Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's in my Bag?

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I didn't really know what to post, but now I have some ideas.;)
One of my ideas is to show you all what I keep in my purse.:) I've heard that you can learn a lot by what a girl has in her purse, so learn away!;P
This is what is currently in my purse-
 o a book, Waggit's Tale o
o my glasses, in case my eyes freak out ;) o
o a pack of markers o
o my wallet o
o lotion, Twilight Berry o
o lip balms, including my new favorite, EOS (it's amazing)! It's the egg shaped thing! ;) o
o pencils o
Not Pictured----
o a tsum, right now it's Prince Eric o
o my phone o
This is my bag. It's really big, which I am thankful for because I need it to be large for my sketchbook!:)
And another little personal doodad, my Sherlock Holmes key chain! One of my habits is to spin the inside circle around while I walk.;)
Well, I hope you liked seeing what I keep in my purse!:D
What thing do you not leave home without?:)
Bonus Picture-
I took this picture when I went out for a hike at sunset! I really liked this one, because the sun looks like one, single bokeh.;)