Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fantasy Literature Camp Project Number Two

Hey everyone!
The ongoing project for FLC is to create a character!
I created Dawn! I drew a picture of her for extra points-
I wrote this about her personality-
Dawn is a sharp seventeen year old girl who loves fashion, but not in the traditional, girly-girl way. Her style is punk rock and her favorite fashion is Steampunk, which highly influences her style. Despite her edgy exterior, she is a really fun and friendly and is usually cracking jokes.
Her interests include the following-
Skateboarding, Polyvore (a fashion website), sketching, hanging out with her friends, and being active.
She stands up for her friends and doesn't mind being different.
Dawn's Appearance-
Dawn has dyed pink, purple, blue, and black curly short hair, dark scruffy eyebrows, gray-brown  eyes, moles and large freckles scattered around her face and body, glasses, a piercing in her nose (She wants a tattoo), and is medium height.
I hope you liked my character! She's really different for me and was super fun to create!:)


  1. Great character! I love your drawing style.

  2. Dawn looks awesome. It would be cool for you to create more characters for us to see!

    1. Thanks so much, Peace! Yeah, good idea! I should do this more often!:D