Friday, January 29, 2016

Glazed Part Seventeen

Hi everyone!:D
I have the next part of Glazed here for you!:) I hope you enjoy it!
Music blared from a lively orchestra at the edge of the room and dancing couples swung and skipped to it. Everyone laughed and smiled at the joyous occasion. The dance finished and one of the servants announced the two princesses together. Emma was to stay with Jaclynn for the night, to show the alliances between the two kingdoms.
“Queen Jaclynn of Diddle Pop Land. Princess Emma of Cookie Doodle Land.”
The crowd bowed to the two royals and Emma positioned herself next to Jaclynn.
Emma looked at her 'Dee' and opened her mouth to say something. She wanted to talk to her, ask her her questions, tell her how she felt, after all, this was what she had been waiting for, yet every word escaped her.
She shut her mouth and looked out to the ball room, feeling defeated.
Emma's head snapped to Jaclynn.
“Hi?” She questioned. She hadn't spoken to Jaclynn in at least two years, and now she was saying hi? How do you respond to that?
“Um, hi...” Emma whispered, stunned.
“You look very nice,” She continued. Emma smiled and she felt like a sudden weight was inching its way off her shoulders.
“Thank you! You look so pretty! I like your hairstyle, Dee,” Emma replied.
“Thanks, Cookie,” Jaclynn grinned. Emma felt ecstatic and her smile made her cheeks ache, they were still calling each other by their nicknames! They looked out at the boisterous people and Jaclynn took a breath, “So this is what a party is like?”
Emma nodded her head, “Yes! It's so fun seeing the different dessert people-”
Emma noticed Jaclynn's nose taking deep, long breathes.
“- and smelling them too!” Emma and Jaclynn giggled at the joke. Jaclynn opened her mouth to say something else when a short older man swaggered to the girls. He bowed to them and smiled cockily.
“Greetings, Your Highnesses, I am the Duke of Ice Creamtown, as your second closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting that I offer you your first dance as Queen, Your Majesty!” Emma glanced at Jaclynn's face and noticed her face turn a shade paler.
“I-I don't dance,” She muttered and flicked her gaze to Emma, “-but Princess Emma does!”
“Oh!” Emma cried out in surprise. “No, really, I don't think-”
“Lucky yooou!” The Duke hooked his arm around hers and pulled her through the crowd of people, not listening to her attempts to tell him no. They began to dance and Emma tried not to look at him too closely. He had snow white hair with yellow highlights and wore a white suit with golden accents. From his appearance, it wasn't hard to guess that he was Vanilla Ice Cream. The Duke hopped up and down next to Emma and one of his cream colored boots slammed onto her toe.
“Ow!” Emma clenched her teeth. Good thing he was so small and didn't weigh much.
“Speaking of, so nice to have the gates open! Do you know why they were shut in the first place?” The Duke drew nearer on tiptoes, “Hmmmmmmm?”
Emma leaned away from him, “Um. No.”
The Duke seemed disappointed momentarily and then smiled again.
“Oh, well,” he said abruptly and looked at the ballroom with a scrutinizing glare, as if he could learn the answer if he focused enough. The dance ended a few minutes later and Emma staggered back to her friend, her toes throbbing from the duke's constant stomping.
“Well! He was...” Jaclynn trailed off, thinking, “enthusiastic.”
Emma and Jaclynn laughed until Jaclynn said, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I'm fine! I'm better than fine really. This is so nice. I'm talking to you...” Emma smiled hopefully, “I want it to be like this all of the time.”
Jaclynn nodded her head and smiled back, “Me too,” Jaclynn's smile slowly vanished and she looked away, “But it can't.”
“Why not? This-”
“It just can't!” Jaclynn snapped. Emma's eyes widened and she took a breath.
“Excuse me,” Emma whispered and she stepped away, leaving Jaclynn looking sadly at her.
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The next part will probably be up soon, I might have to draw a picture, or I might have one in a previous sketchbook.;)