Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trying Out New Skin Tones

Hi everyone!
I am usually always drawing Americans with really pale skin and I want to branch out with my drawings so I decided to color in some more darker skin tones.:)
Here are the two drawings I did-
You can't really see much difference in this photo, but I colored her skin in with a brown pencil to make it darker than usual.:) She sort of reminds me of Demi Lovato.;)
This girl is a hula dancer, sort of inspired from Lilo and Stitch.:) I only got the idea for a Hawaiin when I was making her outfit so her face isn't very Hawaiin-y but I did color her darker.;)
I think that the next drawing I will make an African American! Ooh!:D


  1. wow! i love the hula girl, she is really pretty!

  2. That first one kind of reminds me of Poppy O'Hair an ever after high doll. But only kinda. Especially in the eyes. Mostly she looks like Demi. ;)

    1. Oh, yeah! When I was drawing her she reminded me of her too!;)