Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Recreating... #6

Hi everyone! :D
I haven't made a recreation post in a while, and I always like to do these for my own personal enjoyment, so here is the latest one! :)

This is the drawing I found that I thought would be fun to redo. As you can see, this character has a serious bobble head, and just...ugh. No. O.O I made this in 2013 or early 2014 after Frozen. I obviously took lots of inspiration from Elsa, who I was OBSESSED with at the time. ;D

I immediately started working on it, wondering how I could get less of an Elsa feel from it...but ultimately stuck to the original idea pretty much. :)
 In progress shot. :)

I was watching Rogue One while doing this drawing. Not my favorite Star Wars movie, but I wanted to watch it, soooo... ;)
AND FINALLY THE FINISHED PROJECT! I think it looks so much better than the original! I like her hair more, her face more, and the details on her dress more. Just...everything. XD I decided to add a bit more of a background, even though I really can't do those well. ;)

The before and after! So much progress in my art in just a few years! And I am so happy I have good coloring pencils, they make such a difference! :D

So I hope you enjoyed this post! They're really a lot of fun for me! :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

24 Hour Reading Day!

Hi everyone!
Okay, so a week or two ago, Kendra (my sister) and I did a 24 hour reading marathon, where we wanted to see how much reading we could get done in the span of 24 hours!
Now, I didn't start at midnight and go to midnight, cuz... sleep is important, but I did read for as much as I could during the time I was awake. ;)
And I documented it all for a blog post!! :D

10:30 am-
I've been reading for the past hour now in my Percy Jackson book. I have a feeling that once it gets more into the main quest, I'll get through the book quickly... I think. Not that it's boring. I like it. XD
Kendra just recently surfaced and I assume she'll start reading with me son! My goal for the day is to finish Percy Jackson and make it almost halfway though another book. :) Now hopefully I can not get distracted by friends or Instagram.... XD XD
*legit just spent ten minutes on Instagram*

Back to reading!!!

12:25 pm-
I've gotten over half of the Percy Jackson book read, I definitely think I'll be able to reach my goal! Kendra has now joined me, (late much?) so yayyy!!

I'm taking a sort of break from reading to see if my friends can text.... ;)

(This is how you read, right? Oh, and I do have hair it's just up in a bun. O.O XD)

Long time no update! I've been reading, but Kendra and I had to run some errands and we got some food. We're back home now and are reading strong! I'm close to finishing Percy Jackson! Only about forty-ish more pages left!

I FINISHED PERCY JACKSON! Definitely getting the next one. And probably the next. And the next. XD
I had been expecting different characters, so it was weird that I had only heard of Annabeth and Percy... I was thinking Leo Valdez, Jason, and Piper and all those characters would show up, but I guess that's for later! NEXT BOOK NOW! ENTWINED!

I'm taking a break from reading and now am spending some time drawing and watching a show with my mom. :)

I've officially gone back to reading. Let's see how far I can make it in my book in the next hour-ish! PHONE OFF!

A whole hour without using my phone, and I got around 80 pages read! WHOO hooo! XD This book is just getting really interesting. I think reading like this is helping my writer's block for NaNo... it's making me think about how much I like stories! :D

I'm gonna try to read as much as I can before eleven, when I do my last things and go to bed. I doubt I will have completed my goal, but I still got lots read!

I have finished reading for the night. I'm probably a quarter of the way through Entwined, which isn't too bad! Considering I haven't read many books the past YEAR, reading, like, over 400 pages in a day is great! :D

And by now since I've finished Entwined, I can say IT WAS SO AMAZING! EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. YES YES YES. 

I hope you enjoyed the post! I had lots of fun reading, the last time I read all day was probably the day after the "Neverseen" launch party where I just read "Neverseen" all day. XD Good times, good times. ;) I want to do more of these posts where I draw or write for an entire day and share the progress, but I don't know which one to do first. Which one would you like to see more? Me going crazy while writing all day or me going crazy while drawing all day? ;)
What are some of your favorite books? Have you read Percy Jackson or Entwined? :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

What I've Been Reading - A Post Where I Get Super Excited

Let me tell you a thing.
I believe it was last summer, maybe two summers ago, but that summer (of undetermined year) I decided- HEY. I'M GONNA READ SO MANY BOOKS. I had a goal of like...I don't remember...fifty books maybe to finish in that summer. I didn't reach my goal, but I still read a lot of books...and...ever since then...I've been in an awful case of reader's slump.
The dreaded zone where no books interested me, and I didn't want to read and just why???
I was in that for a loooong time, and except for occasional books that I loved, I just...didn't read.
Until now! I'm so happy to announce that I think I've finally exited my insanely long time of reader's slump!!!
So, of course that means it's time to read as much as possible until I hate words.....
*smiles innocently*
I want to read as many books as I can this August, plus yesterday marked the first day of a reading challenge I am doing with my sister, Kendra! I'm super pumped about it, I'll explain it more as the post progresses. :D
 The books I've read this month are these three!
Lock and Key : The Initiation
Dawn of Spies
Three Dark Crowns
Dawn of Spies was the first book I read this month, but it was more like "finished", I started it a while ago, then stopped because I wasn't enthralled and didn't realize I was, like, twelve pages away from the ending.
It was a good book, but slower. I would rate it a 3 out of 5. :)

Lock and Key was next, and it was goooood. I love Sherlock Holmes and this was a fun new story about him, and more mainly his arch nemesis Moriarty! It's told from the viewpoint of Moriarty's sister, Moria, and it's a great book! It blends mystery, growing up, and a hint of romance really well! :D
I'd rate it 4.2 out of 5.

Three Dark I don't usually venture very far into the YA category because WOW I'M A TEENAGER I MUST WANT SWEAR WORDS, INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT, AND ALL THINGS 'OH MY GOODNESS WHAT AM I READING'. But this book was pretty okay...
Uh, despite some...ehhhh... inappropriate stuff... I wouldn't recommend it for kids. It had only a little swearing, but for a YA book it was practically clean for that area, and the story and characters were good and always kept you intrigued. I still just can't fully endorse it with the bad stuff in it, but if you're on top of it, you can skip things. ;)
Oh, and it also had some darker magic stuff I kind of felt weird about, but...I mean...considering how most YA books are...I mean...I guess...

Now onto the reading challenge!
For the path I am taking in the quest (there are four different paths) the type of books I need to read in are--
A Book with a One Word Title : SABOTAGED (which I am currently reading)
A Book That Contains Magic : Entwined
A Book Based on Mythology : Percy Jackson (I almost wrote that Peter Jackson oh my word)
A Book Set in a Different World : Pegasus - The End of Olympus
The First Book of a Series : Wings of Fire
 Out of all these books, Entwined and Percy Jackson are the ones standing out to me the most. I'm so excited! I was reading about books a blogger recommends and I saw Entwined and I immediately put it on my BUY NOW list, even I got it, I realized I hadn't really looked at what it was about? Um...How did I even manage to do that? XD
And Percy Jackson is...well. Percy Jackson.
Also, a note worthy book is Cinder, which I have started but haven't finished yet because my focus is on the books I can read to complete the challenge... ;)

So tell me, my blogging peeps, what books have you been reading? Have you read any of the books listed in this post? What's your all-time favorite book? Clara, I already know what yours is I'm suuuure. ;D
*cough Keeper cough*

P.S. Ooh! Ooh! Also, be proud of me because I wrote almost 500 words tonight in my book. YAY ME. XD Doing things I haven't done in forever...;)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Updates in the Life of Meeeee!

Hi everyone!
Long time no post, am I right? 
I'm really sorry that I've left all of you hanging for so long, my blogging game has been lacking so hard lately. But it only seems fair that since I've been gone for a couple months with only a silly Truth or Dare post during my hiatus, to give an update post about what's been going on for me!

I've been drawing as usual and a lot! Today I actually got new pens, which I'm super excited about! 
Let me show you some of my favorite pieces I've done since I took a break from blogging. :)

One piece of news I've been meaning to share with my blogging friends is (this is probably a reason I don't post as much as I should) is that I now have an art Instagram! I post my art there and this drawing got the most likes out of all of them! If you'd like to follow me, my username is i_emma_artist 

 You all know how obsessed I am with both Star Wars and Keeper of the Lost Cities, so one day I decided to merge the two together and create- JEDI SOPHIE!!!

I know I have a lot of American Girl doll lovers, and my friend Hershey inspired me to draw on of the AG characters- Maryellen! This is how it turned out. :)

 This drawing is a hard thing to best friends?
Yeah. Um...Yeah. :)

Something I've been interested in trying out more is "stealing" other people's styles of drawing! For this drawing, I decided to borrow Galactibun's style to draw Hershey, Dee, and I! I think this drawing is super adorable, but SOMEONE doesn't like it at all...
*looks at Jaclynn*
*doesn't stop looking at Jaclynn*
*texts Jaclynn creepy soulless smiley faces*
*hides in shadows*

 FRENSHIP!!! This drawing is of all Hershey's siblings (the FRENS) and Jaclynn and I at Disneyland in line for Thunder Mountain! I love how this turned out, it's one of my favorite FREN drawings so far!

 And my current WIP, Loki! I got new pens (as stated earlier) so I am READY to pen him in! YEAH! GET IT! WHOOOO!!!

But NaNo is approaching and I have no idea what's gonna happen. HALP. XD

Lots of things happen within a few months, but I'm going to talk mainly about things that I can show pictures for. ;)

HERSHEY CAME DOWN TO CALIFORNIA TO SURPRISE ME AND DEE! It was the best day ever, I was shaking and crying and I JUST NEED HER TO COME BACK. XD

I went to a lake to go boating with my oldest sister and brother-in-law, which I've never done before...AND THEN IT STARTED TO DOWNPOUR ON THE LAKE! It was hilarious and crazy and we were all wet! It was definitely a day to remember. XD
Me and my mom have started eating healthy! We are on our third week of eating no gluten, dairy, or sugar! I feel like my skin has started to clear up and I'm less tired now! Plus, I'm exercising more regularly, so I feel pretty good about that all. :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EATING HEALTHY. XD XD

Last night my family and I went down to the beach for sunset. It was all hazy, but the sunset was still super pretty! We got wetter than we were expecting. ;)
During the month of August my goal is to read as many books as possible! So far I've read one, but I plan to read as much as I can tonight, maybe even get two books done by tomorrow...:)
FANDOMS!!!My fandom life has been a hot spot lately! I've joined two new fandoms I believe!
The first fandom I've joined is Hamilton!! It's a Broadway musical and OH MY WORD it is so good!! I LOVEEEE! It has a lot of swearing in it, so I recommend if you want to listen to it, go on YouTube and look up the clean versions of the songs where they cut out bad words. IT'S A LIFE SAVERRRR! XD

In return for Jaclynn reading Keeper I would watch Once Upon A Time! I love the series!! It's so awesome, I'm on the second season and I can't wait to watch more! This drawing is of Rumplestiltskin!
So that's all I really can think of, I hope to post some more, but I'm not totally sure what to post...anything you guys want to see specifically from me? :)
What's the latest fandom you've joined?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 18-30

Hi everyone!
I accidentally never posted the drawings of the last couple weeks, so this post is going to be drawing heavy...Let's get started! :D
Day 18-
The prompt was simply "happy", so this is Rusem happy! XD
Day 19-
Another one word prompt "sad"! Definitely not one of my favorite drawings...
Day 20-
It was kind of weird to do this drawing, because I haven't ever really drawn this sort of emotion before, but I think it turned out okay! :)
Day 21-
One of my favorite drawings I've done in this challenge, even though I have no idea is the "doing a chore" one! I had lots of fun coloring it in, and I like the turn out a lot! :D
Day 22-
The challenge for this day was "running", which was truthfully very weird for me. I've never drawn a character running, and I had to look up references so that it wouldn't look really unnatural. XD
Day 23- 
Here's Rusem in a school uniform! This one was fun to do, because, once again- I haven't ever done a school uniform! (I'm sure learning all of the things I've never done before! XD)
Day 24- 
I also really like this drawing! The prompt was to draw my character with a pet or mount, and at first I was gonna try to draw one of those Star Wars wolves, but I didn't since that would have been a lot of detail and something I haven't ever attempted. So I went with a safer but still challenging (for me) route with a horse! :D
Day 25- 
"Using their power/weapon/doing what they do best"
Even though I didn't color this drawing in, I still really  like it! the wind effect adds something to the drawing I really like! Usually when I draw Rusem, I use her green outfit, but for this drawing I decided to go further down her timeline when she is a Jedi Padawan. :)
Day 26- 
For the "reading" prompt that they gave me, I put Rusem in my bean bag and gave her a pair of reading glasses. I love how the shading on the beanbag turned out. :)
Day 27- 
Here's Rusem playing a video game! I tweaked her outfit some, but, I mean, who ACTUALLY only has one outfit as their only choice? ;)
Day 28-
Even though I didn't really know what to do for the prompt "listening to music", because I didn't want it to be similar to the "reading" one, I eventually decided to go with something more dance-y! XD
Day 29- 
I had known what I was going to do for this day for a long time...
"Draw your character with you!" character IS me...XD So I imagine it would go kind of weirdly since we would both be seeing someone who looks nearly exactly like the other. XD

Day 30!!!! 
The prompt was my choice, so I chose to draw Rusem in the air really excited, because that's how I feel about not having to draw her anymore! XD NO MORE RUSEM!!! YAYYYY!!! XD
Thank you guys for reading these posts, and I hope you enjoyed the challenge! I had a fun time even though I was super tired of drawing Rusem by the end of this! XD
I have some new posts planned, so stay tuned for those in the next week or so hopefully! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 11-17

Hi everyone!
I can't believe I've only reached a bit over halfway through this challenge! I've felt like I've been drawing Rusem for MONTHS!!! XD I'm going to be so happy to get back to posting normal drawings and drawing people other than Rusem.O.O
Although I have made a surprising amount of drawings that aren't Rusem as well though. I DRAW A LOT, MKAY?
My birthday was on the fifth, so I got some fun art things that I'll talk a little bit about in this post, since I used them on some drawings. ;)

Day 11-
In swimwear/at the beach was the prompt, so I decided to combine the two and put Rusem in the beach in a swimsuit. I did a whole background, not that I put much effort in it or that it looks good, but no matter if it looks great, it always helps the drawing feel more completed! :D

Day 12- 
The prompt for today was to draw your character with your favorite animal, and I did, but I did something different...
I drew it the first time in pen. O.O
I felt like having a challenge, so I grabbed my pen right off the bat and started getting to work! I always make my faces slightly longer than they should be, but other than that, I think this drawing looks really good for being something I did in ink! :) I'm with a red fox in case you couldn't tell. ;)

Day 13- 
OKAY! The past week or two I've just been dying to get my hands on some Copic markers. If you don't know what they are, they're really awesome quality artist markers that are really expensive and stuff, so for my birthday, my mom got me four markers and I LOVE THEM!!! They feel so amazingly smooth and now it's just downhill from here. I'm an addict. O.O I colored in this drawing with them, which is Rusem in her favorite season- winter! Also, my favorite season. ;)

Day 14- 
"With a/their weapon of choice"
I drew Rusem with her lightsaber that she gets later on, and I really like how this drawing turned out, even though I see some mistakes.
*glares at width of her left arm*
I used copic markers on her skin, hair, lips, pants, and belt and used colored pencils for the rest and was so surprised that they actually looked good together! Yay!!

Day 15- 
As much as I would have liked to skip this prompt, I committed so I drew Rusem on a bike like they said. It actually looks pretty good for as much as I hated to draw it. XD

Day 16- 
This drawing might be my favorite drawing I've done for the challenge yet, because IT WAS SO FUN TO COLOR IN! Hershey got me a fancy box FULL of Prismacolor colored pencils AND THEY DRAW AND COLOR AND BLEND SO NICELY. I feel very blessed to have such awesome art supplies for my sixteenth birthday! Copic markers and then quality colored pencils?

Day 17-
I went with more of a cartoony style for this drawing! They wanted me to give her expression anger, so I did! I've done a lot of angry faces (I mean, I've drawn plenty of Sith in my time), so this wasn't out of the abnormal. It was a quick sketch I ended up spending a good amount of time coloring in with my new pencils! XD

So those are my latest drawings for this challenge! It's going well, but I am getting tired of seeing this character over and over. I hope you guys aren't though. ;) If I have enough time, I would like to post something writer-y or FRENSHIP-y, I just don't know if I'll be able to until this challenge is over.


What's your favorite animal?