Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keeper Character Drawings! Part Uno

Hi everyone!
Jaclynn, don't you dare be sad this post has to do with Keeper!XD XD
So, how have you all been?
I've been good. Thanks for asking...;P
I have been drawing characters from my favorite book series, KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES!!!
(Oh yeah! Oh yeah!)
I love these books and I decided I would try my hand at drawing some of the characters!:D
I have only drawn two so far, (Sophie Foster and Biana Vacker) but that's only because....
*bites lip*
*trembles at the horror*
*takes deep breath*
*whispering because it's too terrible to say too loudly* I've run out of space in my sketchbook -again- so that means.....I CAN'T DRAW ANY MORE! *bursts into tears*
So that means that until I get a new sketchbook, I won't be drawing the characters of KEEPER, which means that the drawings will be split up between two posts.:)
But anyways, here are the two drawings I've done so far.:)
Here's my drawing of Sophie!
I am really proud of it, I think it turned out great. It's really different to draw characters of books, because you can't SEE them like you can in a movie or a TV show. So these pictures are based off of the book covers and how I imagine the characters.:) 
And here is Biana!
I'm glad she turned out because, originally, I thought I was just going to have to trash this drawing and call it quits. But other than me thinking that her eyes should be a tad bit lower on her face, I think she looks a lot like how I imagine her.:D
So that is all for this post, but once I get a new sketchbook and struggle with the guys *shudders*, I'll post my drawings of them.:)
I tried drawing Fitz and it was so...terrifying...I can not do him how I imagine him. My drawings of guys still DEFINITELY need work, but I've been drawing and drawing and drawing Fitz in particular, trying to figure out how I see him and trying to remember the picture of him in my head long enough for me to see his face shape and hair, and...I think I am getting closer to how I see him!:D
But it's scary to think that I haven't tried at all to draw Keefe or Dex....Or any other guy in KEEPER.... *stares off into space* I might just die.XD XD
Well, thanks for reading this post!:D


  1. Wow! These are great! I love them both! I finished my drawing of Sophie. :D I tried to draw Dex, it turned out... interesting. ;)

    1. Thanks! Yay! Oh, yeah. Guys are SO hard to draw! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it!;)

    2. I sure hope so! :D Do you have a Pinterest?