Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's That Time Again... My Top Faves

Hey everyone! It's that time again...I've gone through a whole sketchbook again! I think that whenever I finish a sketchbook, I while post my personal favorite drawings I have made.:)
So here are my personal faves of my previous sketchbook---
I remember when I made this character...I think I was watching the movie The Barnyard. I wanted to make a villain since I'm always making nice people. I like my villain, she has power over lightning!:) 
This girl was loosely based after my sister.:) 
I remember seeing a house on my way to church that was painted turqouise with these purple flowers next to the house.:) 
This couple was based after The Baker and his Wife from Into the Woods. I stink at guys.:P 
This was my hand chart, not good, but still...you know...;) 
I drew a picture of my dog, Hallee. I really loved it, definitely one of my faves!:) 
This picture was based off of Honey Lemon in her helmet, but then I deserted it. But a little bit ago, I drew hair instead of a helmet.;) 
And this is Anna from Frozen Fever. I drew Elsa too, but instead of looking happy, she looked extremely tired and slightly drunk looking.XD
I hope you liked the drawings!:)
Oh! And guess what? I FINALLY started that writing prompt story!;)


  1. I like all of them! You are a great artist.
    Haha, Anna looks cute, but I can see how that scene would be easy o mess up with Elsa- her expression, ya know.

    1. Thank you, Peace! Yeah, I'll just have to work on that!;)

  2. Love it! I'm so jealous of your hands. My characters always have their hands behind their backs. XD

    1. Aw, thanks! Yeah, sometimes mine have that too! What I find that helps me is to have a reference to draw from.:)

  3. I look forward to seeing you as a Disney Animator one day!! Your sketches are beautiful! :)