Friday, August 21, 2015

Fantasy Literature Camp Project Three

Hi everyone.
This is the last project of camp! I'm so sad!:,,(
The project is what you look for in a protagonist. If anyone doesn't know what a protagonist is, it's the good character in the story and also usually the main character of the story too.:)
What I look for....Hm....I look for unique characters that are relatable. I really enjoy reading about the quirky, curious characters that have relatable goals and fears and such.
In The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill, the protagonist was Hazel Kaplansky and her character was so unique and quirky, I loved her!
So, what I look for are unique characters that you don't read about in every story. I do love some more ordinary characters, but another thing that is super important for a character is for them to be fully developed.
For example, Sophie from Keeper of the Lost Cities is, to me, a pretty ordinary character, yet I LOVE her! She's was so fully developed and was relatable that she feels like a real person to me!
So, yeah, I look for uniqueness, easiness to relate to, and being fully developed!:)
Gosh, I am so sad that all of the projects are done! I hope to make my own writing camp soon, because I had so much fun!:D I will probably do that whenever I have more followers!:)


  1. This was interesting to read. The next time I'm, um, writing for you... LOL, I will keep this in mind! Hahaha!