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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 18-30

Hi everyone!
I accidentally never posted the drawings of the last couple weeks, so this post is going to be drawing heavy...Let's get started! :D
Day 18-
The prompt was simply "happy", so this is Rusem happy! XD
Day 19-
Another one word prompt "sad"! Definitely not one of my favorite drawings...
Day 20-
It was kind of weird to do this drawing, because I haven't ever really drawn this sort of emotion before, but I think it turned out okay! :)
Day 21-
One of my favorite drawings I've done in this challenge, even though I have no idea is the "doing a chore" one! I had lots of fun coloring it in, and I like the turn out a lot! :D
Day 22-
The challenge for this day was "running", which was truthfully very weird for me. I've never drawn a character running, and I had to look up references so that it wouldn't look really unnatural. XD
Day 23- 
Here's Rusem in a school uniform! This one was fun to do, because, once again- I haven't ever done a school uniform! (I'm sure learning all of the things I've never done before! XD)
Day 24- 
I also really like this drawing! The prompt was to draw my character with a pet or mount, and at first I was gonna try to draw one of those Star Wars wolves, but I didn't since that would have been a lot of detail and something I haven't ever attempted. So I went with a safer but still challenging (for me) route with a horse! :D
Day 25- 
"Using their power/weapon/doing what they do best"
Even though I didn't color this drawing in, I still really  like it! the wind effect adds something to the drawing I really like! Usually when I draw Rusem, I use her green outfit, but for this drawing I decided to go further down her timeline when she is a Jedi Padawan. :)
Day 26- 
For the "reading" prompt that they gave me, I put Rusem in my bean bag and gave her a pair of reading glasses. I love how the shading on the beanbag turned out. :)
Day 27- 
Here's Rusem playing a video game! I tweaked her outfit some, but, I mean, who ACTUALLY only has one outfit as their only choice? ;)
Day 28-
Even though I didn't really know what to do for the prompt "listening to music", because I didn't want it to be similar to the "reading" one, I eventually decided to go with something more dance-y! XD
Day 29- 
I had known what I was going to do for this day for a long time...
"Draw your character with you!"
Well...my character IS me...XD So I imagine it would go kind of weirdly since we would both be seeing someone who looks nearly exactly like the other. XD

Day 30!!!! 
The prompt was my choice, so I chose to draw Rusem in the air really excited, because that's how I feel about not having to draw her anymore! XD NO MORE RUSEM!!! YAYYYY!!! XD
Thank you guys for reading these posts, and I hope you enjoyed the challenge! I had a fun time even though I was super tired of drawing Rusem by the end of this! XD
I have some new posts planned, so stay tuned for those in the next week or so hopefully! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 11-17

Hi everyone!
I can't believe I've only reached a bit over halfway through this challenge! I've felt like I've been drawing Rusem for MONTHS!!! XD I'm going to be so happy to get back to posting normal drawings and drawing people other than Rusem.O.O
Although I have made a surprising amount of drawings that aren't Rusem as well though. I DRAW A LOT, MKAY?
My birthday was on the fifth, so I got some fun art things that I'll talk a little bit about in this post, since I used them on some drawings. ;)

Day 11-
In swimwear/at the beach was the prompt, so I decided to combine the two and put Rusem in the beach in a swimsuit. I did a whole background, not that I put much effort in it or that it looks good, but no matter if it looks great, it always helps the drawing feel more completed! :D

Day 12- 
The prompt for today was to draw your character with your favorite animal, and I did, but I did something different...
I drew it the first time in pen. O.O
I felt like having a challenge, so I grabbed my pen right off the bat and started getting to work! I always make my faces slightly longer than they should be, but other than that, I think this drawing looks really good for being something I did in ink! :) I'm with a red fox in case you couldn't tell. ;)

Day 13- 
OKAY! The past week or two I've just been dying to get my hands on some Copic markers. If you don't know what they are, they're really awesome quality artist markers that are really expensive and stuff, so for my birthday, my mom got me four markers and I LOVE THEM!!! They feel so amazingly smooth and now it's just downhill from here. I'm an addict. O.O I colored in this drawing with them, which is Rusem in her favorite season- winter! Also, my favorite season. ;)

Day 14- 
"With a/their weapon of choice"
I drew Rusem with her lightsaber that she gets later on, and I really like how this drawing turned out, even though I see some mistakes.
*glares at width of her left arm*
I used copic markers on her skin, hair, lips, pants, and belt and used colored pencils for the rest and was so surprised that they actually looked good together! Yay!!

Day 15- 
As much as I would have liked to skip this prompt, I committed so I drew Rusem on a bike like they said. It actually looks pretty good for as much as I hated to draw it. XD

Day 16- 
This drawing might be my favorite drawing I've done for the challenge yet, because IT WAS SO FUN TO COLOR IN! Hershey got me a fancy box FULL of Prismacolor colored pencils AND THEY DRAW AND COLOR AND BLEND SO NICELY. I feel very blessed to have such awesome art supplies for my sixteenth birthday! Copic markers and then quality colored pencils?

Day 17-
I went with more of a cartoony style for this drawing! They wanted me to give her expression anger, so I did! I've done a lot of angry faces (I mean, I've drawn plenty of Sith in my time), so this wasn't out of the abnormal. It was a quick sketch I ended up spending a good amount of time coloring in with my new pencils! XD

So those are my latest drawings for this challenge! It's going well, but I am getting tired of seeing this character over and over. I hope you guys aren't though. ;) If I have enough time, I would like to post something writer-y or FRENSHIP-y, I just don't know if I'll be able to until this challenge is over.


What's your favorite animal?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 6-10

Hi everyone! :D
I know lately I've been posting drawings a lot, but that's what I do most, so I've kind of been swamped with pictures I want to show you and not a ton of inspiration for anything other than that...But I do want to figure something new out for an upcoming post! :D
Until then, here's the next drawings in the drawing challenge!!

Day 6-
This prompt was "evening wear", and even though my first instinct was- PAJAMASSSS!!! I soon realized they meant fancy evening wear, not pj's...XD

Day 7- 
Ah, darn! I forgot I had to flip this picture. Ugh. Too late now. But anyway, the challenge for day 7 was "sleeping", which I was really excited for. Then of course, ON THAT DAY I HAD ZERO ARTISTIC ABILITY and drew a quick doodle of Rusem on a cot.

Day 8-
Continuing with zero ability to art, is this picture, of Rusem doing sports! XD I was going to attempt pod racing as her sport, but then it totally failed so I settled for a quick and messy sketch of her playing basketball. ;)

Day 9- 
Wearing street clothes/casual clothes! I really enjoyed doing this drawing, it was fun trying to figure out what my character would wear that's their style and similar to their costume, but a casual outfit. I have the boots she is wearing and the purse! ;)

Day 10- 
Silly pose! It took me a little while to come up with something for this, but I think this turned out silly enough. ;) Very interesting...XD

Now today's challenge is swimwear/at the beach, so I'm gonna have to come up with something fun for that... WHOO HOO FOR DRAWING!
*dies of so much drawing*

Okay, so to my artist friends, isn't the best feeling ever when you come up with an amazing idea for a drawing and you just kind of die of happiness because it's so great? And you're uber excited to get working on it?
That happened to me last night before I realized that the idea I have needs a long sheet of paper WHICH I DON'T HAVE. So I have to be sad until I can go buy one. :( :( :(
I hope you liked the drawings! :D

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 1-5

Hi everyone!
Hershey and I decided to do a drawing challenge for 30 days and so far it's been really fun! She decided to draw Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels as her character in the prompts, and I chose Rusem, who is me but Star Wars-ified. ;) If you read this post then you know who she is more in detail. :)
Day 1-
The prompt was a mini bio, and this is what I did! Although Rusem is me, she has some differences, like that she's 19 and 1 inch taller than me (BECAUSE THAT'S THE HEIGHT I HOPE TO BE BY THAT TIME). XD
Day 2-
This challenge was to draw your character eating their favorite food. So I drew Rusem eating blue milk cheesecake!! XD XD Cuz I love cheesecake and blue milk is already in Star Wars, so why not? ;) Doing this challenge has already made me realize what I don't draw often...:P
Day 3-
A color portrait! I was just like- Wait. I'VE BEEN DOING ALL OF THESE IN COLOR!!! XD But anyway, I did it again. ;)
I decided to go simple and not add any shading or anything, which is interesting since I always do a ton of shading and extra stuff! XD LOL!
Day 4-
They wanted me to draw my character cosplaying a favorite character of mine. I have a gazillion favorite characters, but I decided on Kylo Ren since I've already drawn myself cosplaying as Ahsoka (it'll probably by shown in a future post of drawings with me and Dee)
It was really fun to do Kylo's saber! It's so unstable and sparky! XD
Day 5-
This was the challenge for today, and my favorite challenge so far! A 15 minute sketch! Even though it was stressful, it was invigorating to try to crank out a really good drawing in such a short time slot. :D You never know how quickly 15 minutes go until you try to draw a complete drawing. O.O XD
I can't wait to continue doing this challenge! Have you ever tried to do something like this before? If not, I recommend it! It's nice to have something to do each day. :)
I'll continue to keep you tuned into how it's going, probably in 3 to 5 day segments!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Texting Adventures with Dee!

Dee and I text SOOOO much, I've been wanting to share some of the funniest text conversations we have for a while now!
But now I am finally going through with it! I think this might become a monthly segment on my blog...we'll see. ;) I recently deleted all of our messages, so there are only a few really funny text conversations this time!

A text conversation in which Dee was greatly mistaken in my dinner making skills. XD DEE, I NEVER MAKE DINNER FOR THE FAM! I guess I just always make food for myself, then let the family eat anything from it they want, so technically I DON'T MAKE THEM DINNER ON PURPOSE! XD

Our language skills be on point.

For some reason, we have started to do this... I'm just as grossed out as you...XD XD

That escalated quickly...O.o

I know this was a short post, but I hope you are looking forward to more of these. Now, Dee, be aware that anything you say can and will be used against you on this blog. OuO

If you want to see more of these, tell me! And if you want to know what TNTLOL means, check out the new page on my blog and learn yourself. XD

*violently signs off*

Friday, April 14, 2017

Recreating #5

Hi everyone!
Like I said in my last post, I was going to look into making another recreation- AND I DID!
Look at me being all productive and stuff. :)
This is the drawing I decided to redo! It's of me and Hallee, my black poodle. :) I did it when I was around eleven, so nearly five years ago!

Working on the new drawing after the first sketch was laid down to my liking. :)

I've been sort of on a 'going outside' kick, so I went outside and continued working on it. It was really fun. ;)
And now... the final product!!

My recreation!!
I've never tried to do sun flares on a drawing, and because of that, it didn't turn out very well...XD But I still really like the new drawing! I didn't use a picture to help make Hallee look like her until after I drew all of her and then made adjustments, so she doesn't look as similar to my actual dog as I would like... BUT ANYWHOO!!

It's definitely an improvement! I already have another drawing I want to recreate, so there should be another one of these coming up soon! :D

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hi everyone!
This post's title is totally a joke, I am not a basic hashtag peep. If you are, that's fine though...I'm just not...Even though I use hashtags a lot in texts and conversation, it's just as a joke....O.O
So I was inspired to make a list of my blogging goals from Katie's most recent post over on Scattered Brained Seamstress! :D
I thought I would share it with you guys, because why not? It would make sense for you all to know what I am trying to do! :)
Here is my whole list, but let's start with blogging goals for DTW first! :D

Post once a week (or more!)
Make & post writing prompts again
Post Glazed at least once a month
Reply to comments promptly!!!
Do something about hermitting- cuz it's important
Customize blog by making a header (Something I really have been wanting to do lately but have no idea how! Does anyone know a good place to make that kind of thing?)
Change the font (cuz apparently it's something people dislike even though I like it. :()

So those are my goals for this here blog that I want to do! :) Posting once a week is probably gonna be the hardest thing, because I don't want to just post the same old stuff over and over again. OOH! That reminds me. I need to do another Recreations, one of my favorite things ever to do! Maybe I'll work on that today...;)

My blogging goals for Wacka (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls, but Wacka for short. ;D) are...
Post at least once every 2 weeks
Let Faye post once a month
Find new doll blogs to follow!
Comment on all the posts I read
Look into customizing blog some more
Make a new announcement about that one specific thing you have in mind once you have everything in place
Post new and original content along side classic format posts

And my random goals arrreeeee...
Read daily
Draw at least one new drawing per week (definitely a problem I am having right now. All I am doing is drawing. O.O XD)
Write 1,000 words a week
Finish Wings of the Banished B4 November
That last one is definitely going to be the hardest one... I need to finish it by November, but what would be most preferable would probably be like August. But I have no idea if I can make it that quickly. I'm almost 60k into the book and so much more needs to happen...O.O At LEAST 20k more words...Let's hope I'll finish it on time for NaNo... Hehe.

So those are my goals! Do you have any specific goals for yourself or your blog? I really loved doing this and I feel inspired to go get this stuff happening! XD
But I badly need someone to help me find a place where I can make a header for my blog...I don't know where to even start, so if you can help me make a collage a rectangle and not a square, please tell me. XD

Saturday, April 8, 2017

i am a drawrer ~ hear me roar ~

A+ titling right? ;)
It's sort of a struggle to come up with new titles to make more art posts sound different than others...XD I can't just keep labeling them- Recent Drawing #30029! XD
But, that's what I'm here to show you, guys! I've been in a slump with practically everything but drawing (even though I think I'm finally getting on top of my blogging game again!), so I've had to draw a boatload to get me through this hobby slump. XD
(No, but seriously. I don't want to write- I think I'm getting out of this one slowly, too, I don't want to read, I don't want to blog, I don't wannaaaaa)
Morgana from Merlin! This was so much fun to draw! Her hair is so crazy and wild and her face is so angular and awesome, and the angle I was drawing her was different for me. :)

MERLY PANTS!!! Aka Merlin. XD
Another thing that was cool about drawing this was that I realized I rarely draw really smiley peeps, so this was different and fun! :)

Now moving out of Merlin (which y'all have to watch so I can die and cry and scream with you) and onto Star Wars Rebels!

Even though she's not totally accurate to her Rebels self, I had a lot of fun drawing her! Sometimes it's more fun to just draw and not be so perfectionistic. :)

As I've mentioned a couple times before, The SSOD is The Secret Society of Desserts that Dee and I started has new members! These are all of them from left to right-
Taffy, Fudge, Cobbler, Churo, Dee, Cookie (me), Gummi (gummy bear), Nilla (nilla wafer), Twix, and Hershey!
It's super exciting to have these new members. :)

Moving onto random characters I've created! This is just a very cartoony girl I did when I realized I didn't do many overly happy people. ;)

Trying new angles on characters...:)

While we are talking about trying new things, I've been wanting to try some different pens and stuff for drawerings, so I used Sharpie for this one (not what I had in mind, but whatever. XD) and didn't totally hate how it turned out. :)
It was really fun to try a sitting position paired with the really pretty dress. :D

Creepy hood lady. O.O

Scroll past... Scroll past!!! XD

I have two more drawings to show you that are sketches. This one was sort of inspired by Shakespearean stuff as well as Burdge Bug kind of style. I didn't finish it though cuz I didn't like the pose and I felt it was unnatural and too rough. :I

AAAAAAND random girl to wrap up the post. ;)
I hope you liked the drawings, tell me in the comments below which one you liked best! :D