Monday, March 20, 2017

Mythical Beasts!

Hi everyone! :D
Recently, I've been drawing a lot of mythical creatures, and I wanted to share them all with you! :) Also, I totally made this posts name inspired off of Good Mythical Morning and the fandom name. ;D
Originally, I didn't think that this drawing was going to turn out as good as it did, but once I colored her in, I was like- AWESOOOMMEE!  XD I love winged humans. It's really surprising, especially since, you know, I am writing a book with them in it. ;P 
This was the first character I made for this post- a Siren-esque mermaid! Something is sort of off with her jaw alignment, but I think it's subtle enough for me to still like it. :) 
EEP! Guys, I always have a hard time coming up with poses for my characters, but this pose just happened, and I thought that was really cool! :D Plus, I kinda sorta love this mermaid. ;)
This character is pretty unique! I had decided on doing a pixie character and ended up with a bald and purple pixie on a leaf! XD
Can we also note the fact that I'm making quite a few backgrounds for my characters LIKE I SAID I SHOULD!
*oohs and ahs from crowd because for once I've actually done something I said I would* 
Final winged human! This one isn't my favorite, but I still liked how it turned out. ;) 
This character was lots of fun, I wanted to do a purposeful siren character, and this lime green and dark gray mermaid came out of it! It was interesting to try to get her evilness, prettiness, and everything else into this drawing, and I know it's not perfect, but I still think it's a good stepping stone to even better things later on! ^_^
I hope you liked seeing my drawings! My next post should be up in a couple of days with my latest endeavors in photography! :D
But before you go, one of my good friends, Skipper Spirit, made a blog recently! I know it would mean a lot for her if you went and checked it out through this link-

Do you have a favorite mythical creature? I really love mermaids and fairies. :)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Most Recent Drawings!

I am back from camping, which went just fine! ;)
I've been drawing a lot lately, and even though I have been without a sketchbook for, like, a month- *cue gasping*
-I know, I know. I've still been drawing. Just on random pieces of paper.
 Here are all my latest drawings! I hope you like them! :D

A lot of these drawings will include Hershey- American Girl Doll Artist. She has joined the SSOD (Secret Society of Desserts) as well as almost all of her siblings. ;D This drawing is of us as My Little Ponies and our dessert selves! :) 

Another drawing of us three as Jedi! It didn't turn out how I had envisioned it, but I still think it's cool! :) 

More of us as Jedi! :D 

Hehe! Pirate versions of us three! I thought this one turned out super cool! I love Jaclynn's coat! 

This drawing has me and my apprentice, Hershey's younger brother, Jaclynn and Hershey, who is her new Padawan. I used to be Jaclynn's Padawan until she completely disowned me. -.-

Jaclynn and Hershey, doing Padawan and master stuff. I remember how that used to be. Ha.

AnonymousA said I should draw Dee and myself in Wonderland, so this is the product of it! I decided to use markers instead of colored pencils, and that was something new and fun to try! :)

This is Hershey's younger sister who also posts on Small Dolls in a Big World, Catlover02, AKA Taffy. She has so many names I can't keep track of them. XD XD But this is her as a Jedi! I think it turned out really cool! :)

Now we move on to random characters and stuff! I wanted to draw a hipster guy character, and this is what I got from it! I think it turned out pretty good. I'm still getting the hang of drawing guys and making them diverse. :)

Anyone call for a fairy godmother?
I've been really into the show Arrow, so I was inspired to draw an archer! I love how it turned out! :D

I hope you liked seeing these drawings! I'm thinking of trying to make more backgrounds for my drawings. Making characters is all good and well, but I've gotten a good hang of characters now, and I don't ever really try to make backgrounds. Even if they're simple like the one I did for the Padawan and master drawing with Hershey and Dee, it will make my pictures better, I think! :D 

Do you have a favorite drawing in this post that I did? :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kanan Jarrus - Infinity Figure Photoshoot

Hi everyone! :)
I know I haven't posted in a while, but don't worry, I'm not gonna stop blogging or anything, even though I've been  really bad at it lately...XD
Life is just really busy and tons of activities and stuff. I'm sure you can relate. ;)
I'm going camping soon and because of that, I want to upload all the pictures onto my computer so I have space to take more. I found these old photos of my Kanan figure and I thought I would show them to you! :) I hope you enjoy!

I thought the first three photos were really cool! His silhouette is awesome! ;D
So, I've been drawing a lot lately and I plan to post some of the drawings as well as a Hermit post soon, but bear with me, it might take a little while. :P
Do you have a favorite fictional character? :)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Glazed Part Thirty

Hi everyone! :)
I'm finally getting this post up! I drew the picture for this a week or two ago, but never posted the next part. XD
Emma waited for a second more before hurrying to catch up with her companions. She couldn't see them ahead and soon she came to a fork in the road.
“Huh?” she whispered. “Wes? McGlaze? Crumbles?”
There was no response.
“Oh great,” Emma muttered to herself as she walked down the left path, hoping she was going the right way.
“Guys?” she cried. She stared far out in front of her and strained to see them. Sprinkles lay thick on the ground, and Emma soon was pushing through such thick sprinkles that they came up to her hips.
“GUYS?” she screamed and stopped. Just now, logic was coming into her head. If they had gone before her, they would have left a trail through the sprinkles. She sighed, took a step back, and struggled to get herself out from the stickiness.
She glanced around her. The edge of the trail was a foot or two away, and she peeked to look below it. Emma staggered back when she saw how far the drop went down a cliff. She hadn't noticed she had gone uphill. Shuddering, she shook her other leg out, a bit more violently this time. Emma jumped once more to completely free herself, and she looked at the trail she had already walked. 
What if they would just leave her behind? What if they would forget about her? How would she find Jaclynn?
“Wes?” she shouted again as she retraced her steps. “Wes!”
“Emma? Did you go down the wrong trail?” She heard a faint call.
“OH! WES!” Emma shouted and hurried down the trail, relieved. The ground became more uneven, and the trail grew skinny.
“There you are!” Wes said, coming into view. Crumbles and Fred trailed behind him. Emma smiled and rushed to them.
“I guess I took the wrong tur-” Emma took a step, but, realizing too late, she stepped on a loose rock that slid off the cliff. Emma screamed, lost balance, and toppled off the edge. She flailed her arms and her fingers connected around a large oddly shaped sprinkle that emerged from the side of the cliff.

“Wes! Help!” Emma called out, her voice, arms, and everything inside her shaking. She knew she shouldn't look behind her, but she couldn't help herself. Automatically she regretted it and tried- and failed- to calm her pounding heart. “Wes!” She gazed up to the edge and she saw Wes's mop of dark brown hair peek over the edge and then his concerned face.
“Emma! Hold on,” he yelled. His head disappeared and with it Emma's relief. She could only nod her head and continue to hang helplessly. The gloves she wore had little grip, and she felt her fingers start to slip off the sprinkle. Her shoulders ached from holding on, and she gritted her teeth.
“Please, hurry,” Emma grunted.
“There you go,” Wes yelled, and a rope sailed down to her, hitting her in the face. She yanked her face away from it and swung one of her hands around it, then the other.
“I've got it!” she hollered. The rope inched upward. She gripped the edge with one hand, arms shaking. Wes grabbed her other arm. She scrambled up and pushed herself away from the edge.
She put her head in her hands, whole body trembling with disbelief. “Thank you.” Emma breathed a sigh and looked at Wes.
“You're welcome, I'm glad you're okay,” he replied with a genuine smile and stuffed the rope back into the bag of supplies. Emma looked away as his brown eyes met hers. He shifted his gaze to the floor as well.
Did his face turn a shade deeper? she wondered.

“Back to the trail then!” Emma exclaimed louder than she had wanted it to be. Leaving he walked back to the fork in the road. And staying far from the edge as possible, they neared Jaclynn with every step.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Project Finish What I Started - Update Two + Finishing Requests!

Hiya peeps! XD
I'm gonna show you the drawings I finished this week now! I am super excited to post them, I think they all turned out really great! :)
Now, this drawing I started based off of Elizabeth Swan, but things started happening, and I decided it would be better unfinished. 
But now I did finish it, and stopped trying to make it look like Elizabeth. I think she's cute! :)
Next is my book character with the Citros, a magical sword. After I created it, I realized it's similar to the One Ring. XD
And here it is finished! I like it, but if I had the chance to redo it, I would angle it differently, so it doesn't look so funny across her face like that. ;P
...After! I totally love how this turned out! It looks so cool...O0O LOL! XD
This drawing I started for a request. Remember back a year ago, I did a post asking for requests? Well. Good. XD
And now here it is finished! It was a request that Heather asked for- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 2012 version. :)
Before Christmas, I really wanted to finish all of those requests that everyone asked for, and here are all of the ones I did--
Heather also asked for My Little Pony, so here are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie! :D
Someone wanted Princess Leia, I can't remember who though...;)
IrishAG wanted a Valkyrie, a guardian angel, and a Hobbit party, but a Valkyrie seemed to be the easiest, so here she is! :D I love how she turned out, I think she's super pretty! :)
Anonymous A wanted Graystripe from the Warriors series. Here he is!:)
She also wanted a unicorn! I decided to go for a cuter, chubbier sort of unicorn than a sleek majestic one. ;)
Marissa asked for a mermaid (Quinley wanted a mermaid as well) and a cat girl! :)
Cat girl! I thought she was super cute! :)
Bedtimebear Bear asked for Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. I only got to Captain America and Black Widow! :)
Here's Black Widow! :)
I hope you liked the requests, I plan to finish them all along with this whole project! :D