Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey everyone!
While I procrastinate writing and drawing and practically hide away from doing ANYTHING productive (does replying to comments I got a month ago count as 'productive'?XD) I thought it would be fun to show you all my Christmas wish list.:) Well, not EVERYTHING on my wish list, because I wouldn't want your server to crash from loading such a long, I'll keep it down to some of my favorite things!;D

Ever After High Melody Piper Doll
She is so adorable! I want her so badly!:D I love her hair and her boots and agh!

Ever After High Darling Charming Doll
I've been wanting her for forever, but I haven't seen her in any stores I've gone to!:( I love her armored shoulder pads and her hair (AGH!)!
Kanan Jarrus Disney Infinity Figurine
AGH (again!)! I LOVE Star Wars Rebels and even though I don't play Disney Infinity (although I want to!) I really want the figurine because, well, Kanan is awesome.;)
The Luck Uglies Fork-Tongue Charmers by Paul Durham
I loved the first book in this series and I really want the next one. And um, that cover is just epic!XD
(Yep, I'm one of those 'judge the book by its cover' people.XD)

Merida Classic Doll
She is so pretty and although I am not a huge fan of Brave, her doll is so stinking cute, and I've just been thinking about her for such a long time!:D
'The Sass is Strong with this One' Shirt
I-I-I just have no words. This is such an amazing shirt and I really, deeply, badly want it for Christmas. I just finished watching the Star Wars movies yesterday and they are so good!! I loved them and wanna watch them all over again!XD So, this shirt is perfect because I am also really sassy. And sarcastic which is sort of the same thing. They are like relatives, right?XD
I hope you liked hearing about what I want for Christmas! I tried to keep the dolls at a minimum since this is on my drawing and writing blog, but they slipped in regardless! LOL!
I think I am finally ready to write. Ooh! IS THAT PINTEREST???


  1. Love your list! I love Melody Piper and I was waiting so long for her doll to come out, I've also seen Darling a few times at my local Walmart (I probably don't live around you though :) love the Kanan figure, I'd probably pick Ezra though, Star wars rebels is awesome! Love the shirt too!

    1. Thank you! Oh, I haven't checked Walmart for EAH dolls yet, I should do that sometime!:) Oh, yeah! I can't remember if I have seen the Ezra figure yet, but I'm sure he would be super cool!:D

  2. *sigh* I STILL haven't watched any Star Wars... do you think I'd like it? ;) I liked your list! I never really liked EAH dolls, but they've grown on me after seeing them on your blog. :)

    1. Aw!! Yeah, I think that you would probably like Star Wars (you would probably skip some violent parts LOL!)! I mean, you could at least give it a try!;D Thank you! Oh, then I will keep on posting and posting until you love them!XD JK!

    2. Lol! Yeah, I'll at least try it! ;)