Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Sneak Peek at Glazed

Hi everyone!
In one of my recent posts, I told you all about my sort of fan fiction about Frozen, if you don't remember that, go to THIS POST!:) I have named it "Glazed" since Jaclynn/Dee has Donut powers, it just seemed right.;)
Here is an excerpt from the book. This is the first draft everyone, so things are a little rusty and may not stay exactly like this, but I thought that you would like it regardless.;)
Jaclynn sat hunched over on her window seat, her little fingers wrapped around her knees. She watched as a brown chunky carriage crawled towards the gates of the castle. Jaclynn sighed as she thought of what that carriage contained. Summer was about to start and the weather was already heating up. Sunlight streamed through the glazed glass window and sprinkles of light were scattered on the rainbow floor. Jaclynn groaned as she looked out at the carriage and saw it paused at the gates.
Why does my summer have to be ruined? Jaclynn thought to herself. A servant scampered by her door and peeked her head inside.
“Your Highness, come along to meet Princess Emma at the gates. Do hurry, Princess!” The servant said and Jaclynn sighed and slunk towards the door. She followed the servant through the castle and out to the gates. Her parents, the King and Queen of Donuts, stood waiting for her. They were dressed in their most regal attire, long, blue and orange capes dripping with glaze and sprinkles and large pastel donut crowns topped their heads. Jaclynn herself had her own donut dress, it had a yellow top with teal cuffs and the skirt was made of pink and blue sprinkles. She had on her light pink tights and blue flats. And, like her mother and father, she had her own Donut crest necklace hanging from a piece of gold string. No one thought anything of their outfits, for this was normal in Dack-A-Woodle-World, the world they lived in.
They stood at attention as the cookie carriage rolled towards them. It stopped so close to them that Jaclynn could really see the details of this cookie carriage. The walls were made out of hardened cookie crumbs, the trim was chocolate, and the top was a huge chocolate chip. The footmen, wearing chocolate colored suits, opened the doors and Jaclynn held her breath. The King and Queen of Cookies were the first to come out of the carriage. They were followed by a girl who seemed to be twelve and she was trailed by a small girl only a couple years younger than Jaclynn herself. The royal Cookie family stood tall and a servant announced the Cookies to the Donuts.
“Their Highnesses, King and Queen of Cookies, with their daughters Princess Kendra and Princess Emma.” The two families bowed to the other, then the adults joined together and conversed. Jaclynn slipped towards the two princesses and bobbed a curtsy.
“Hello,” Jaclynn greeted.
“Hello,” they echoed.
They waited in an awkward silence until Princess Emma said, “I like your hair.”
Jaclynn glanced up at her mop of foofy brown curls, which had blue sprinkles scattered in them, and nodded her head.
“Thank you,” Jaclynn's eyes wandered to Princess Emma's own bright blonde hair and took in her humble dress. Jaclynn was surprised to see how simple it was. Emma's parents were dressed in their own fancy brown garb varying in shades, even her sister had her long, ornate purple dress with deep violet chocolate chips embedded in the skirt, but Emma only had a tan shift that came to her calves and a cookie pendant tied around her throat.
They fell back into an uncomfortable silence when the King of Cookies came to the children with a smile on his face.
“It's all settled now! Emma is to stay here with the Donuts for the summer.”
Jaclynn deflated at his words. She knew it was going to happen, but she had some hope still. But no. Her summer was officially ruined.
I hope you liked the little part. This bit isn't very much based off of Frozen since I am establishing things that are unique to this story and not exactly like Frozen.;)

Right now, in Glazed I am at the part where Jaclynn runs away at the coronation! It's very exciting.;) I can't wait to see what's going to happen.;)
ALSO! Yesterday, I drew Jaclynn and myself as Snowgies from Frozen Fever!;) Look!:D
If it's hard to tell, I'm the Cookie Snowgie, and she is the Donut Snowgie.;)

Have a nice day!:D


  1. How adorable! Showgiies!
    And I love glazed so far. Write it up on storybird, with donut art!

    1. Thank you! I actually have already drawn a TON of pictures myself of Glazed, so I'm only gonna post it on here!:D

  2. This is awesome! I love your writing style.
    Oh. My. Gosh. Those Snowgies are so cute. : D

    1. Aw! Thank you so much, Kathryn! I really look up to you and your blog so it's awesome to know that you like my writing!:D