Saturday, April 8, 2017

i am a drawrer ~ hear me roar ~

A+ titling right? ;)
It's sort of a struggle to come up with new titles to make more art posts sound different than others...XD I can't just keep labeling them- Recent Drawing #30029! XD
But, that's what I'm here to show you, guys! I've been in a slump with practically everything but drawing (even though I think I'm finally getting on top of my blogging game again!), so I've had to draw a boatload to get me through this hobby slump. XD
(No, but seriously. I don't want to write- I think I'm getting out of this one slowly, too, I don't want to read, I don't want to blog, I don't wannaaaaa)
Morgana from Merlin! This was so much fun to draw! Her hair is so crazy and wild and her face is so angular and awesome, and the angle I was drawing her was different for me. :)

MERLY PANTS!!! Aka Merlin. XD
Another thing that was cool about drawing this was that I realized I rarely draw really smiley peeps, so this was different and fun! :)

Now moving out of Merlin (which y'all have to watch so I can die and cry and scream with you) and onto Star Wars Rebels!

Even though she's not totally accurate to her Rebels self, I had a lot of fun drawing her! Sometimes it's more fun to just draw and not be so perfectionistic. :)

As I've mentioned a couple times before, The SSOD is The Secret Society of Desserts that Dee and I started has new members! These are all of them from left to right-
Taffy, Fudge, Cobbler, Churo, Dee, Cookie (me), Gummi (gummy bear), Nilla (nilla wafer), Twix, and Hershey!
It's super exciting to have these new members. :)

Moving onto random characters I've created! This is just a very cartoony girl I did when I realized I didn't do many overly happy people. ;)

Trying new angles on characters...:)

While we are talking about trying new things, I've been wanting to try some different pens and stuff for drawerings, so I used Sharpie for this one (not what I had in mind, but whatever. XD) and didn't totally hate how it turned out. :)
It was really fun to try a sitting position paired with the really pretty dress. :D

Creepy hood lady. O.O

Scroll past... Scroll past!!! XD

I have two more drawings to show you that are sketches. This one was sort of inspired by Shakespearean stuff as well as Burdge Bug kind of style. I didn't finish it though cuz I didn't like the pose and I felt it was unnatural and too rough. :I

AAAAAAND random girl to wrap up the post. ;)
I hope you liked the drawings, tell me in the comments below which one you liked best! :D


  1. REBELS!!!!!!!! that picture of Sabine is sooo good! :D
    I also like the sharpie one. :)
    wow. where did you get all those members? O.O
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    1. Thanks, Olive! They are all Hershey's siblings! She has a ton, so that's why we have so many! ;)

    2. oh. that makes sense. XD (hey, she beat me! I've only got 6 siblings!)
      Most crazily, ~Olive

    3. Only? Wow. I have four and usually that's considered a large family! ;D

  2. these are cool, my favorites are the hamlet drawing , Morgana , and The SSOD drawing.


  3. These are too too awesome! Morgana looks so cool! (Even though I've never seen Merlin :)
    The SSOD Looks too cool, I'm jealous :D
    drawing with different pens and stuff is really fun but it's hard to pull it off sometimes, you did a great job. Speaking of that, I'm saving up for copic markers to better advance my drawings (especially my anime ones :)
    Your drawings remind me of those really cool ones you find one Pinterest or something you know what I mean?
    I recently posted some more drawings on my art blog. (Finally :)
    I'm actually about to go and draw a ship for one of my stories made of watermelon :D
    Awesome post!

    1. You should totally watch Merlin! It's amazing!!
      Aw, thanks! ;) Oh, copic markers are so cool! I WOULD buy them, but they're so expensive and I couldn't imagine spending all that money just to get the colors I use. O.o
      Wow, thanks, Addy! I'll have to check your blog!!

  4. The random happy girl is my favorite... there's so much movement in her hair and position and smile. I love it!!! :D


  5. Teeeeeeeeeach meeeeee! You're so good at art! Ooh, what are the qualifications too join SSOD? ��

    1. LOLOL! Thanks so much, Danielle! I literally have no idea how I do it so I would be an awful teacher. I would be like- well. Draw a circle. Then, um, the jaw line. Um. No, that's too low...... Never mind. :I LOLOL!
      Unfortunately, it's only really open to me and Jaclynn's good friends...;)

    Lovely work as always!