Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trying Out New Skin Tones

Hi everyone!
I am usually always drawing Americans with really pale skin and I want to branch out with my drawings so I decided to color in some more darker skin tones.:)
Here are the two drawings I did-
You can't really see much difference in this photo, but I colored her skin in with a brown pencil to make it darker than usual.:) She sort of reminds me of Demi Lovato.;)
This girl is a hula dancer, sort of inspired from Lilo and Stitch.:) I only got the idea for a Hawaiin when I was making her outfit so her face isn't very Hawaiin-y but I did color her darker.;)
I think that the next drawing I will make an African American! Ooh!:D

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hey everyone!
As I continue to create and learn about my MC in my new story, I try to find ways to make her relatable and realistic. Something everybody has is fear. You may be afraid of the ocean or spiders and it is just another thing that makes you, you.
Everyone has fears and so should your characters.:) I am here to make a list of the many fears that some people have, so that you can use any of them for your character.:)
Fear of spiders and/or bugs
Fear of heights
Fear of long words (Yes, it's a thing!;D)
Fear of small spaces
Fear of flying and driving
Fear of dying
Fear of going outside
Fear of being alone
Fear of dogs and/or animals
Fear of stairs
Fear of clowns
Fear of failing
Fear of becoming lost
Fear of the dark
Fear of books (Again, yes! It is a real fear! It's called Bibliophobia!)
Fear of fear itself
Fear of being poor
Fear of space
Fear of fire
Fear of love
Fear of drowning
Fear of sharks
Fear of germs
Fear of natural disasters
Fear of being poisoned
I was making this list in the car with the help of my sister and my mom! I hope that this helped you come up with a fear for your character!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Journey to Drawing Men Succesfully!

Hi everybody!
I'm just going to face it. I stink at drawing guys. They have always been a weak spot for me to draw and I stunk at them so badly I didn't even want to try to draw them.
So, you may or may not have noticed that I have never posted drawings of male characters before... Well, I was exploring my Pinterest drawing board when I came across a pin that really inspired me to draw guys.
Using the picture as a guideline for my drawings, I drew these two pictures-
I went for an adventurer for this character. OOH! I totally just got an idea for a future post!;) 
And then I drew these two people. They are brother and sister and I have no idea what they are looking at.XD
 I am super happy at how my guys turned out! I'm really excited to grow in this aspect of drawing.:)
Do you have a weak spot in your drawings? If so, what is it?:)
Bonus Drawing-

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Writing Prompt

Hey everyone! It is finally here! I finished the story for this writing prompt! Hallelujah!
Down. Down. Down. Down. The elevator continued to go farther into the depths of the earth. I stood like that for what felt like hours. Finally, the elevator stopped. I held my breath. What could possibly be on the other side of this elevator door? The door creaked open feebly. I took a tentative step into the room that lay ahead of me.
"Where am I?" I whispered and gazed at everything in front of me.
Tables upon tables of books stood together, shelves lining the walls. Stacks of books lay on the floor, some opened and scattered around the wood paneled ground. All of the books had a thick layer of dust coated on top of them. I walked up to a random pile of books and ran my finger in the dust. I picked up the leather bound book and inspected it. I blew on the cover of the book and immediately regretted the decision. I coughed and dropped the book. The book opened on the floor and I peered at the strange script inside. I had never seen the language before but I spoke the words slowly. The words felt strange on my tongue but they also felt right. I glanced up. A man wearing small round spectacles looked curiously at me.
"It has called for you," He whispered. On a far wall, a strange light glowed dimly then burst into a rainbow of color. A large crack split through the wall, forming a door. The mysterious man pushed at the door and the light burst out, blinding me. I squinted my eyes and took a step back. Then I heard it.
A deep song echoed from the door, faint and lonely. It was a cry from the depths of the earth, a cry for freedom and love. Another voice joined the first voice, unlike the first, this was high, promising joy and companionship. They joined together creating a perfect, soulful harmony. They deepened and raised, they called together in acapella but then slowly dwindled into a muted whisper.
They had lost their freedom. My eyes burned from the searing light, but I couldn't turn away from the duet. I needed to help them. But then out of the silent murmur of voices, came a strong cry. Three more voices joined the cry, and a whole group merged into the voices. The songs floated from the door and my throat choked up with emotions. Tears streamed down my cheeks and the blinding light faded and the voices muted. The man had disappeared.
I couldn't take my eyes away from the door. I ran toward the door and hesitated when I came to the threshold. I stared at the open door, but couldn't see through the light. I stepped over the threshold and into the future ahead of me.
I gasped and shot up in my bed. My face was wet from tears and I took a deep breath as I wiped them off. We had moved to this house yesterday and when I had gone exploring, I had found an elevator, but I hadn't gone in it yet. I threw off my blankets and sprinted to the elevator that I had found in my closet. I ripped open the closet door and pressed the elevator button. The elevator dinged and the door opened. I thought back on my dream that was still sharp in my mind. I thought of the song and the passion in their voices. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button and it started going down.

A Search For Inspiration

Hi everyone! WOW! What a beautiful daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.............Nope............
Okay, I need your help! I am so uninspired right now with my writing. I need some inspiration! Do you have any inspiring quotes, writing prompts, tips, anything, because I am D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E!
I would greatly appreciate some help!;)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ginger - A Drawing

Hi everyone! Last night, I drew this girl and I really liked her!
I was debating over giving her blonde or red hair and decided to just do red.:) Ooh! I'm going to draw an unnatural red haired person!!!OoO
Do you prefer coloring black, red, brown, or blond hair for your drawings?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Doodles + Extra Drawing

Hi guys! I hope you had a great Sunday and Fourth of July!:D It's been a couple weeks since I posted my Sunday Doodles, so I thought I would do one today!:D
I imagine this character as a queen of sorts.:)  
Now a picture I drew a couple days ago-
This picture was REALLY fun to make, I started with drawing it lightly with pencil, then I went over with pen and then erased my pencil sketches. I really liked doing it!:)
Have you tried any new ways of drawing something?:)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Character Flaws

Hi everyone!
Recently, I finished writing a complete series and now it's time for me to come up with a whole new idea for a story.:) The first thing I'm doing is coming up with a character.
I have heard that giving your MC (Main Character) flaws is a very important thing to do when creating them. Here is a list of things you can use for flaws---
o Stubborn o
o Prideful o
o Easily Angered o
o Negative o
o Gossip o
o Obsessive o
o Rebellious o
o Hurtful o
o Diminutive o
o Overly Sensitive o
o Nosy o
o Moody o
o Greedy o
o Ignorant o
o Insecure o
o Finicky o
o Liar o
o Fake o
o Thief o
o Messy o
o Rash o
o Overly Protective o
I hope that this helped you come up with a character flaw for your MC.:)
What flaws do your characters have?:)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How I Draw Eyes - A Tutorial

Hi everyone!!!:D
Recently, I was asked to make a tutorial for how to draw eyes.:) So here it is-
First things first, the hardest part- the shape. I make two pointed ovals as the eyes. Now it can be tricky to get them the same shape, so I try not to press down too hard, so that if you need to erase the lines, it won't leave permanent marks.:) 
Now, it all depends with what expression you want to give, but I'm making my person have just regular happy eyes, so she's looking straight.:) 
Now I add the shine from the sun. You put the shine in the direction that the sun (or light) is coming from.:) 
And now, you separate the iris from the pupil. The pupil varies in width with how much light it is exposed to. 
What I usually do is I color in their pupil with pencil first, then go back with black colored pencil.:) 
Add the crease above the eye... 
...And eyelashes! 
Eyebrows are very important with what overall impression you want to give. I have trouble doing straight ones, probably because I usually do mad, sad, worried, puzzled faces a lot.;) That's why mine are a little different.XD
Well, I hope that this helped you! Remember (It's basically my motto;P) PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! I think I'm going to have to show you my total screw ups!XD Would you like to see those?;P
PS- Would you like a tutorial on different facial expressions or other things?:)