Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hey everyone!
As I continue to create and learn about my MC in my new story, I try to find ways to make her relatable and realistic. Something everybody has is fear. You may be afraid of the ocean or spiders and it is just another thing that makes you, you.
Everyone has fears and so should your characters.:) I am here to make a list of the many fears that some people have, so that you can use any of them for your character.:)
Fear of spiders and/or bugs
Fear of heights
Fear of long words (Yes, it's a thing!;D)
Fear of small spaces
Fear of flying and driving
Fear of dying
Fear of going outside
Fear of being alone
Fear of dogs and/or animals
Fear of stairs
Fear of clowns
Fear of failing
Fear of becoming lost
Fear of the dark
Fear of books (Again, yes! It is a real fear! It's called Bibliophobia!)
Fear of fear itself
Fear of being poor
Fear of space
Fear of fire
Fear of love
Fear of drowning
Fear of sharks
Fear of germs
Fear of natural disasters
Fear of being poisoned
I was making this list in the car with the help of my sister and my mom! I hope that this helped you come up with a fear for your character!


  1. Wow! Is fear of chickens a thing? It is for me! :)

    1. LOL! You can have a fear of anything, and chickens can be pretty violent, so it's not the craziest fear!;)

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