Thursday, January 7, 2016

Glazed Part Thirteen

It's up! The next part of Glazed!:D
The years continued to go by in repetition. Emma went to the Donuts every summer and every summer Jaclynn's power grew stronger as well as her fear. Jaclynn spent more time within the confines of her room fretting over her magic, and Emma spent more time talking to her dolls. Why she continued to come every summer, she wasn't exactly sure, but she had the feeling that she needed to. That Jaclynn needed her in some way. Also, to show friendship and trust between the two kingdoms, the Cookies demanded that Emma go to the Donuts every summer, if she liked it or not. Which, to a degree, she did like, but she still felt like she was doing something wrong with Jaclynn. But yet they still felt like friends. Confused by her emotions, Emma continued to go to the Donuts until she was nineteen and Jaclynn twenty-one.
Emma's carriage jostled to the castle's massive, pink gates. They were only ever opened when Emma was coming. The gates creaked open and Emma couldn't avoid staring at the rusted hinges as the carriage pulled them through.
“Hello!” Emma said as she stepped out of the carriage and straightened her dress. A servant, straight as a toothpick, stood waiting for her. Emma was used to this kind of welcome, but 'Dee's' parent's were usually there to meet her, too.
“Hello,” She replied as Emma came up to her.
“Where are the King and Queen?” Emma looked around. The servant glanced down to her black dress and her face softened. Gazing at the black dress, Emma's eyes grew wide.
“What happened?” Emma whispered.
“Their ship was drowned while they were traveling, Your Highness,” The servant replied, her eyes glistening.
“Oh,” was all Emma said. They stayed in respectable silence until the servant gestured for them to go.
“How is Jaclynn taking it?” Emma asked as she looked down at the servant.
“We don't know, Your Highness.”
“What does that mean?” Emma questioned, her brow furrowing.
“She hasn't left her room ever since the King and Queen left on their trip,” the servant explained as she walked to Emma's guest room.
“I am so sorry for your loss. I truly feel terrible. They were somewhat like second parents to me,” Emma sighed and lowered her head solemnly. The servant nodded her head and stopped at a familiar door. Opening the door, Emma slid into the room and dropped her bags.
“Thank you,” she said.
“You're welcome, Princess,” the servant began to leave when she scooted back, “Oh! Highness, there is to be a coronation for Princess Jaclynn, since she is to be queen. It's to be on the last day of the week.”
“Thank you!” Emma dismissed the maid and she scampered away. Emma stepped away from the open door and touched her chin thoughtfully.
A coronation for 'Dee'?
Emma grinned. This would be a perfect time to talk with her friend! She could finally speak to her about their relationship, share her concerns and problems, her hopes for it to become better. They were supposed to be best friends, but she hadn't even seen her the past two years. Emma sighed as she thought of the two friends finally reconnecting and being like how they were meant to be.
Maybe that's it, Emma thought, Maybe this is why I come back every summer. Because I know what we are meant to be. What we could be. I'll never stop trying to fix us, because those glimmers of our friendship are what we can be. And she's worth it.
Emma unpacked her things giddily, feeling that her feelings were set straight.
I hope you liked the next part! It'll hopefully be by the end of the week or earlier!:D



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