Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glazed Part Five and Six

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The last week of summer shot by until there was only one more day until the Cookies picked up Emma. 'Cookie' and 'Dee' played all day outside until the sun began to set.
“Princess Emma and Jaclynn! It's almost dark! Come in and get ready for bed!” A servant called. The two girls ran to the servant, out of breath.
“We aren't called Emma and Jaclynn anymore! It's Cookie and Dee remember?” Jaclynn said once she caught her breath. Emma nodded in agreement and followed Jaclynn into the castle.
“Oh, this'll be mighty confusing for the Cookies having a Cookie daughter named Cookie!” The servant murmured to herself.
Emma brought her blankets and pillows to Jaclynn's room and let it all fall to the ground with a rustle of fabric.
“I'm so excited that tonight we are going out with a bang and having a sleepover for my last night with you, Dee!” Emma grinned and Jaclynn nodded. Emma left and walked back to her room to gather anything else she may have dropped. A servant packed all of Emma's things back into their bags and Emma felt a sudden ache in her chest. This place was becoming another home to her and she hated to think of leaving. She was excited to see her family again, but she was going to miss 'Dee'. Emma sighed and grabbed a fallen pillow and dragged it back to Jaclynn's room. The sun had set and the room was falling steadily into darkness. A breath of fear swept through Emma as Jaclynn blew out the candle that was for light.
“Oh,” Emma whispered as the room was cast into complete darkness. She heard 'Dee' crawl into bed and Emma felt her way to her bed and lay down, her heart beating wildly. She didn't want to seem like a baby and tell Jaclynn she was afraid of the dark, but she couldn't sleep like this! Her breath came hurriedly as the blackness encased her. Emma whimpered and curled up into a ball as anxiety filled her body, crippling her. She heard blankets rustle and she saw a light coming towards her.
“Cookie? What's wrong?” Jaclynn sat next to Emma's make-shift bed on the floor and frowned. Floating in her hand, she held a glowing donut with her powers. Emma glanced down at her blankets and sighed.
“I'm afraid of the dark,” Emma admitted. Jaclynn smiled understandingly and focused on the glowing donut in her hand. The donut grew and grew as she fed her powers to it until it was the size of a pillow. Jaclynn swiped away her hand. The donut, still glowing, fell to the floor.
“Here's your new pillow!” Jaclynn said and scooted the pillow to the spot that Emma's pillow used to be.
“Thanks, Dee,” Emma replied, her face and hair illuminated by the donut's light. The chocolate chips in her hair looked like black rocks in a bright white river. Emma saw Jaclynn crawl back into her bed and she heard her sigh as she fell asleep.

Emma shut her eyes and snuggled into her new donut pillow. The scent of the donut lulled her to a sweet sleep and she couldn't resist.

“Dee! Dee!” A heavy form moved on Jaclynn's body and she opened her eyes. Emma bounced on top of the bed and Jaclynn yawned.
“What are you doing up?” Jaclynn asked through another yawn.
“I'm not tired! I wanna play!” 'Cookie' hopped up and down until Jaclynn's teeth rattled.
“Go back to bed! We'll play in the morning!” Jaclynn said and shut her eyes.
“Dee. I leave in the morning,” Emma whispered sadly. Jaclynn opened her eyes and sat up.
“What do you want to do?”
The girls tip toed down the halls and carefully opened the ball room doors and let it shut silently. 'Cookie' pulled Jaclynn away from the door and giggled.
“Do it! Do it!” Emma urged and Jaclynn raised her hands into the air quickly and a shower of glaze and sprinkles rained down. Emma raised her own hands and hopped up and down as sprinkles landed in her hair.
“What else can you do?” She asked. Jaclynn bounced into the air and slammed both feet on the ground. Glaze spread onto the ball room floor and covered it entirely.
“More!” Emma laughed and Jaclynn flung her hands around and huge donuts popped up onto the floor.
“Let's make a Donut Man!” Emma cried and stacked a donut onto a bigger donut. Jaclynn bounded over to her and helped her finish the donut man. They added a head and they gazed at their Donut Man. Jaclynn frowned. He was awkward and looked weird. Jaclynn twirled her hands over him and his face grew two blue M&M eyes, sprinkles lined his mouth, and his torso grew two long donut arms.
“He's a proper Donut Man, Dee!” Emma gasped and flung her arms round him, “He needs a name! Let's name him Fred!” Jaclynn and Emma laughed.
"No, let's name him McGlaze!" Jaclynn offered and Emma grinned.
"I love it! It's perfect!"
“More glaze!” Emma giggled and Jaclynn threw her hands to the sky and more glaze and sprinkles shot up in the air.
“More!” Emma repeated and Jaclynn produced more.
“I never wanna leave!” Emma cried.
“Then don't! Stay with me!” Jaclynn replied. Emma stayed silent for a second, then stacked a donut onto another, and another, and another. She climbed up onto her stack and jumped up into the air.
Jaclynn, seeing what Emma wanted her to do, created another stack of donuts with her powers. Emma hopped onto another stack that Jaclynn created, then another. The game continued to go on around the ball room and Emma jumped faster each time.
“Cookie, don't jump so quickly!” Jaclynn shouted as her magic formed another stack. Emma jumped faster and Jaclynn struggled to keep up. Jaclynn took a step back and her foot got caught in a donut hole. Breaking her concentration to look down at her foot, Jaclynn's eyes shot back to Emma, mid-jump. Time slowed down and Jaclynn screamed, “Emma!” but it was too late. Jaclynn thrust a donut stack blindly and her magic hit Emma.
“No!” Jaclynn shouted and, pulling her foot out of the donut, ran to her friend. She grabbed Emma's shoulders and leaned her unconscious body to the side.
A chunk of her golden hair turned a sticky pink and Jaclynn gasped, her little body trembling in fright.
“Cookie,” Jaclynn breathed.“MOM! DAD!!!” Jaclynn screamed at the top of her lungs.
How did this happen?! Jaclynn thought as she shook Emma. She waited a few moments, then her parents came rushing into the ball room and gasped as they saw Princess Emma unconscious. They raced to them and scooped her up.
“I'm sorry!” Jaclynn cried.
“We need to get her to a doctor!” The queen said, who was holding Emma. The king gazed out into space as he thought of a plan.
“I know where we need to take her,” The king whispered.
I hoped you liked the double part! Until tomorrow, ta-ta!:D


  1. OH NO!!! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN??? XD I need more! This is so amazing! :D

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  3. Wow! This is kind of like a donut twist on Frozen! XD You left me in suspense!!

    ~Ms. AGdoll~