Friday, June 26, 2015

Three Books Down, Thirty-Seven More To Go!

Hey everyone!
 I am going to keep all of you in the loop with my progress of my summer challenge!:)
The first book I finished was Calico Captive, then I finished The Missing: Found (That was so good I couldn't put it down! So many plot twists! Great if you like time travel!), and today I just finished Jake and Lilly (A really easy read, also a great book if you don't mind some crude words).
I have been gong to Barnes and Noble a lot in the past few days, and in all I've been blessed to be able to get the following: The Copernicus Legacy - The Serpents Curse and The Missing: Found, Jake and Lilly, The Unwanteds, and a Medieval Puzzle book!
I can tell that this summer is going to be fun already!;)
Have you bought any new books recently?


  1. I'm lucky that my mom lets me get books, it's not like she would just grab dolls for me or something (I wish!). Honestly, the most recent was Dork Diaries, the new one. I don't read those much, but I seem to have a fascination with the life of rich people in stories. XD

    1. Dork Diaries...I've seen that book series at the book store a lot, but I've never looked at it. Is it good?:)

    2. Yeah, it's like an older kid picture book. XD ~S

  2. I don't actually count how many books I read.... All I know is that my library card says that in the monthe of June, I checked out twenty seven books ��
    Summer is the perfect time to read, read, read!