Monday, August 17, 2015

Fantasy Literature Camp Project Number One

Hi everyone!
This is my first project for FLC! I hope you like it everyone (and Kathryn!;))
I'm sorry, Kathryn if it's a little long. I have a hard time making really short stories.;)
My story was based off of this picture-
I stood in my room, looking out the window at the land below. My brown eyes darted to the forests closest to me and the town tucked behind it. I fingered my lace dress and smiled dreamily. I closed my eyes and imagined myself as a princess dancing around the town. My thoughts in my head were so clear and vivid I could feel myself dancing. I opened my eyes from my imaginary world and felt a smooth object in my hands. I glanced down at my hands and saw a pearl tiara in my hand, diamonds set in twines of crystal. I lifted the tiara to the light and let a sun ray beam through the largest diamond. I placed the tiara on my head and smiled, feeling like a princess. If only everyone in town saw me as a princess. I picked the crown off of my head and placed it on my bed. My bed was covered in rose petals and was a soft pink color. I gazed at the tiara and thought about how it had materialized from my imagination. Mother and father said I had such a strong imagination that I could imagine things into existence.
I didn't know how it worked, but I hated it and loved it. I loved it for the reason that if I imagined something, it would happen, but I hated it for the reason that I was banished from the town. The town said my imagination was too dangerous for a child to control.
I sighed and fell onto my bed, causing a mini explosion of rose petals. My auburn curls spilled out around me and I sighed again.
Two more weeks. Two more weeks. Two more weeks. My head repeated those three words over and over. Two more weeks until I can go to the town. That was my dream.
The people of the town had told me I could come back to the town when I turned eighteen. Hopefully, I would be responsible with my thoughts by then.
I twisted myself onto my side and studied the crown. Anxiety bubbled in my stomach as I thought of the responsibility that would be constantly weighing on me. I pushed those thoughts aside and closed my eyes.
“Mona!” My eyes popped open.
“Mom, Dad!” I smiled and ran to my parents who were coming through a door downstairs. I stumbled down the steps, holding my long lace dress out of my way. I came down the steps breathlessly. My father and mother stood in the room straight as sticks. My mom's brown hair was tied back with a scarlet ribbon and my father's gray eyes looked tired.
“How are you both?” I asked, my head bent downwards to show respect. My mom smoothed her green dress then shifted her gaze to my lace dress.
“Is that new?” My mom's lips tilted downwards and she shared a glance with my dad.
“Uh, yes. I imaged it,” I stared at the floor. “Imaged” was what we called it when I imagined something into existence.
“You know we don't want you to do that,” My father stated. I nodded and apologized. My mother shook her head and took a deep breath.
“Mona, we spoke with the town council today. They elongated your banishment,” Mother sighed. I gasped.
“No! But they don't even know what I can do! I haven't been a danger to them!” Anger rose in my heart and my cheeks and ears burned.
How dare they cut off my one dream?!
“I know, Honey. But they aren't subject to change. You're dangerous to them,” Dad explained. His words hit me like a dagger. I staggered away.
“What?” I asked, tears burning in my eyes, “You think I'm dangerous?” My father opened his mouth, but I turned and fled to my room, stumbling over my dragging dress. I shut the door and locked it. My mind buzzing with thoughts. I felt numb. I knew that the townsfolk thought that I was dangerous and untrustworthy, but I didn't think that my own parents saw me that way.
The door boomed with my father's knocking.
“Mona, I didn't mean it that way,” His voice was muffled.
You're lying! You think I'm dangerous!” I shouted. There was silence at the other side of the door. Tears stung my eyes as they fell down my cheeks. I threw myself on the bed and sobbed into the rose scented pillows. I cried until my tears dried up and my breathing returned to normal.
I stood up shakily and staggered to the window. The sun was setting. Purple and scarlet streaks marked the orange sky and I took a shaky breath, my face still wet with tears. My fingers shook with emotion, but I managed to wrestle my copper colored hair into a braid. My face was hot and sweat beaded on my neck. I imagined a dress suited for traveling until I felt soft fabric in my hands. I put the dress on and imagined a long rope. A coarse rope materialized into my hands and I tied one end of the rope to my bed's leg and hung the other side out of the window. I opened the window silently and lowered myself down the rope. I squirmed down the rope until I felt soft dirt underneath my boots. I craned my neck and gazed at the house, secluded and desolate. I closed my eyes and turned back to the forest. All of my life I had dreamed of going to the town, but that wasn't what I wanted anymore. It was exactly what I didn't want. I didn't want to be with people who thought of me only as a danger. I wanted to be wanted. I knew my parents loved me, and maybe I would come back, but I was old enough to make my own decisions. This was what I needed to do at this time of my life.
With a smile on my face, I stepped away from the direction of the town and into the forest to my new dream.
This project was really fun! I'm so excited for the next one!:D
Have you gotten to write a lot during the summer?


  1. Wow, this was amazing! So original and well...imaginative!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is so good. I telling you, is the place for you! You could choose art like this to go with it,
    And it's super safe. Ask your mom if you can check it ou!
    I never thought about a power like this! Kind of crazy, but still fun. :-D

    1. Thanks so much! Oh, yeah! I actually went there and now have a profile! It's called DrawnToWritingCookie!:)

    2. Oh!!! Yay! I am on there as peacephoebe, but I have actually started another account- storyellow. So, feel free to check out either of them! ;-)

    3. I did check out you on StoryBird! I haven't really remembered about it recently, but I did make another chapter on Rysc's Magic I just have to wait for it to be approved....;)
      PS- And yes! Rysc's name is pronounced exactly like the word risk!:D

  3. I love the concept of this! Awesome job :)

    - Ellie

  4. You should make this into a series.