Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hi everyone!
This post's title is totally a joke, I am not a basic hashtag peep. If you are, that's fine though...I'm just not...Even though I use hashtags a lot in texts and conversation, it's just as a joke....O.O
So I was inspired to make a list of my blogging goals from Katie's most recent post over on Scattered Brained Seamstress! :D
I thought I would share it with you guys, because why not? It would make sense for you all to know what I am trying to do! :)
Here is my whole list, but let's start with blogging goals for DTW first! :D

Post once a week (or more!)
Make & post writing prompts again
Post Glazed at least once a month
Reply to comments promptly!!!
Do something about hermitting- cuz it's important
Customize blog by making a header (Something I really have been wanting to do lately but have no idea how! Does anyone know a good place to make that kind of thing?)
Change the font (cuz apparently it's something people dislike even though I like it. :()

So those are my goals for this here blog that I want to do! :) Posting once a week is probably gonna be the hardest thing, because I don't want to just post the same old stuff over and over again. OOH! That reminds me. I need to do another Recreations, one of my favorite things ever to do! Maybe I'll work on that today...;)

My blogging goals for Wacka (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls, but Wacka for short. ;D) are...
Post at least once every 2 weeks
Let Faye post once a month
Find new doll blogs to follow!
Comment on all the posts I read
Look into customizing blog some more
Make a new announcement about that one specific thing you have in mind once you have everything in place
Post new and original content along side classic format posts

And my random goals arrreeeee...
Read daily
Draw at least one new drawing per week (definitely a problem I am having right now. All I am doing is drawing. O.O XD)
Write 1,000 words a week
Finish Wings of the Banished B4 November
That last one is definitely going to be the hardest one... I need to finish it by November, but what would be most preferable would probably be like August. But I have no idea if I can make it that quickly. I'm almost 60k into the book and so much more needs to happen...O.O At LEAST 20k more words...Let's hope I'll finish it on time for NaNo... Hehe.

So those are my goals! Do you have any specific goals for yourself or your blog? I really loved doing this and I feel inspired to go get this stuff happening! XD
But I badly need someone to help me find a place where I can make a header for my blog...I don't know where to even start, so if you can help me make a collage a rectangle and not a square, please tell me. XD


  1. First off, can I just say that you have awesome handwriting? My handwriting is a completely illegible scrawl. XD
    I actually quite like your blog's font. People have told me they don't like stuff about my blog's design, but I kept it anyway because I liked it. XD
    Ooh, reading daily is a great goal! I've been trying to do that, and recently is hasn't been very hard because I got hooked on this book series called "All the Wrong Questions" and I've been reading like a book a day... :P
    One of my blogging goals is to be more consistent about the number of days between each post and post The Smallones more consistently. :D
    Your goals look great! Good luck with them! :D

    -Clara <3

  2. Haha, great goals! I ended up buying a template for my blog, because sometimes it's easier to buy something instead of making it, lol....I love your handwriting! As a person with bad handwriting, that makes it #goals.

  3. Same as Clara, I love your handwriting! Those sound like some great goals!

  4. cool! I get you on the writing one. actually, I kinda don't. my writing scale is MUCH smaller. exactly 1,000 words was the most I've ever written in my life. *sighs*
    yay! Faye posts! (ROUGE ONNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  5. I love your lettering. :P And good goals!
    I hope you post your art if you keep up your drawing goal! Your drawing is amazing. O.O
    And if you like your blog's font, I'd say keep it! :P But if you do make a new header, works really well. It has lots of fonts on.