happened when kids stopped believing in their imaginary friends.
I squeezed my eyes shut, praying it was only the lighting that made me look faded. Soon, I fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of Tilly brushing her teeth. I bolted upright, dazed.
Why had I slept in? Usually I woke up right once Tilly remembered me, right once she woke up. I turned to face her and smiled, trying to mask my hurt and confusion. She nodded her head to me, her eyes sparking at the sight of me, but not in the usual excited way. Things went normally in preparation for school, but I noticed that my glow still hadn't recovered. I pretended nothing had happened.
The school day went normally, too, except for her theatre class. She met someone.
A small girl with curly brown hair greeted her at the door and sparked a conversation. Tilly immediately brightened her glumness. I smiled as mixed feelings washed over me. I was so excited she was feeling better, but it wasn't me that was making her feel happy, which I had never felt before, and I got to feeling jealous. I stayed at the edge of the room, watching them talk and talk. I growled to myself. Tilly noticed and glanced at me, but swiftly turned to face her new friend again. I felt tears grow in my eyes as the realization set in. 
She had made a new friend. Which meant she didn't need me anymore. I stared down at my feet. They were dull. She was already forgetting me.
When the class ended, Tilly walked out of the room, forgetting me. I gasped, betrayed and angry. I scrambled after them, my wings brushing against the door frame. I reached them, trying to get beside them, but I was stuck in the back. They were talking about a sleepover. That night. My graying face turned a shade red.
"No!" I yelled and Tilly gave me that same sideways glance. "What about me?" I whispered. She shrugged and I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart. The rest of the school day crept by and I went between raging mad and a sobbing mess. Tilly was my girl and I had no idea that it would be this hard to let her go. She was the only thing in my life I had ever loved so much. And what would happen when she completely disowned me? Would she simply forget all of the times we've had together? Was she really that disloyal?
Tears streamed down my face and I realized that my hands were extremely faded, I wasn't that far away from invisible. 
"Tilly-" I whispered, tapping her shoulder.
"Not now," she replied through the corner of her mouth and shrugged her shoulder away from me.
My heart split again. "But-" my voice was silenced as she purposefully tuned me out. I gazed at the back of her head, stomping behind them. They never stopped talking and I was irritated. They reached our house and giddily flew upstairs in a flurry of giggles. Like how Tilly and I did. More tears spilled out of my eyes. After an hour, the new friend, Paige, left to go get her things for the sleepover. Tilly stuck to her homework, working fervently on her school so she could spend all night with Paige. 
"So, are you excited for tonight?" I asked Tilly, my voice coming back now that she was alone. I tried to keep it light and pleasant, I was happy that she was feeling better, but I was torn between so many emotions. I had to still be there for her. It was a promise.
"Yeah!" she cried, not looking at me.
"I'm really-" my voice broke. I cleared my throat and tried again. "Really happy for you." 
My heart was breaking.
Tilly nodded as she finished her math and moved onto history. I slowly slipped away and onto the bed, burying my face into my practically invisible hands.
Paige came back, grinning.
"I missed you!" they screeched at one another and I grimaced, gagging in my mind.
They rolled out sleeping bags and blankets, making a cozy nest on the floor. They talked about school and teachers and life and preferences and I scowled at both of them as they did it. I could feel myself slipping away and Tilly didn't even notice.
"Tilly, I need to talk to you!" I shouted, merging all of my emotions into a desperate plea of urgency.
Tilly looked up at me, and I was shocked to see irritation flash across her gaze.
"Sorry, Paige. I'll be right back." 
"Sure, Tilly Willy!"
She nodded at me and I walked out with her.
I couldn't keep back my overwhelming sadness as we stared at each other.
"What?" she questioned, crossing her arms.
"Tilly, I-I- want you to remember me."
"I do," she said.
"You're forgetting about me, don't you see?" I opened my arms to show her my practically invisible self.
"You're just jealous that I have a new friend," Tilly scowled.
"No! I mean, I don't care that you have a new friend, but I don't want you to get rid of me!"
"I'm not getting rid of you."
"Look at me!" I begged and grabbed her arm. "I'm fading! You're forgetting about me!"
"I can do whatever I want," Tilly shouted. "I finally have a new friend and you're be selfish!"
"We're best friends! This isn't you!"
"Have you ever thought that I'm growing up? I have a new friend now! Shouldn't you be happy for me?"
I felt myself fade even more.
"I am!"
"Then how about you show it."
"I am happy for you! But what about me?"
Tilly's face broke out in anger.
"You're not real! You're made up! You're just my imagination!"
I took a step back, but you couldn't see that. I was almost invisible, nothing but a trace of a shadow. I stared at her as she turned away from me and headed back to her room. She paused at the door and glanced at what was left of me.
As she turned the doorknob, a tear slipped down my face as I faded from existence and into a memory.
I hope you liked the story, sometimes I hate how terrible and sad my stories can be.XD It sort of reminds me of Bing Bong from Inside Out.;)
P.S. I just realized that the imaginary friend doesn't have a name...;D


  1. :'( :'( This is sooo sad... yet so amazing.

  2. *sniff* *sniff* *SNIFF* *SOB*
    Why, Emma, WHY? XD
    That was SO sad!!! It was really good, though! GO TEAM PEGASUS! :D

    -Clara <3

    1. LOL! Thank you! GO PEGASUS!!!!:D

  3. *cries* *sobs* that was SO sad! I just want to read it over and over again, but I don't want to either! *cries harder*

    1. LOL! Thanks, Anika. I know that feeling!XD

  4. Soooooooo sad.....but so good! *ahem* For a pegasus, that is. XD
    ~Grace <3

  5. *sniff* *sob* Why, Emma, WHY!?!?!? You and Grace both are on an evil role!

  6. It's Bella by the way. This is my mom's Google account. ☺

  7. Emma, I sent you an email about The Elven Realm of Writing. Did you get it?
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  8. AHHHH.

    1. Thank you so much, Misty! That means a lot!:)

  9. Love the story....I really love the imagery friend , she was so beautiful with peagus wings and brown eyes... you know I was really mad at that girl who stopped believing in her imagery friend. But really good writing!:)