Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Journey to Drawing Men Succesfully!

Hi everybody!
I'm just going to face it. I stink at drawing guys. They have always been a weak spot for me to draw and I stunk at them so badly I didn't even want to try to draw them.
So, you may or may not have noticed that I have never posted drawings of male characters before... Well, I was exploring my Pinterest drawing board when I came across a pin that really inspired me to draw guys.
Using the picture as a guideline for my drawings, I drew these two pictures-
I went for an adventurer for this character. OOH! I totally just got an idea for a future post!;) 
And then I drew these two people. They are brother and sister and I have no idea what they are looking at.XD
 I am super happy at how my guys turned out! I'm really excited to grow in this aspect of drawing.:)
Do you have a weak spot in your drawings? If so, what is it?:)
Bonus Drawing-


  1. These are great! My weaknesses are mouths and hands.

  2. Wow, those look pretty good!
    I don't draw good guys either... I think it is cuz. We just start drawing girls since when were little kids, yea know.
    Anywho, these all look great, my favorite is the brother/sister one. ��

  3. I'm really good at drawing nature (flowers, landscapes, trees, etc.) but my people do not fit my standards, but everyone else tells me their really realistic..