Monday, July 18, 2016

Glazed Part Twenty-Seven

Hi everyone!
Can you believe how many parts there are to this series? I am really curious to know just how many there are...
If you have never read any of Glazed, there is a page for it where you can read all of the parts.:)
Emma, Wes, and Crumbles pushed on through the mountains to where Wes said the North Mountain lay. At one point, Emma looked back from where they had begun and she spotted Jaclynn's castle, nestled deep down below the mountains. It seemed to be completely covered in hardened glaze and Emma shivered.
“Dee's kingdom,” she sighed. Wes noticed her absence and walked back to her.
“Wow. It's completely glazed,” he breathed.
Emma thought for a moment. She couldn't bare to see it like that, and what if Jaclynn wouldn't fix everything? She stared at the sprinkles on the ground that she knew was caused by Jaclynn's magic. Emma turned back to the path and shook her head. She couldn't doubt Jaclynn, but the worry continued to gnaw at her.
What if?
Emma and Wes could finally see the North Mountain in the distance. At least, they should have been able to. Thick caramel colored clouds blocked the view from where they were and Emma couldn't make anything other than a vague silhouette of the mountain. They hiked through the mountains, Emma's legs killing her, when they came across a lake that had hardened from the unnatural cold, but it wasn't clear. It had a beige tint to the water and pink, blue, and orange sprinkles were frozen in the lake. Trees were covered in sprinkles and Emma gasped. She could smell the donut smell beckoning her and she took a deep breath of the delicious air. Crumbles constantly licked the ground, tasting the sweet toppings that covered the ground. Now he was licking the trees, where sappy glaze had stuck to the trunks and branches.
“This is beautiful,” Emma noted, and Wes nodded his head. She heard a sigh.
“It really is beautiful.”
Emma whirled around and stared at Wes. He looked at her with the same look.
“Hello?” Emma asked, searching the scene around her, “Is anyone here?”
“Well, yeah,” the goofy voice said.
“Then show yourself!” Wes demanded.
“Uh, I am! Look down!”
Emma's eyes immediately shot to to the ground and she jumped. There in front of her was a Donut Man, the kind she and Jaclynn would make out of the snow. Or was it snow? She felt like she should remember, but there was nothing in her mind except a tiny itch, as if something was supposed to be there.
“Hi, I'm McGlaze!”
Emma took a step back and raised her hand to her mouth. “McGlaze? As in, the Donut Man we had made when Jaclynn and I were kids?” She dipped down and sat next to him.
“Mhm!” He nodded his head. Emma gazed at him. He had a yellowish orange complexion, the color of glaze, three jagged sprinkles coming out from his head, one yellow, one red, and the other pink, blue eyes, a silly grin, and a donut as his body. Emma smiled. He looked just how they had created him. Back when they were best friends. Tears burned in her eyes but she shook her head to clear her vision.
“But how are you alive?” Emma questioned, scrutinizing him.
“Dee made me! That's all I know,” he replied, “Why are you so curious?”
“Because...It's not everyday that you get to meet a Donut man,” Emma laughed.
“And, she needs to find Jaclynn. Can you help at all?” Wes asked. Emma thought on what he said. He excluded himself from the journey. Would he decide to leave her at some point in the trip?
“Of course! I know exactly where Dee is! Come on everyone!” McGlaze shouted and he waddled off, Emma, Wes, and Crumbles on his heels.
I hope you liked this part, it really wasn't that long.;)
I am so proud of myself, I think the last four posts I've made (this one included) haven't had Star Wars in them! YAY!XD But I'm gonna break that chain with the next post...;)


  1. this is really neat!:) I love the drawing of you and mcGlaze

  2. McGlaze is SO CUTE!!! *squeals* He's almost better than Olaf!

    This part was awesome! I love McGlaze. XD

    -Clara <3

  4. I like McGlaze better than Olaf! :)
    <3 , IrishAG

    you did an amazing job!

  6. McGlaze is so cute!!! I have to go back and read more. Oh yeah, nice to meet you, by the way-- this is my first time stopping by your blog!

    xoxo Morning
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    1. Thank you for stopping by!:D Nice meeting you!;)

    Oh my cows potatoes! McGlaze is SOOOO cute!!!