Sunday, September 6, 2015

Really Figuring Out Appearances

Hi everyone!
A big part about your MC is their appearance. You may already know that your character has brown hair and freckles, but have you really figured out their appearance?
You are yourself. Yeah, duh, Emma. But wait, I have a point. As yourself, you know everything about yourself. You know how you bangs have that little curl at the edge even if your hair is incredibly straight and how there is always that one strand of hair that parts from your hair and falls down in front of your face.
You know you have that funny little freckle on the back of your shoulder and the mole that is on the back of your head. You know how your eyelashes are so long that they touch the glass on your glasses.
You know how you walk, how you talk, how you have things that aren't normal and that not a lot of people have.
I have moles and big dark freckles all over myself! I have some on my arms and on my back and on my knee and one on my palm and even one on the top of my foot. It is what makes me special and unique! So when you are coming up with your next character, really think about how they look.
Also, some people don't have standard hair and eye colors. Take me for example, I don't even know what my hair color is. I know it's a sort of blonde, but it has red and brown and together it almost looks greenish in certain lightings!
I have met people that have really cool eyes! They aren't only blue, but they are brown and green and have a ton of colors in their eyes! So be creative!:D

Think about what is different about you and your friends or family and maybe that can help you really figure out your character's appearances.:)
You don't always have to say that your character has these things, but it may help you to know exactly what they look like!:D

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  1. The hair color you described yourself to have sounds like auburn hair. I may be wrong.
    I love your post! It's very helpful. Those little details about people that make them, them. ;)