Monday, August 14, 2017

What I've Been Reading - A Post Where I Get Super Excited

Let me tell you a thing.
I believe it was last summer, maybe two summers ago, but that summer (of undetermined year) I decided- HEY. I'M GONNA READ SO MANY BOOKS. I had a goal of like...I don't remember...fifty books maybe to finish in that summer. I didn't reach my goal, but I still read a lot of books...and...ever since then...I've been in an awful case of reader's slump.
The dreaded zone where no books interested me, and I didn't want to read and just why???
I was in that for a loooong time, and except for occasional books that I loved, I just...didn't read.
Until now! I'm so happy to announce that I think I've finally exited my insanely long time of reader's slump!!!
So, of course that means it's time to read as much as possible until I hate words.....
*smiles innocently*
I want to read as many books as I can this August, plus yesterday marked the first day of a reading challenge I am doing with my sister, Kendra! I'm super pumped about it, I'll explain it more as the post progresses. :D
 The books I've read this month are these three!
Lock and Key : The Initiation
Dawn of Spies
Three Dark Crowns
Dawn of Spies was the first book I read this month, but it was more like "finished", I started it a while ago, then stopped because I wasn't enthralled and didn't realize I was, like, twelve pages away from the ending.
It was a good book, but slower. I would rate it a 3 out of 5. :)

Lock and Key was next, and it was goooood. I love Sherlock Holmes and this was a fun new story about him, and more mainly his arch nemesis Moriarty! It's told from the viewpoint of Moriarty's sister, Moria, and it's a great book! It blends mystery, growing up, and a hint of romance really well! :D
I'd rate it 4.2 out of 5.

Three Dark I don't usually venture very far into the YA category because WOW I'M A TEENAGER I MUST WANT SWEAR WORDS, INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT, AND ALL THINGS 'OH MY GOODNESS WHAT AM I READING'. But this book was pretty okay...
Uh, despite some...ehhhh... inappropriate stuff... I wouldn't recommend it for kids. It had only a little swearing, but for a YA book it was practically clean for that area, and the story and characters were good and always kept you intrigued. I still just can't fully endorse it with the bad stuff in it, but if you're on top of it, you can skip things. ;)
Oh, and it also had some darker magic stuff I kind of felt weird about, but...I mean...considering how most YA books are...I mean...I guess...

Now onto the reading challenge!
For the path I am taking in the quest (there are four different paths) the type of books I need to read in are--
A Book with a One Word Title : SABOTAGED (which I am currently reading)
A Book That Contains Magic : Entwined
A Book Based on Mythology : Percy Jackson (I almost wrote that Peter Jackson oh my word)
A Book Set in a Different World : Pegasus - The End of Olympus
The First Book of a Series : Wings of Fire
 Out of all these books, Entwined and Percy Jackson are the ones standing out to me the most. I'm so excited! I was reading about books a blogger recommends and I saw Entwined and I immediately put it on my BUY NOW list, even I got it, I realized I hadn't really looked at what it was about? Um...How did I even manage to do that? XD
And Percy Jackson is...well. Percy Jackson.
Also, a note worthy book is Cinder, which I have started but haven't finished yet because my focus is on the books I can read to complete the challenge... ;)

So tell me, my blogging peeps, what books have you been reading? Have you read any of the books listed in this post? What's your all-time favorite book? Clara, I already know what yours is I'm suuuure. ;D
*cough Keeper cough*

P.S. Ooh! Ooh! Also, be proud of me because I wrote almost 500 words tonight in my book. YAY ME. XD Doing things I haven't done in forever...;)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Updates in the Life of Meeeee!

Hi everyone!
Long time no post, am I right? 
I'm really sorry that I've left all of you hanging for so long, my blogging game has been lacking so hard lately. But it only seems fair that since I've been gone for a couple months with only a silly Truth or Dare post during my hiatus, to give an update post about what's been going on for me!

I've been drawing as usual and a lot! Today I actually got new pens, which I'm super excited about! 
Let me show you some of my favorite pieces I've done since I took a break from blogging. :)

One piece of news I've been meaning to share with my blogging friends is (this is probably a reason I don't post as much as I should) is that I now have an art Instagram! I post my art there and this drawing got the most likes out of all of them! If you'd like to follow me, my username is i_emma_artist 

 You all know how obsessed I am with both Star Wars and Keeper of the Lost Cities, so one day I decided to merge the two together and create- JEDI SOPHIE!!!

I know I have a lot of American Girl doll lovers, and my friend Hershey inspired me to draw on of the AG characters- Maryellen! This is how it turned out. :)

 This drawing is a hard thing to best friends?
Yeah. Um...Yeah. :)

Something I've been interested in trying out more is "stealing" other people's styles of drawing! For this drawing, I decided to borrow Galactibun's style to draw Hershey, Dee, and I! I think this drawing is super adorable, but SOMEONE doesn't like it at all...
*looks at Jaclynn*
*doesn't stop looking at Jaclynn*
*texts Jaclynn creepy soulless smiley faces*
*hides in shadows*

 FRENSHIP!!! This drawing is of all Hershey's siblings (the FRENS) and Jaclynn and I at Disneyland in line for Thunder Mountain! I love how this turned out, it's one of my favorite FREN drawings so far!

 And my current WIP, Loki! I got new pens (as stated earlier) so I am READY to pen him in! YEAH! GET IT! WHOOOO!!!

But NaNo is approaching and I have no idea what's gonna happen. HALP. XD

Lots of things happen within a few months, but I'm going to talk mainly about things that I can show pictures for. ;)

HERSHEY CAME DOWN TO CALIFORNIA TO SURPRISE ME AND DEE! It was the best day ever, I was shaking and crying and I JUST NEED HER TO COME BACK. XD

I went to a lake to go boating with my oldest sister and brother-in-law, which I've never done before...AND THEN IT STARTED TO DOWNPOUR ON THE LAKE! It was hilarious and crazy and we were all wet! It was definitely a day to remember. XD
Me and my mom have started eating healthy! We are on our third week of eating no gluten, dairy, or sugar! I feel like my skin has started to clear up and I'm less tired now! Plus, I'm exercising more regularly, so I feel pretty good about that all. :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EATING HEALTHY. XD XD

Last night my family and I went down to the beach for sunset. It was all hazy, but the sunset was still super pretty! We got wetter than we were expecting. ;)
During the month of August my goal is to read as many books as possible! So far I've read one, but I plan to read as much as I can tonight, maybe even get two books done by tomorrow...:)
FANDOMS!!!My fandom life has been a hot spot lately! I've joined two new fandoms I believe!
The first fandom I've joined is Hamilton!! It's a Broadway musical and OH MY WORD it is so good!! I LOVEEEE! It has a lot of swearing in it, so I recommend if you want to listen to it, go on YouTube and look up the clean versions of the songs where they cut out bad words. IT'S A LIFE SAVERRRR! XD

In return for Jaclynn reading Keeper I would watch Once Upon A Time! I love the series!! It's so awesome, I'm on the second season and I can't wait to watch more! This drawing is of Rumplestiltskin!
So that's all I really can think of, I hope to post some more, but I'm not totally sure what to post...anything you guys want to see specifically from me? :)
What's the latest fandom you've joined?